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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, sorry for this beginners' question but I am trying to send a mono signal to FOH and the same signal to a tuner effects pedal. I figured that 1) the built in tuner is too slow and 2) makes a crackling noise when turning it on and off. I was going to send XLR out to FOH and line out to the tuner. My questions: Does this work or are there drawbacks? Does this make even sense or is there a better solution? Thank you very much!
  2. Hi all, I am considering buying a Helix for performing live. I am trying to travel light, so I would like to use it as an audio interface. Here is what I hope to achieve. I will be using mainstage. I will have a couple of stereo playback signals, a mono click signal, a mono vocal signal, and a stereo effects signal. I would like all of those signals (8 in total) to be routed to 8 line outs, and from there they will be patched to FOH. My main guitar signal will just come out of the main output of the Helix to the FOH. When I was briefly playing around with my friend’s Helix (to see how it operates as an audio interface in Logic), I could see that I could route whatever I wanted to 8 outputs, but then when I tried to connect (what I thought to be) the physical outputs to a mixer, there was no generated signal. So my question is this - is it possible to have 8 discreet outputs, as well as the main (mono or stereo) output (for what I am doing live on the guitar). Many thanks!  David
  3. Hello, I have a somewhat special question. I use the POD HD500X with a 4 cable method over a tube amp (ie no modeling) and a Strat. For some songs, I use the Variax with sitar and acoustic guitar sounds. These sounds should of course not go through the amp, but with some effects directly into the mixer. Question: How do I have to configure the POD so that the Strat signal will only go through the Amp (not the Mixer) and the Acoustic Sounds into the mixer (not the amp)? Somewhere I've read something, with a configuration of the two channels left and right, but does not know how that goes ... I would be very glad if someone could help me here. Thanks and Regards Martin
  4. are there any plans for future AMPLIFi 75 flash updates? I am a happy owner of the AMPLIFi 75, which makes much fun, mainly for practicing at home. It would be a very cool feature, when I could use it as a monitor box on the stage and simultaneously send the signal to the PA. Currently it is not possible since the speakers are muted, when a cable is connected to the headphone jack. After searching in several forums how to find a work-around, this missing feature was mentioned by many potential buyers. Buying an additional monitor speaker makes no sense in my opinion, while the existing speakers are muted. If this behaviour is controlled by the internal software, this additional feature could be modified in a future flash release. This would be a reason for many more guys the buy the nice amp! :)
  5. I apologize if this was asked previously elsewhere. I tried perusing the manuals and searching the forums... For the last 4 years, I have been using Guitar Rig with Rig Kontrol live. Honestly, I might still be a happy user if NI would keep their products up-to-date and not discontinue their hardware. :angry: I can't do a live show anymore without experiencing bad audio drop-outs and worse. Time to ditch and look elsewhere... One of the cool things I was able to do with GR, however, was route speaker simulation (cab sim, etc.) to ONLY one side of the outputs. My common setup was to run the output with NO cab sim to my on-stage amp, and the output with the cab sim ON to the DI/PA system. The tones were just a little off from each other, but my stage amp has V30's, and so I'd run the V30 cab sim for the house line, and with a little EQ, I was a pretty happy camper. This became the better option, rather than A) Mic'ing the stage cab for the house feed (not a fan), and B] Running the cab sim ON to my amp signal (Redundant yuck.), or C) Using NO cab sim (horrible shrill line out). So obviously, that's my question. Can you, somehow, route the outputs on the HD500X in such a way where the speaker simulation is running to, say, the Balanced XLR output(s) - meanwhile the 1/4" amp outputs disengage any cab sim? there another option/configuration I'm not aware of that addresses this issue? Thanks for the help!
  6. Just discoverd that using the phones output to connect the pod xt live to the effect return of a Mustang lll amp sound way better then using and configuring the output mode on the line out. Or any other set up!
  7. I have to move my speaker cab to our practice space so at home I'll only be stuck with my amp head. However, my amp (Marshall JVM-1) has a return/send FX Loop and a Line Out. Is there a way I could set up a config like this: Guitar -> Firehawk (fx pedals, etc) -> Amp -> Firehawk (speaker emulation) -> headphones (profit). I'm a rookie with gear and don't want to blow anything up, but I'd love to be able to use my real amp but the Firehawk for all other pieces. Thanks!!!! -CM
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