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  1. dacop13

    Power and FRFR

    It that Alto TS212 very bassy? I would assume you keep the contour off? I have a Headrush FRFR and I heard they are almost the same thing, and they look it from the back panel.
  2. dacop13

    Power and FRFR

    Besides the Line6 Powercab, what is your preferred power source and speaker for your Helix?...fully powered FRFR?
  3. dacop13

    "Gain Block" ?

    Hello, sometimes I see people referencing or adding a "Gain Block" to the end of their chain, what exactly is a gain block and what category is it under in the Helix menu? Thx
  4. No question, was just wondering if this is a popular way of using the unit.
  5. Hi, does anyone else out there use their Helix in 4CM with a tube amp, using Helix Preamps only?
  6. Its a 1x12 Mesa Cab that had a V30 in it. I removed it and installed the F12-200. I already had the Orange Pedal Baby and have used that with the Helix with various real cabinets, Helix AMPs and PREAMPs (no Cab/IR options). Using the F12-200 FRFR enables me to use Helix Cab/IRs.
  7. Its very impressive. I have been using the Headrush 108 powered speaker for a while but never played a gig with it, so I never used the Helix live. Now I am excited to try the X200 speaker in the 1x12 cabinet and use the Helix live. Great thing about it is because its an FRFR I get to use the full amps and Cabs/IRs.
  8. Do any of you guys use the Celestion F12-X200 speaker with your Helix? I threw it into a Mesa 1x12 cab this evening, using the Orange Pedal Baby for power. I was surprised on how dam great it sounded. Just wondering if anyone else user them.
  9. Thanks for the info! You also answered my follow up question, if it can be used with a real 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet, killing the mic and cab simulation on the head, and it looks like "classic speaker" mode will do that. I love my Helix, but just wondering if the Spider head is "almost" like a "powered" Helix. I would imagine Line6 must have taken some of the already programmed Helix amp models and stuck them into this head.
  10. Hey Guys, do any of you Helix owners also own a Spider 240 mkii head? If so how would you compare it to the Helix amp models? Thanks
  11. I also own a Kemper and a Helix and they pretty much work the same way when it comes to CAB. The first thing you want to understand it that there are multiple ways of using both units. From what I gather, it sounds like you were using Helix Cabs into a real Cabinet which will not give you good results. If you are running either unit into a real cabinet you must turn off all Cab simulation, the Kemper works the same way as the Helix. If you run the Helix or Kemper into a PA or FRFR speaker and turn the Cabs off, it will sound horrible. So if you plan on using a real cabinet with the Kemper or Helix, do not use any CABs within the units. When using a real cabinet with the Helix, you also have the choice of AMP or PREAMP, experiment with both. Key point - When running either the Helix or Kemper through a real cabinet, turn off the CABS. When running through a PA or FRFR, choose a CAB.
  12. I have also used the Line 6 stuff with a power amp and real cabinet. Are you using full AMPS or PREAMPS?
  13. I had an LT and returned it for a Kemper. I found myself missing the Line 6 format so I picked up a Pod Go which reminded me how great the Line 6 was. I returned the Go and got the LT back. So now I have both the LT and Kemper. Overkill yes, but both are great. If you want even more out of the Pod Go...pick up a powered FRFR speaker, even if its the $99 JBL 305 studio speaker. I tried the Line 6 Powercab but didn't like it. Then I tried the Headrush 108 and it was perfect...really sounds amazing out of that HR 108 and its only 200 bucks and very loud.
  14. I am using the Helix LT unit.
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