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  1. dacop13

    Preferred Speakers?

    I agree, many things come into play with tone, I was just wondering if there are any opinions out there about speakers they prefer with the Helix. V30s? Greenbacks? Others?
  2. So I used my Helix LT with an Orange Pedal Baby power amp into a real Marshall 2x12 cabinet loaded with G12T75 speakers. Is there a preferred speaker that sounds best with the Helix when using a power amp and real cabinet? Thanks
  3. dacop13

    JCM 800 Model

    "Of course, I always thought that Jimmy Page used a Marshall in the studio, so what do I know?" LOL...yeah, I thought the same thing also.
  4. dacop13

    JCM 800 Model

    Just wondering what you guys think about the JCM 800 model on the Helix. Does anyone use it or like it much? I dont think it sounds anything like an 800. Also, I like to put an OD in front of real 800s and no matter what OD I use on the Helix, its not good.
  5. dacop13

    GO vs Helix

    In a live situation, will I be able to send one signal to a power amp to real cabinet, and then another signal to FOH?
  6. My first show back (whenever that is) I will probably just have the backline cabinet mic'ed as I have done in the past with tube heads. Its usually a fast paced "on and off" between bands so there is no time for me to mess around with Cab settings. Understood about the concept of modeling, but I do like the results I am getting through a real cab and poweramp. I dont have a FRFR either and have no reason to get one. Most of the places my band plays has a backline and they do not allow you to bring a cabinet. Quick question, if I did decide to add a CAB block for FOH only, I would assume I need to create two separate paths? One having a CAB (FOH) and the other not having a CAB (into real Cabinet)?
  7. dacop13

    GO vs Helix

    Question for all the Go users who also own a Helix. I purchased a Helix LT a couple weeks ago and I still have time to return it. Not that I want to because I am enjoying the tones, however I am a very simple setup type using AMP, Chorus, Phase, EQ, Delay and Wah. That is what most of my presets include. I use a real cabinet powered by an Orange Pedal Baby, so there are no Cab blocks in my presets. Is the Helix overkill for me? Would the Go make more sense, its a $700 difference.
  8. Great subject as I am a new Helix LT user and was wondering how I was going to handle this. Right now I use the Helix with a real 2x12 cabinet powered by an Orange Pedal Baby. There are no CAB blocks in any of my presets, so where do I go from there...obviously FOH/PA is out of the question for me right now. I dont have an FRFR and dont plan on getting one. I wouldn't conciser the headphone option because I figured the preset would not sound the same through a PA. So right now I am sticking with the traditional mic the speaker format. Was wondering what to expect if I added a CAB block, the same as I physically have (2x12 G12T-75) into the chain for FOH...am I crazy to think that will come close to what I am getting out of my real cabinet?
  9. I just got the LT a few weeks ago, still evaluating as I have 45 days with it. So far I would have to say its a great unit. I was originally running it though the Return Loop of a Marshall 20w and 50w DSL, great power sections on those amps. Using Preamps instead of Amps for the most part. Yesterday I picked up an Orange Pedal Baby as a power amp, an excellent choice for a Helix, extremely transparent and sounds excellent. I am now using the AMPs on he Helix (no cab as I am coming out of a Marshall 2x12) when creating new presets with the Orange. As far Helix vs POD Go, I am thinking about returning the LT and getting the Go, saving me about 700 bucks. Besides the money, most of my presets are very simple and consist of AMP, EQ, Wah, Chorus or Phase, Wah and Volume, and maybe a compressor. Since the AMP, Wah and EQ are already embedded into the chain on the Go, I would have 4 blocks to work with which would be plenty for me. Dont know yet, still thinking about it.
  10. dacop13

    Stomp/Helix Q's

    I was messing around with the Stomp today and ran it into an Orange 15w amp, directly into its Return. I find adding an EQ after the PREAMP block helps shape the tone tremendously. I was able to bring most PREAMPs to life by tweaking the EQ. This find could change my mind into getting a Helix LT.
  11. dacop13

    Stomp/Helix Q's

    You are spot on with the relationship of a real amp's pre and power section. They were made and programmed for each other. I played with the Global Settings/Ins and Outs. The "In" sounded best at LINE and the "Out" sounded best and louder using "LINE". Not sure why. FRFR speakers are not an option for me as I play out allot at a particular club that has a 4x12 cab back line and no cabinets are allowed. And I rather not go through the house PA. Maybe a Kemper 600w head is what I should be looking at instead of the Helix?
  12. dacop13

    Stomp/Helix Q's

    Thanks for the reply, I tried using the Stomp through the amp's Return and is sounded horrible. Sounds much better using the 4 cables but that volume issue is a problem. Thanks for the tip on the 44 Mag, the only issue is that its only 44watts. I am looking to use the Helix LT live. I dont think 44w of SS will cut it.
  13. dacop13

    Stomp/Helix Q's

    Here is the deal, I picked a Stomp yesterday and ran it though a Marshall DSL 20w head 4 cable method. My goal in this situation is to still use my Marshall head tone but also add other presets/channels from the Stomp. I created an FX block and then a Preamp block and started messing around with the different Pre's. The first issue I had was volume level, as mostly every preamp is at low volume even with the Stomp volume at 12noon and the Preamp's channel and masters at 7 or 9. This will obviously be an issue playing live. When I used the full AMP selection instead of the Preamp, volume levels were better and some of the AMP sounded considerably better. Does that make any sense? In that scenario I am using the Marshall Poweramp, another Poweramp from the Stomp's Amp mode, and them obviously the Stomp Preamp. Does anyone have an idea on why the preamp volume is so low? And does anyone else with this method and finds the Amps sounds better then using just the Preamps? Also...if I may, I really want to return the Stomp and get the Helix LT as I really liked the tones I was getting. However I am an old time tube amp user who likes to use a real 2x12 or back line 4x12 cabinets. Besides running the 4 cable method, what other ways can I power that Helix LT so I can used a real cabinet?
  14. I just purchased the HX Effects. I am using the 4 cable method so I can but delays and reverbs in the amp's effects loop. Playing out of a Mesa mk5 35w head. While on the Crunch channel with moderate gain and low volume, no problems. When at moderate gain and stage volume, there is a small squeal coming out of the amp with, even with the guitar volume at 0. When I switch over to the higher gain channels, MK4 at high gain and stage volume, the squeal is out of control, and this is with the guitar volume on 0. Unfortunately I dont have a effects loop level on the amp. I tried messing with the Inst and Line settings on the HX but all that does is drop the volume down, I could do that on the amp. When I turn it back up while in line mode, the squeal returns. Any suggestions or does anyone else have this problem with any other amps in high gain/stage volume?
  15. Well the exchange did nothing, same problem with the card, will not format or save anything. Here is the fix, I ordered a new 1GB SanDisk brand card from Amazon, that card formatted and now saves. So...it was the card after all. Warning...stay away from Transcend 2GB cards, they do not work with this amp.
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