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  1. Oh I forgot something. I waste a footswtich on the board to control the on/OFF status of the volume block to be able to control my whammy without volume or wah engaged.
  2. You can do everything with knowledge and programming. I use the expression pedal for 3 things on the same preset. It always send midi CC 11 to control my external whammy who is hidden in my roadcase. I use it to control wah and volume that can alternate with toe switch. You can assign almost any parameter almost anywhere.
  3. Same for me but I found a way to cheat this. I choose the color and name on another parameter. The one before helix preset. And when you switch back to preset up or snapshot, the name and color remains. I’ll join a picture after work.
  4. That’s the problem. Heavy is the snapshot. But the camera logo is not showing on the screen and the led does’nt gent brighter when I use the snapshot created in 2.91
  5. Look here. This patch was made before 2.91 and it’s still working. 10 fs mode with mix of snaphot and stomps.
  6. Snapshot 6 havent been edited. So it keeps the camera logo and the led is working as it should be. it’s only happening in 10 FS mode when I assign snapshot there. It was ok in 2.90. 2.91 screwed mine 1 clean 2 heavy 3 lead 4 piezzo 5 dirt as you can see one the screen i’m on snapshot #2 but the light is always like this whatever snapshot IM on
  7. Rolling back to 2.9 Updating to 2.91 helix floor freeze at recovering preset #581. Reboot and start from 582. did the update a 2nd Time and ils the same. But my real bug now: when I assign a snapshot, the camera logo is not there. It looks like a stomp. Bigger bug. I cannot know on which snapshot I’m on cause the light doesnt get brighter. Like a stomp always off. Tried with a computer and with the floor alone...
  8. I confirm, I can't change the color too
  9. Possible bug: Using Helix Floor in 10 stomp mode If I assign snapshot (new feature) to one of the bank switch (aka #7 and...) I need to double click to load the snapchat. On regular FS it's ok.
  10. Helix floor my only regret: I waited 3 years before buying mine I have my mic on path 1 elec gtr on path 2 acoustic gtr on path 3 bass on path 4 this thing is a beast and worth every single penny. 4 musicians on the same pedalboard
  11. You can also send a 1/4 out of the helix to the voicelive for chords recognitions and send the xlr to the mixer or vice versa. If you want to be hard core you can use the midi out of the helix to change your vocals presets at the same time or vocal looper with some controller studies
  12. Some mesa like my dual rectifier have parallèle fx loop. In this case you have to send 100% wet 0% dry to avoir phasing issues.
  13. Melissiah

    Helix 2.9

    I will will order an helix stomp 5 minutes after the 8 block firmware. For my helix floor I’d like to sélect multiple blocks with my mouse and paste the whole selection to another patch. Actualy the way I do it block per block, save back and forth is a pain.
  14. Helix floor update 2.8 went fine and DT 25 112 to 2.0 too. Thanks for your work it`s awesome but I have a problem and I hope it's my fault. Yeah I can change topology, chanel a/b, pentode... but why they haven't assigned a chanel volume? When you select channel A you use your Helix pre-amp and the DT-25 sound ok. The only control that is working on amp is master. Here's my problem: Live I send both xlr in stereo to PA speakers. All my sounds are perfect and almost at the same level. I want to keep my DT25 beside me for the interaction with the guitar... feedbacks and so... But my patchs are way louder when I use drive ones or classe A amp. That's why adding amp knobs controls in the DT25/50 page would solve my problem and that's the definition of full integration. I hope it's gonna be fixed someday. I tried another solution. Midi cables. In the control center page, I set on the lightning icon a midi CC #17 with 0 value wich is the chanel level of chanel A. I tried many midi chanels and it does nothing. Does the XLR cable diseable the DT midi function? Did I do something wrong? Thanks I really hope I, you or they can fix this cause if they do I'm gonna get a 2nd DT25. Helix is so amazing and even more with 2.8
  15. From the future release note Per-Block Snapshot Bypass—Select a block and press ACTION. Turn Knob 5 (Snapshot Bypass) to "Off" to disable snapshot control of that block's bypass state. "On" remains the default for all blocks
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