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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your responses. I guess I will have to think this over. If there is no point in running Helix through DT25, I might get away with HX Stomp, as I won't need L6 link. Hopefully, it has just about enough DSP power for my needs.
  2. Hello Fenderflame28, Thanks for your response. I must admit I am quite surprised to hear that tone-wise they are quite similar. I would assume Helix should be significantly better. I do tend to run simple guitar chains, so unlikely to need advanced routing capabilities, although re-amping would be nice, and it seems HD500x does not have this capability. With regards to using an amp, I was just wondering whether the power section of the amp would improve the tone. I wouldn't mike the amp, as it would go to load box and then I would just use IRs anyway. Since posting my question, I came across a good video from Pete Thorn, where he feeds the load box back to Helix, that would be pretty nice setup for re-amping.
  3. Hello All, Apologies, if this has been asked before, I have done some research, haven't found answers to those specific questions. I recently got Line 6 DT25 amp, which I must admit sounds pretty nice. The high-gain amps are so so, but really enjoy Brit* models. Mostly use the amp for recording using a reactive load box and IRs. I was looking at getting a multi-effect to complement the amp. Initially, I was looking at Helix and Headrush, although it seems that Line 6 multi-effects will have much better integration. Then I have looked at POD HD500X. According to other threads, Helix is better sounding than HD500X, however, I was wondering how does Helix stack up against HD500X used with DT25? I know that both effects can be integrated with the amp, but is the integration quality the same/similar? I believe Helix integration wasn't available prior to a firmware upgrade. Is it worth running either of the units through a tube amp? Some reviews did mentioned that it helps to remove some digital artefacts etc, but not sure how significant that is.
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