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  1. Hey all - How do I wire up a Helix, a Mesa Mark VII and a Powercab 112+ to create a stereo rig, while properly using the effects loops? Is it actually possible, or do I need to get a cheapie amp with an effects loop to replace the Powercab? Clearly neither the 4 or 7 cable methods work; is this maybe a 5 or 6 cable setup? I'm a little stumped. Mods: cross posted to Powercab. If one or the other is inappropriate, please delete at your discretion.
  2. Hey all - How do I wire up a Helix, a Mesa Mark VII and a Powercab 112+ to create a stereo rig, while properly using the effects loops? Is it actually possible, or do I need to get a cheapie amp with an effects loop to replace the Powercab? Clearly neither the 4 or 7 cable methods work; is this maybe a 5 or 6 cable setup? I'm a little stumped. Mods: cross posted to Helix. If one or the other is inappropriate, please delete at your discretion.
  3. Hi all, I would like to know if is possible to use 4 Cable Method & FX Loop at same time on the HX Stomp. Anyone have tried this? What do I need to do this? I always have to change my cables when I'm playing in different places, so I want to let the connections ready and just plug the cables, more specifically, I'll use 100% of time my pedals on the FX Loop (cuz I use it after a comp), and when I need to use the 4 Cable Method, I just want to plug the cables to and from the amp. Kind regards Gabriel
  4. I have recently purchased a Pod Go with the intention of using it with my Marshall JVM 410 in the 4 cable method into the effects loop. I want to be able to use my amps gain tones as well as put effects in front and behind my amp. I have watched a few You Tube video's on how to do it but it only seems to work ok on the clean channel. The JVM has 4 channels with 3 modes on each channel and as I progress through the higher gain channels and modes, the hum/buzz gets louder and louder to the point that it is louder than the sound coming from the guitar. I have tried making adjustments in the global settings and on the back of the amp with no success. I was in the process of putting together a pedal board but the thought the Pod go might be an easier option and for this reason I brought it. I still need to run some pedals through the effects loop to make sure there isn't a problem there but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and/or knows of any solution. Cheers
  5. Hello! Wanted to share some experiences with you guys: I borrowed my dad's JCM 800 2203 reissue this week and been using the Pod Go a lot with the 4 cable method. First of all, using the 2204 pod go preamp and the real one I got really impressed: the Line 6 2204 sounds so close that I can't tell them apart. I was having a little trouble with the volume, since I live in an apartment and this amp is reaaaally loud. Also, the master volume on this amp seems to get really trebly on low positions. Since this amp effects loop is after the master volume I tried to put the master volume on the amp in 4 (really loud for my home) and used the return level of the Pod's fx loop as the master volume. I was really impressed: that sounded much better! So I wanted to share this experience with you guys and, if you want, I can share some tone comparison audios! haha Any of you already did it?
  6. I am a complete technophobe when it comes to trying out new things and to top it off, when I do eventually take the plunge I struggle getting to grips with gear and finding ways of doing myself as I have learning difficulties. I've had a pod x3 live for a while now and I've been recommended to use the 4 cable method as I have an awesome amp with a stunning preamp but I don't use it I've looked at it and there are no tutorials online to show me exactly how to set it up. Here is exactly what I want to do.. I want to use my amplifier's preamp and assign stompboxes to all of the foot switches (excluding bank up/down, comp/boost and tap tempo) to come after my preamp with the option of using one of the footswitches to engage an amp model and bypass my amps preamp as and when I want it without having to swap banks in and out. Is this possible? If so... How do I set it up on the pedal? I can go without using the amp model but I thought it would be easier than having a channel switcher for my amp as well as my x3 live.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm using the following setup: Guitar to helix, 4 cable method to Carvin Legacy VL300 amp, amp to Carvin Legacy 412 cab, and xlr outputs to mixer then stereo cabs. I'm also feeding a stereo loop pedal via sends 3 and 4. So: Guitar -> Helix guitar in -> Helix Send 1 -> Amp In -> Amp Send -> Helix Return 1 -> Helix Send 2 -> Amp Return (i use the send 2 instead of the 1/4" out because this way the volume is not affected by the helix volume knob). Also: Helix Xlr Outs to mixer, and Sends 3 and 4 to Loop Pedal, then mixer. You can see the scheme in the picture Problem is, when i plug the guitar straight to the amp, there's no noise, no hum, everything clear on all chanels. When i plug the guitar to helix straight to mixer, with amp simulations, no noise, no hum, everything clear. When i use the 4CM, lots of noise. You can hear it in the video. first guitar straight to amp. then plug the guitar to helix guitar in, and the remaining 3 cables. And you'll hear the diference... Already tried: -change all the cables, audio and power. -plug the power to diferente places, then same place. -change the outs from line to instrument, and vice-versa. Nothing works. Any guesses??
  8. Hey everyone, This is my first post as I'm new to the Helix, so thanks in advance for any help! TL/DR at the end... I've been playing professionally for about 13 years, all that time using my GT-8 into a PA (my version of an FRFR, I suppose, when I built it all those years ago). My main flow is musical theatre orchestra pits, so a lot of shows require a crazy amount of tones and switching. I recently got a helix while I was in a long run – I left the GT-8 at the gig and started playing with the Helix and building some tones. Fast forward to last week and I started rehearsals for a new show. It's a heavier-ish rock and roll show and they're setting us all up Fender Super Sonic heads that will go into Palmer load boxes. Here's the thing – I've been programming patches for this show, getting really insane into amps/heads/speaker cabinets/IRs for each specific tune (some of them are real songs from the '70s, some of them are songs heavily inspired by artists from the '70s, so there are some rather specific tones I'm trying to land on and that the composer and music director are looking for). Yesterday during the first load-in from the rehearsal space to the theatre, I semi-casually mentioned to the sound designer (when discussing saving space) that, oh, we could possibly get rid of the Super Sonic for my rig since everything can be handled by this amazing piece of technology I have at my feet. I'm not sure if he didn't understand what I was saying, if he's not familiar with the power of the Helix, or if he just has a very specific vision in his brain, but he more or less squashed that idea right away. I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers – especially when the sound designer has the credits that this guy does and they brought him in from New York just to do this show – so I just said, "Great! We'll find a way to implement it all." So, my ultimate question is this – what's the best way to implement the tube head, Palmer load box, and my Helix? I imagine it's something with the 4cm, but I also don't want to ditch all of the amp/speaker emulations I've worked on. I will if I have to, but I'm hoping to keep the Roland Jazz Chorus sound for a few things and the Marshal Plexi sound for a few things and the Vox sound for a few things ... you get the idea. Sometimes it might be rad to use the Super Sonic in the chain, as well, but – then am I able to use that head in my chain (4cm in an effects loop?) but still use a speaker/mic model? Sorry if any of the questions are dumb or obvious – I'm just still new to the Helix and all its glory. Plus, it's super rare that a theatre will set us up with an amp and load box and not rely on us for all of our own equipment, so it's just not something I'm super practiced on. TL/DR: Best way to implement Helix, Fender Super Sonic Head, and Palmer load box while being able to use the sound of the Fender head AND/OR amp/speaker models I've built in the Helix depending on the patch. Thanks so much again, all! Cheers, PJ
  9. While trying 4CM using my HXFX and a Boogie Rectoverb head (effects loop in amp modified to series ) I noticed a hum, ground loop style coming from my amp. I tried the same setup with a Marshall JCM 900 with the same result. When I insert a Ebtech hum eliminator on one of the lines the hum goes away. If the HXFX is connected to either amps' effects loop in the common way there is no hum. I tried with a variety of cables with same results. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Hello, I have a DT50 112 and HD500X using L6 link. I am struggling with understanding the best way to use this setup. L6 Link, 4 cable method or just direct to the amp. Right now I am using the Plexi bright pre amp but I feel i'm not getting the same sound as I do direct into the Amp with the same model selected. ( USED the DT50 EdiT software to assign a Pexi brite to channel A and JCM to Channel B. signal chain - EP silverburst into G70 wireless > out to Tc helicon Correct XT into the HD500X. BAd Horsie II wah in the effects loop of the HD500X. Digital cable out of HD500X to L6 link on the Amp. Reading forums, it seems it might have something to do with routing and settings. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it just doesnt have the punch that the Amp has? Need help. AC DC.5xe Covers.5xe 80's Rock Covers.5xe
  11. Just recently, I finally purchased a Spider Valve 212 (not MKII)... I've been looking at one of these for years, but just never had the money to spend on one (still can't justify buying the newer version.) I am looking for information on how to use a POD X3, and the 4-Cable Method with my Spider Valve 212. I've read in a few different places that a POD X3 Live can't do this with the SV212, in other places, I've read that it can... Can anybody clarify this for me... In order to use the 4-Cable Method with the SV212... What do I need? POD X3 Live FBV Shortboard and POD X3 Bean Thanks!
  12. HI, I tried to connect the Pod HD500 to my Spider Valve MKII HD 100 using the Fx Loop. But I don't get it working properly. Can anymone give me advise how to connect them using the 4 cable method and what I need to change in my POD tones in order to make it working in the FX loop? Thanks for your comments ;-) Best regards Carsten
  13. I am trying to setup my Firehawk FX as an effects processor for my tube amps (Egnater Tweaker and Orange Dark Terror). I understand the concept of placing the preamp in the Firehawk's effects loop, as well as the cable routing and selecting "no amp/no cab" for the amp/cabinet model. My question is in regards to how to setup the Firehawk software, switches, and knobs after it's hooked up. 1) Where is the best placement in the chain for the effects loop, before or after the "no amp" model? 2) I assume the switches should be set to "AMP" for the output and "STOMP" for the loop, correct? Neither of my tube amps have any control over the effects loop level - "it is what it is" so to speak. They are both serial. From my understanding, most effects loops are setup for line level. Which means my Firehawk effects loop should be set to "STOMP" on the send going into the input of the amp, but should be "LINE LEVEL" when the signal is returned to the Firehawk from my amp's effects loop. I assume this is what the "FX SEND" and "FX RETURN" levels are for adjusting in the FX Loop block of the Firehawk? I have the mix set to 100%. After all that, it seems the "OUTPUT" of the unit should be line level going into the return of my amp - but everything I've read says that it should be set to amp mode, which is instrument level. Is this correct? 3) It is my understanding that with the HD line of processors, the signal between the input of the unit and the send of the effects loop suffers from a signal loss and needs to be compensated for. Is that also true with the Firehawk FX? 4) Where is everyone else needing to set the levels for master, guitar, and the "no amp" model volume? I figure the "no amp" model should be 100%, and in the case of my Dark Terror without a master volume, I would need to use the master volume of the Firehawk for controlling overall volume - what about the guitar level? Any tips would be appreciated. I've mucked about the settings some, but the amp does not sound the same with the Firehawk FX as it does without - tone suck. I have a feeling I'm just not setting it up right. I use a Rivera Rockcrusher attenuator to overdrive my power amp - sounds nice and thick/full without the Firehawk. With it in place, it sounds thinner and more "digital". Haven't even gotten to adding effects yet. Just trying to get the thing to sound the same with the Firehawk FX in place as it does without. However trying to avoid a huge pedal board at all costs!
  14. Hi, I'm asking for a little advice. I was on a mission to change my tubes, and maybe I still need to, because I wasn't getting the drive and crunch I'm after. I have a Bugera Trirec, used, so the tubes could be 6 years old. If I plug my guitar in the guitar in on the amp and crank it, it sounds great. If I use the 4 cable method, without amp and cab, without stomps, it doesn't seem to have the punch. I setup a test with a dB meter and played some chords with just the guitar in at 100dB, sounded great. Did the same thing with the FH and I was only at 82dB, so I started tweaking. I couldn't seem to get the same sound and volume without getting tons of noise and hiss, sometimes with feedback. I didn't adjust the amp at all, just the FX Loop, guitar in, the "no Amp", and master out. The FX Loop outputs are on stomp and the FH output is on AMP. If I change to LINE on the output, of course it cranks. There are levels on the FX Loop, I've adjusted them up, makes bad noises, not too good, +5dB seems OK. I think I can lower the master output and use the LINE output setting, but that doesn't seem right. Anyone else? Thanks, Jason
  15. Hey guys! So I'm encountering a very bad loud buzz. Let me explain. So im using the 4 cable method cause I want to be able to use the clean sound from my Blues Deville. I turned off all cab/amps sim, etc. Made sure that I was in line mode and also checked the ground lift. Anywho, so I saw in 2 videos that the fx loop block should be placed in before the amp. So I got a good clean sound, then I added delays and chorus, etc. But once i got to stomp, there it was, loud AF buzz coming from the amp. Now I moved the stomp block before the amp and it went away and the stomp sound wasnt quite right, then I turned off the stomp and the clean sound went to lollipop, sounded muddy and distorted. Then moved the stomp block after the amp again, the clean sound was back. Now going back and forth with fx loop block, lowering send/return volume, with the mix, etc. I cannot get the loud buzz away. I tried different amps and is the same issue. I tried the amp/line button and nothing, if i leave it on amp mode the overall volume lowers itself. Stomp mode button doesnt do anything either. I saw on the line 6 forum, only person wrote about the same issue. Has anyone ever encountered this? Or better yet has some input to provide to fix it? Thanks in advanced.
  16. Hi I have googled and watched the videos I could but I can't find something so hoping you can help I just returned a headrush as I couldn't get 4 cable method to work (no where to add the physical amps pre-amp in the chain) I am now thinking of getting the helix but I need to check I can do the following 1. 4 cable method - so I can put fx before the amp and in the loop when using as an fx processor (no amp and cab sim etc) and at the same time 2. Output into Logic Pro adding amp and cab sim in for recording So basically I would have a 4cm setup with just the fx going to my Dual Dark 50 but an alternative output going to my DAW which includes amp and cab sim Possible? videos? help?
  17. Hi all, I am a noobie joobie here so please be kind and thank you in advance for reading this thread. I am thinking about buying the Helix as a replacement for my pedalboard, I have a Marshall JVM410hjs which I love the tone of and play live with a V30 loaded 4x12. The back connections to the JVM are quite versatile and not only have a programmable serial FX loop but also a power amp INSERT, IN and OUT. I want to run the Helix as the main control (forget channel switching for now) and have Fx pre and post preamp via 4 cable method. Is there a way I can utilize the fx loop and the power amp insert to run preamps from the Helix through the power amp insert (obviously minus cab models) and post fx through the loop. Basically making the preamp on the Marshall JVM another 'preamp' in the Helix? Footswitched in via the loop. So all Helix preamp models go through power amp Insert but by using the loop i can use my Marshall's preamp as an added preamp and having the Fx through it? Maybe I'm thinking backwards here and there is an easier way i.e. normal 4 cable method, just wondered if there was any benefit of running it this way, or maybe using the power amp IN will negate the loop. appreciate all your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for listening.
  18. Hello, I have a somewhat special question. I use the POD HD500X with a 4 cable method over a tube amp (ie no modeling) and a Strat. For some songs, I use the Variax with sitar and acoustic guitar sounds. These sounds should of course not go through the amp, but with some effects directly into the mixer. Question: How do I have to configure the POD so that the Strat signal will only go through the Amp (not the Mixer) and the Acoustic Sounds into the mixer (not the amp)? Somewhere I've read something, with a configuration of the two channels left and right, but does not know how that goes ... I would be very glad if someone could help me here. Thanks and Regards Martin
  19. Using a HD500 to control an EVH 5150 with midi and effects via 4 cable method. Cannot get volume or wah pedals to work with a level control? Have looked at every youtube video I could find and tried different cabling and settings but no avail. Using another pedal (morley volume/wah) to run into HD500 which works for this purpose but seems overkill as the HD500 should be able to do this???. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP????? Seems like I'm missing some basic process?? Just want to have a volume control (exp 1 or 2) and a wah control (exp 1 or 2) with a EVH5150 III 50w using 4cbm & midi??. massively hugely appreciate any response, doinmaheadin.....
  20. Hey Everyone^^, after I saw some videos about connecting the POD HD 500, Pro X .... via 4 cable method with an amp I asked myself, can i do this with the POD HD Bean too? At home I have an Engl Screamer 50 and the POD HD Bean and I "love" the warm tone of the Screamer 50^^. The Bean has "Left/Right Output" and I thought about to use this in combination with the Input of the Engl. There is also the FX Loop Send/Return of the Engl. Maybe I have to chance the Setting of the Pod but before I do anything, I need some advice's ^^ Thanks for your help
  21. After seeing some 4cm tutorials on you tube I get the cable connections. Not entirely sure about top and back switch settings as far as line vs amp or line vs pedals. Also trying to run through a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Duece 2 but I believe it has a parallel effects loop which I hear won't work for the 4cm. Is there a way to get around this?
  22. Hello All! Let me start by saying that I'm a total n00b connecting effects pedals let alone using the 4 cable method. I have the LINE 6 POD PRO RACKMOUNT EFFECTS PROCESSOR (link to pod: and would like to connect it to my Peavey 5150 II amp. Me and my buddy tried the 4 cable method with the help from various suggestions we found on the web. We got really close to making it work, but when we would turn off the effects loop to cancel the effect from the POD we were still able to hear the amp model effect from the POD. So here are some questions: 1 - If possible, how do I properly execute the 4 cable set up to my equipment. (Reverse side picture of POD & amp 2 - is it possible to only get the true amp sound while hooked up to the POD? 3 - is it possible to use my amp's clean sound and use the effect from the POD, like the delay, flanger, chorus...etc., this would also mean bypassing the AMP MODELS settings from POD. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  23. Hi Guys!! i was trying to understand the 4 cable method, and actually did, but the problem is that i cant find instructions for my gear. i have a POD HD500 for a while and i recently bought a engl power amp (2 x 50), that's fine because i was using the POD as Pre amp, the cab is stereo compatible so i use the 2 inputs. the problem was when i get the pre engl e530. i want to know how to make the 4 cable method in this case (if it can) to keep using the POD just for effects. gear: - pod hd500 - engl e530 pre - engl e840/50 power - laney gs412l
  24. Does anybody could give me an piece of advice for a signalchain that effects that the sound with POD and 4CM is the same like the sound when I plug the guitar straight into the amp? Actually I'm trying with that chain. Noise Gate (Decay-20/th-35) ->Studio EQ (+12db Gain) -> Fx-Loop (0db/0db/100%) -> Mixer (Pan to center, B is muted and A at 0 db) Though the sound level is nearly perfect, I miss a little bass and dynamics. Any ideas? Greetz
  25. Hi, I've been trying to use the four cable method with the pod xt and a 100watt head and cabinet Marshall, but i don't know what happens....... the sound comes and goes. I've checked the wires and the settings and everything seems to be OK. If i use another method I've got no problems with the sound. Anyone here knows what's the problem? Thanks in advance.
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