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  1. Helix floor update 2.8 went fine and DT 25 112 to 2.0 too. Thanks for your work it`s awesome but I have a problem and I hope it's my fault. Yeah I can change topology, chanel a/b, pentode... but why they haven't assigned a chanel volume? When you select channel A you use your Helix pre-amp and the DT-25 sound ok. The only control that is working on amp is master. Here's my problem: Live I send both xlr in stereo to PA speakers. All my sounds are perfect and almost at the same level. I want to keep my DT25 beside me for the interaction with the guitar... feedbacks and so... But my patchs are way louder when I use drive ones or classe A amp. That's why adding amp knobs controls in the DT25/50 page would solve my problem and that's the definition of full integration. I hope it's gonna be fixed someday. I tried another solution. Midi cables. In the control center page, I set on the lightning icon a midi CC #17 with 0 value wich is the chanel level of chanel A. I tried many midi chanels and it does nothing. Does the XLR cable diseable the DT midi function? Did I do something wrong? Thanks I really hope I, you or they can fix this cause if they do I'm gonna get a 2nd DT25. Helix is so amazing and even more with 2.8
  2. From the future release note Per-Block Snapshot Bypass—Select a block and press ACTION. Turn Knob 5 (Snapshot Bypass) to "Off" to disable snapshot control of that block's bypass state. "On" remains the default for all blocks
  3. Omg I can’t wait. 2.8 gonna be awesome my DT25 can’t wait too thanks
  4. I use path 1 with some snapshot. It’s Wonderfull I noticed this weekend that we can change IRs with snapshots. I keep path 2 for my friends with a basic guitar patch. Ovd, amp, IR and some basic stomp. Unfortunately when I switch snapshots the path 2 change as well... my friends have to engage or disengage their distorsion everytime that I switch my sound... any way to exclude some blocks?
  5. No leave them to 12o clock. It’s in the helix that have to be 100% wet. Example if you use a delay you have to put it in a dual path with send return in that second path and set the mix dry/wet to 100% instead of 50%. This way you won’t have the phase problem that mesa parralel loop cause.
  6. The fx loop of mesa are in parallel instead of serial. So you have to be 100% wet to avoid phase problems
  7. Thanks for the answer. I tried sending my helix send to the fx return of my DT and even with the master of the DT almost closed the sound is loud as hell. For now I use the headphone jack of the helix to the fx return of the DT so I can control the volume with the headphone pot. I know it’s not the best way cause I send IRs and left side fx to the amp but since I don’t really hear the amp it does the job I wanted. (Sustain and feedback) One day I’ll take the time to change the topologie on each preset via midi and maybe mic the cab to have a kind of wet dry wet stereo signal if it doesn’t cause phasing problems. I wish treble mid bass presence pots are working without a pre-amp selected but it seem impossible...
  8. I don’t really need my DT25 anymore cause I use my helix in stereo through PA and I have on stage isolated inears. I want to keep my amp beside me cause I feel it interact with my guitar. I have better sustain and feedback. I know that I can desactivate the preamp via midi but by doing so I can’t tweak the global amp sound cause it also desactivate pots. I don’t plan messin with topology via midi. so is there an amp model who is more neutral than others?
  9. Well looks like it's the variax indeed cause it does the same on my hd500. Probably the pickup switch. I had to do some locked presets in the past cause some models change alone in hard picking songs...
  10. Having my Helix floor since fews days and here's the problem. When I use my JTV89f and want to change model it doesnt see the models 4 and 5. Ex: I can switch on the fly to lester 1-2-3 but no 4-5 and this on every models. I have acces to 4-5 but only from the Helix knob. Anything to do with guitars that have 3 positions pickup selector? 89 have 5 The pickup switch is not broken cause it change on magnetics and on my hd500. I tried to flash the variax to the last firmware 2.23 and here comes new problems. Error 80009000 through with monkey and helix Error 80009000 through monkey and vdi usb Battery full, volume pot full, 1/4 jack pluggued I tried many cat cables, usb cables and PCs Randomly the red light start to blink before the end of the update on vdi and says connection have been lost Help please
  11. Well it was the input pad option that made my 2 guitars buzzing and poor cleans. Strange that I have to activate the pad. I play with a variax with variax cable and a John Petrucci Musicman through the line 6 wireless G30
  12. Thanks I’ll take a look at his vidéos after work
  13. I’m having hard time doing clean sound to my taste with my variax in lester 1 and 5. I want a pristine clean but there is always some grit or lack of high definition. I also want a vox ac30 that I can break on hard picking but the grit sound fake compare to a Real amp. Any tips for me or link to custom tone? thanks ps: I also have many questions on the last topic of the dream rig section
  14. Hi all. I have a dream rig and I'm replacing my HD500 with the big helix. I am aware that the L6 link is not fully fonctionnal but anyway my questions are not about this. I want to do full stereo paths since I have high quality shure earphones for me and 4 QSC K10 + 2 subs as PA for the listeners room when there is some. 1: I actualy edited my DT25 so no preamp model, no eq, no reverb, no cab and no mic emulation. Will I gain something if my helix send 1 go to DT25 IN and come back to the Helix using the XLR output of the DT25 to the Helix return 1? Tube feel... After I'll put my stereo FX at the end of the chain and the whole thing goes to the Mixer and PA. I am aware that there will be no delay and reverb in my amp. 2: Only topology left. Should I bother using other than #1? 3: If I want to play without doing noise. I desactivate FX loop 1 to bypass the amp but I guess my patch volumes will all be messed? 4: What if I use DT25 send to return to the Helix so I don't use power amp? Any gain doing so or danger to the amp? 5: Should I just just pre-amp model to save dsp with that config? Thanks for the answers :)
  15. This http://line6.com/support/topic/7608-1st-worlwide-midi-jtv-89f/ I'm probably the 1st 89f and triple play user. After all that time still working awesome
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