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  1. I have also used the Line 6 stuff with a power amp and real cabinet. Are you using full AMPS or PREAMPS?
  2. I had an LT and returned it for a Kemper. I found myself missing the Line 6 format so I picked up a Pod Go which reminded me how great the Line 6 was. I returned the Go and got the LT back. So now I have both the LT and Kemper. Overkill yes, but both are great. If you want even more out of the Pod Go...pick up a powered FRFR speaker, even if its the $99 JBL 305 studio speaker. I tried the Line 6 Powercab but didn't like it. Then I tried the Headrush 108 and it was perfect...really sounds amazing out of that HR 108 and its only 200 bucks and very loud.
  3. I am using the Helix LT unit.
  4. I have notice the Poly Capo not being available with a simple one high gain Amp (Revv Red) and two Cab (V30) setup. Any work around on this?
  5. dacop13

    Factory Presets

    Are there any factory presets that you use without ever tweaking?
  6. The EQ comes in handy on some presets but its really not needed sometimes. I agree it should have been just another empty block giving us at least 5 to work with.
  7. Orange Pedal Baby power amp when using preamps into a real cabinet. No need for a poweramp with powered FRFR speakers.
  8. Yes...the BEST tone is from using FRFR, in my case its the JBL Studio monitor powered speakers. I liked it so much that I recently purchased a Line6 1x12 poweramp. I will no longer use the Pod or Helix with a poweramp or valve amp as I want to use the full AMP and CABS in the Line6, it really does sound that much better. If you do use the valve amp option its defiantly best to use the Preamps as I have mentioned before, if you cant find anything you like that way go FRFR. You will not be disappointed.
  9. I saw Strauss at a Guitar Center clinic in NYC and few years back, she is an incredible player. She was promoting her new Ibanez signature guitar and the Boss GT1000. The Boss unit didn't sound too good imo. During Q&A I asked her if she ever used that Boss GT1000 live and she said no lol. I believe she uses the Marshall JVM live.
  10. Hendrix would have used a Helix! "I dig it man...its far out". Probably would have set it on fire a few times too and gotten a new one from Line6 the next day.
  11. First time messing with IRs and I liked your R5_412_GB_Edgy.wav. Nice job.
  12. That is a huge issue with the preamps...volume levels. Although I was able to get more then enough volume out of the power amp and tube amp for the Line 6 unit.
  13. Yup...I plan on picking up another JBL 305 for that stereo experience! Thanks.
  14. I didn't go the PC+ route, just the basic version. I plan on using the cabs within the Helix/Pod only and maybe some IRs in the future.
  15. I have always used the Helix and Pod Go through a power amp (Orange Pedal Baby) and real cab. Using the preamps and no cabs as that always sounded best to me. Still a great solution for these units but the other day I decided to pick up a JBL 305p mkii just to see what an FRFR can do. Well it opened up a whole new world for these units. Every stock amp sounded great in default settings, and being able to use all Amp and Cab options really makes a huge difference. I ordered the Line 6 1x12 power amp. Probably still keep the JBL as it sounds great for just messing around in a different location.
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