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  1. ppiluk

    Worst amp ever?

    I am going to let you in on a little secret. Opinions are like genitalia. Everyone has them and some people are always whipping them out in public and making exaggerated claims based on opinion and not on fact. This applies to both the people who say only positive things as well as those who say only negative. I have used multi-pedals and modeling amps from the following companies: Line 6 - Spider Valve Mark I, Spider IV, POD HD 300, POD HD500, Amplifi, and FireHawk. (Currently Looking at Spider V) VOX - VOX VT+ BOSS - ME-50 Zoom - G3, MS-50G, and MS-100BT (Currently waiting on the B3n) Peavey - VIP Fender - Mustang v2 I can tell you a couple things from my experiences. Firstly, a modeled amp will not sound exactly the same as the amp it was modeled on no matter what anyone will tell you. Many of the modeling products will come close enough to the original that the vast majority of people couldn't tell the difference. Secondly, and this is the most important thing. If you take the time to learn a product you will be able to get a good tone out of pretty much any modeling amp or multi-pedal. Ok, now that I got that out of the way, let's address the amp. I have played around with the Spider V and I really like it. It has a huge library of amps and effects built in and plenty of other useful features that will make learning the guitar easier and more enjoyable. As a beginner, this amp will benefit you greatly. It will give you an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of amp types and pedal types. It is easy to move pedals around to see how that changes the sound. You will learn about how the different types of amps sound, (not brands but types, Clean, American, High Gain and British). It is the easiest way to learn the difference between a Chorus and Delay without having to spend extra money. As if this wasn't enough, if for some reason, you end up hating the sound of this amp down the road, you can use it as a powered speaker for other multi-effect pedals or a traditional pedal chain. Many manufacturers are making quality analog pedals based on different types of amps and you can use one of these as the amp tone adding whatever physical pedals you desire...or can afford. As you have pointed out, Line 6 has been in business for 20 years. That in itself isn't proof they produce the best products but it is a very good indication that they make products people like. As a beginning guitar player, it is far more important you like the product than what some reviewer on YouTube says. I am quite confident you will like the Spider V. YouTube reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. It is far too easy for a reviewer to be biased against a company and not put any effort into the product to get the best out of a product. The flip side of this is you can't be sure a reviewer is not being paid for a good review either. The only review you should trust is yours. If at all possible try the amp out yourself. Download the Spider V app and play around. Watch some videos on YouTube but make sure that you watch as many positive and negatives as you can find. I am going to catch heck here but I would compare the reviews to the Line 6 videos about the Spider V. Why would you do this you ask. Well, YouTube is full of crappy sounding videos and it would be easy to distort your view of the amp. The Line 6 videos will show you the best the amp is capable of. Oh...one last thing, too many people talk about the built-in patches. It has been my experience that the vast majority of the patches a product builds into a product are to help show the different sounds the product is capable of.
  2. Using electronics with anything but the exact voltage is a risk and would void your warranty. I would think most people would just use an extension cord.
  3. ppiluk

    Worst amp ever?

    Thank you for this link. The article is excellent! I learned many of these things From a friend who is a pro musician after cursing nearly Amp I ever purchased. One day I was talking to My friend and cursing my a tube amp I bought. He invited himself over dialled in an amazing tone after a few seconds. Then he took a look at my POD HD300, which I had also given up on, and built a couple of great sounding patches for me. He told me he could get a decent tone out of any Amp within a few minutes. So I dusted off my emergency backup amp. A really old Peavey Rage practice amp. Much to my surprise, he made that puppy sound good as well. In fairness, this one took much more effort. That was the last time I ever blamed the equipment. Saying that, I have purchased amps since this experience that didn't suit me but that is different from blaming the Amp. The real irony of this is my friend bought a Spider V and raves about it every time I see him.
  4. I had a similar setup and foolishly traded my Spider Valve away. They just seem to sound so good together. I got what at the time was a great offer for the Spider Valve but in hindsight I never should have broken the pair up.
  5. I am looking for something to use with my POD HD500 Bass models. I have been using the house sound system however I am scheduled to play in a place without a house sound system. My question is can I use the POD HD500 bass patches to play through the SPIDER V Amp. I am considering the 60 watt as a model minimum. Thank you for the help.
  6. It's been a while since I had my Spider Valve but I believe if you plug the Output cable from the Firehawk into the Power Amp plug on the back this will have the desired effect. As a word of caution, make sure the volume is at 0 on BOTH the Firehawk AND the Spider Valve and slowly bring them up. I had the original Spider Valve but the same principle should apply. I traded it away and it is one of the pieces of gear I most regret parting with.
  7. The Firehawk won't work as a controller for the Spider Valve. You can turn off the Amp Sims and it would work well as a pedal board for your Orange amp.
  8. Hello All, I have a JTV-69S and a Firehawk and am wondering if anyone knew a way to build a Bass guitar patch? Thank you for the help!
  9. Depending on your budget the best amp for your Variax is either a POD HD500X (or HD500, you should be able to find one pretty cheap), a Firehawk or a Helix and a monitor speaker. I currently have a JTV-69S and a Firehawk and am running it through a powered monitor. Before my Firehawk I had a POD HD500 and both of these solutions work very well. I do also run my Variax through my VOX VC4-C1 and it sounds pretty good as well but the Firehawk releases the real power of the guitar.
  10. This forum section is for the Variax guitar. This is the forum for the Pocket Pod: http://line6.com/support/forum/20-pod-20-pod-xt-pocket-pod-floorpods/
  11. No need to bump...Line 6 is well aware of our desire to purchase the amps.
  12. I have never really used it. Most of my backing tracks come from the internet.
  13. I have been using it for about 6 months. I originally bought it for my POD HD500. It has settings for Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboard. The best setting for a multi-effects unit is Keyboard 3. It outputs about 5 watts and is plenty loud to practice without bothering your family or neighbours. The built in amps are decent but I wouldn't buy the unit with the intent of replacing anything you already have. The Soundbox Mini is a stereo unit and effects such as ping pong delay sound really cool. There is also a 1/4" microphone plug which sounds good, it's better suited for talking rather than singing but it will do in a pinch. It's also battery powered there is an aux in so you can use the unit to play music at a beach or picnic. I really can't say enough about this unit. It's more expensive than many of the acoustic amps and monitors I looked at but the Soundbox is far more versatile.
  14. I would start your tone search here: http://line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd300/
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