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  1. Wow...didnt know that! Thanks!
  2. Why does the overall volume increase on the Helix when splitting the line path? Even if you just add a modulation effect or delay, not just adding another cabinet block...
  3. dacop13

    Tube Power Amp

    Yup, I have used both my ENGL and Marshall tube amps, sounds great into the loop return or 4CM. I also use a stand alone Moorer Tube Engine 20w 6v6 power amp and that sounds great too, just wish it had a bit more power. I too am not into the FRFR route, especially when compared to the tone you get with tube power, its not even close.
  4. dacop13

    Tube Power Amp

    Noted on using a real amp. I have used my ENGL Fireball 25w and Marshall DSL 50w in 4CM and it sounds great. But I rather not bring a full amp head to a gig, although the ENGL is a smaller sized head. Do you use the Helix amp models with the Mk5 head or are you just using the Helix for effects with the Mk5?
  5. dacop13

    Tube Power Amp

    Funny you also used 6v6 tubes, that's what the Mooer tube engine has and I love the tone. I use full amp models only, I find the Mooer very neutral and I never liked any of the preamps. So you are not using the Helix anymore and switched to the Catalyst100 combo? How does that amp compare to the Helix amp models?
  6. dacop13

    Tube Power Amp

    Question to those using the Helix with a Tube Power Amp, which one do you use? I have the Mooer Tube Engine at 20w but I just want a bit more power for larger clubs.
  7. I use one in front for boost and one in the loop for lead boost. I have three of them! Two are just DB boosts and the other which is a gem has the Tre/Bass/Level/Drive, thats the one I use in front, in MID mode. Thanks!!!
  8. I have a Marshall 2000 DSL head and use a TC Spark pedal in front of this amp. How should I configure this pedal into the Helix? I want to use the footswitch on the pedal to turn it on and off, not a switch on the Helix. Thx
  9. I recently ordered a Diezel VH4 preamp pedal and want to use the HXFX unit with this pedal running into a SD 170 power stage. I obviously want the ability to run effects from the HXFX in front of the pedal (chorus/phase) and after (delay/reverb). I know I need to add an FX block in the HXFX unit, but do I just route the Diezel preamp pedal into the HXFX effects loop? Correct me if I am wrong but because the Deizel pedal does not have an effects loop, I can not run this in 4CM. What's the best way to do this? GUITAR -> HXFX (Diezel in loop) -> SD170 -> CABINET ??? Thanks!
  10. dacop13

    Power and FRFR

    It that Alto TS212 very bassy? I would assume you keep the contour off? I have a Headrush FRFR and I heard they are almost the same thing, and they look it from the back panel.
  11. dacop13

    Power and FRFR

    Besides the Line6 Powercab, what is your preferred power source and speaker for your Helix?...fully powered FRFR?
  12. dacop13

    "Gain Block" ?

    Hello, sometimes I see people referencing or adding a "Gain Block" to the end of their chain, what exactly is a gain block and what category is it under in the Helix menu? Thx
  13. No question, was just wondering if this is a popular way of using the unit.
  14. Hi, does anyone else out there use their Helix in 4CM with a tube amp, using Helix Preamps only?
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