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  1. Melissiah's post in Ld175 Blinking Leds was marked as the answer   
    It's normal it's just a reminder that if you switch preset you'll loose your changes. With vibration on mine pots can move slightly and it's start blinking until I save.
  2. Melissiah's post in External Tap Tempo was marked as the answer   
    Well now that's totaly awsome
    JTV-89f to pod hd500 to DT25
    SM-57 to G major 2 to boss rc-300 to mixer to mackies 450
    The rc-300 is the main tap tempo. It send midi cc64 to pod and to g major 2 at the same time so all 3 are perfectly matched and I have stereo delays with one amp. (1/4 left and 1/8 dot right) Gotta have to learn some U2 stuff now ;)
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