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  1. I'm using a surface pro with a docking station and a Insignia (best buy) USB3 hub. The Helix, mixer, GP-10 and power cab are connected to the hub everything else is connected to the docking station. I'm actually surprised I don't have problems
  2. I'll throw a little more gas on the fire, I have a JTV-59 with a Roland pickup and a GP-10 going into a mixer along with my Helix. It's like playing two guitars at the same time, both with no latency and endless sound combinations. Playing guitar has never been more fun.
  3. I have my PC, Helix rack, PowerCab+, XR18 mixer, Boss GP10, Boss RC-3 and two Yamaha HS8 monitors all in one power strip and all with usb connections into a hub and no ground loops (or any noise) So I would say the freeway is the best way.
  4. Try hitting the mode select switch, you're probably in preset mode. I had the same problem.
  5. +1 on the Powercab(+) Since the introduction of the 212 Powercab+, there will probably be a lot of used 112s on the market. I also have the HS8 studio monitors that are in my mind awesome but use them for primarily acoustic patches. If I had to choose just one, I'd go with the Powercab+
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