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  1. Hey guys! So I'm encountering a very bad loud buzz. Let me explain. So im using the 4 cable method cause I want to be able to use the clean sound from my Blues Deville. I turned off all cab/amps sim, etc. Made sure that I was in line mode and also checked the ground lift. Anywho, so I saw in 2 videos that the fx loop block should be placed in before the amp. So I got a good clean sound, then I added delays and chorus, etc. But once i got to stomp, there it was, loud AF buzz coming from the amp. Now I moved the stomp block before the amp and it went away and the stomp sound wasnt quite right, then I turned off the stomp and the clean sound went to lollipop, sounded muddy and distorted. Then moved the stomp block after the amp again, the clean sound was back. Now going back and forth with fx loop block, lowering send/return volume, with the mix, etc. I cannot get the loud buzz away. I tried different amps and is the same issue. I tried the amp/line button and nothing, if i leave it on amp mode the overall volume lowers itself. Stomp mode button doesnt do anything either. I saw on the line 6 forum, only person wrote about the same issue. Has anyone ever encountered this? Or better yet has some input to provide to fix it? Thanks in advanced.
  2. Just wondering if this is something in the works or can it be done. Looper should have a little more time and an xtra track to record.
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