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  1. Hello, I have a Mesa Boogie road king head, and would like my HD500X to control the 4 different amp channels, so I can get rid of the mesa boogie footswitch. Can someone help me with this- the Road king has 1/4" jacks for the channel switching, but no Midi.
  2. Having had both Firehawk, and now an HD500X, both have their merrits and faults, I am a deep editing kind of guy, so I love the HD500X for the versitality, on the other hand, the one thing I missed when I moved from the Firehawk to the HD500X was the large selection of effects and amps the Firehawk has out of the box, a much broader spectrum than the HD500X has.
  3. Use one of the user patches if you want to create a new tone- these have no amp or effects on them.
  4. Which is a problem, if that is the case. Playing with the unit live, who knows what power you will be using at a live venue- I guess you can get a power regulator.
  5. That's great man- Glad to hear. I liked the firehawk, becasue it had great sound and a $hitload of amps and cabs. The main thing I like about the HD500X is the double amps, you can really get a thick sound from have 2 seperate channel paths. Cheers!
  6. As I remember you cannot assign amp parameters to the footpedal (yet- maybe an ideascale thing). Mcbeddall your thoughts on the 1.2 FW? - in particular the lag.
  7. Sounds awesome!!!!! Let me know how the new update works out, as I may want to get another one.
  8. Even though I traded my Firehawk for an HD500X, I like the unit and it's possibilities. I still check back to see if progress has been made in the areas the unit was lacking, as well as offering any help I can to users, as I did log many hours on the unit, and know a thing or two about it. When the Firehawk was first introduced, it had a picture of a Pheonix on it, in mythology this bird burned, and then rose from the ashes in a rebirth - hoping that happens to this unit as well, as lots of bad press coupled with the release of it's big brother Helix is it's "burn". It has too much potential to be obsoleted.
  9. Bird chirps- only good for the songs Disco Duck, and the Bird Dance! Lol!
  10. I had to move on- the Firehawk initially lured me away from my choice of an HD500X, because of its ease of tone creation, and it's pretty colored lights, but the lag problem was too much for me to handle, so now that I have an HD500X coupled with the edit app, I am where I should have been back at April (with extra knowledge of all the amps and effects learned from the Firehawk). I am happy now. I am still confident that Line 6 will adress the lag issue, as well as the freeze ups, and to tell you the truth, once coupled with a kick a$$ firmware, If I have the opportunity to get another one at a good price, I will probably give it a second chance, but I need a unit to rock out live.... right now.
  11. I had a firehawk, and now I have a hd500x. I am learning to use the edit program on my pc. I miss the ease of creating patches on the android app, but am really getting into the hd500x- I can see how people had a bit of a learning curve with the pod units before the edit app, but now I think it is quite easy to use, also I had created a bunch of tones on the firehawk app, and am using those as a reference when I recreate the tones on the hd500x- kind of like a bit of a road map- in a way it is a bit satisfying to know that the hours I spent programming tones on the firehawk was not all in vain. I am also now using a boss gt100, and really like the edit program they have- quite slick, and I have been creating good tones quite easily with it as well. Probably I will make a decision on which one is best fir me in a couple of weeks.
  12. Unboxed my HD500X a few hours ago and I must say the build and quality is better than the Firehawk. I started tweaking patches, and right off the bat, the lag time was way less than the Firehawk. Thanks Line 6!
  13. Yes, I just got the GT-100 - the screens are bright. Which one has less lag?
  14. In a couple of days I will have 2 new units to take the place of my Firehawk - A boss GT-100, and a POD HD500X. I am going to choose the one with less lag time between patch switching as it is my main concern.
  15. Microsoft surface runs Windows, the Firehawk remote app was only designed for Apple IOS, an Android devices. You are out of luck unless Line 6 issues an app for PC's- sorry dude.
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