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  1. I hope not. I just found out I might not be able to change settings without being logged into my account, which is impossible at our rehearsal studio since we have no wifi and the app is on an iPad with no cellular data. It sounds good....but what good is it if I can't get basic features that shouldn't require any connection other than bluetooth? If I can't get to settings without being logged in I'm getting rid of this thing as fast as humanly possible.
  2. I brought my Firehawk to our rehearsal studio where we don't have internet access. I also can't use any 3G/4G since I have the app installed on an iPad with no cellular data connection. I'm currently trying to adjust the settings but it brings me to the login screen, which I can't login to for reasons above. Is there a way to get to the settings without logging in? -CM
  3. I'm trying to split the audio going to my headphones with my guitar in the left ear and backing track in the right. Is there any way I can have the headphones output from my Firehawk only go to the left channel? I can't seem to find any effects that do that. Thanks! -Mo
  4. Gotcha, thank you. Is there a way to delete this thread?
  5. Is there a chance that additional control over wah pedals could be added to the Firehawk Remote app? I have a CryBaby 535Q which has three different adjustment knobs plus a booster switch. I'd love to be able to simulate something like that more exactly on my FH so I can dial in my FH and CB as close as possible. Thanks! -Mo
  6. Bump. Just started happening to me last night. I'm ok with a hardware reset for now because I'm not using it at gigs yet but yeah hopefully this is a software issue that can be fixed. For me it happens when i'm playing with my custom Soldono amp setups (I have 4 in bank 1). Here's what it looks like for those wondering:
  7. Haha...I was so excited until that last bit you wrote. But it makes sense. The amp is only .1 watt (or 1 watt if i'm feeling rowdy) but probably not worth the risk since it was so overpriced. I'll look into a smaller, more NYC apartment friendly cab. Thanks!!! -CM
  8. I have to move my speaker cab to our practice space so at home I'll only be stuck with my amp head. However, my amp (Marshall JVM-1) has a return/send FX Loop and a Line Out. Is there a way I could set up a config like this: Guitar -> Firehawk (fx pedals, etc) -> Amp -> Firehawk (speaker emulation) -> headphones (profit). I'm a rookie with gear and don't want to blow anything up, but I'd love to be able to use my real amp but the Firehawk for all other pieces. Thanks!!!! -CM
  9. I did...and realized that that was the problem. Thank you! Lots to absorb on this app...I love it.
  10. I've noticed a strange issue when controlling my Tweak assigned parameter with the FX button on my Firehawk. What happens is, for reasons unknown, the parameter value range of the knob (all the way to the left to all the way to the right) will change from going between 0-100 to something like 0-xx So far on one stomp box I only got a range from 0-56. On another my range was 0-44. I noticed that when this happens, the white LED on the volume knob does no reflect the actual position that the FX knob is in. So far I have to reboot my Firehawk FX to get the correct 0-100 range back. Is there something I can do to avoid coming across this in the future or is there a fix somehow? Thanks -CM
  11. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease. Rockin' WorkBench on my big ol' HDTV was part of the fun of my old Pod heh.
  12. Man I hope so. Even with a device, my bluetooth + my small phone screen could be a royal pain. Any updates on this?
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