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  1. It has to be the auto play on your IPhone. Does music start playing as soon as you plug headphones into your IPhone? If so that's your answer.
  2. cebreez


    Make sure to turn reverb off while using the chorus. Made a huge difference with mine.
  3. I must correct myself. I said there is not replacement for the Firehawk and that is not true. There is the HD500 and HD500X. Different animals but in the same price range. I for one was looking for a wireless solution when I bought my Amplifi FX100 and continued it with my Firehawk FX. Gonna miss it if I do manage to upgrade to the Helix.
  4. I agree and disagree. It NEEDS updating and further development. The last update took it back a step and has yet to be fixed. That is a problem. I also agree with IggyPiggy... it's not a kids device but definitely a teenagers in terms of it price point. Most of us cannot afford a Helix and or are not professionals so we have no use for it. Even the LT is way above the average users budget and I don't know if anyone has looked lately but there is not a Line6 replacement for the Firehawk. So to keep their middle of the road users HAPPY there needs to be improvements to the Firehawk. More and more of the big companies are jumping on the bandwagon so unless Line6 wants to only sell to the professionals I would suggest they get busy.
  5. I realize they are not updating anymore but I at least wish they would fix what they messed up. And I want more HD models! That is why I went from the Ampli FX100 to the Firehawk FX in the first place. I was perfectly happy with the Amplifi FX100! Well sorta...
  6. If you are using the fx loop of the Firehawk then make sure it is turned on (enabled). Using your app select it as you would any of the effects and make sure it is turned on. Not assuming anything just know I did that and for half a day I couldn't figure why I had no sound coming out.
  7. Okay I know there is a critic in every group, but I got my Mooer toppers the other day and I have mixed feelings about them. Numero uno... they are not very aesthetically pleasing. They look like I stuck bottle tops on the buttons. They do in fact cheapen the look of the Firehawk. And they didn't have that tall ones so they only marginally improved being able to stomp them while not hitting the front switches. Numero dos.. While the leds glow through and are easy enough to see in the dark or indoors, if you are outdoors or in a bright location they are not so easy to see and sometimes block the glow or the leds altogether. So... they are okay for now after waiting three weeks to get them but I think I will pay the extra change and gets the barefoot buttons. They do work very well on my single switch effects and loopers. So.... not a waste of money, they just don't work so good for me.
  8. cebreez

    Expired Token

    Thanks. I did exactly what you said and I haven't had it happen again. At least not so far.
  9. mcbedall you were totally right. I started going through my tones and adjusting the Amp volume. (The pink Leds) So that all of my tones are roughly the same volume. I did it with my volume pedal at about 60% so I still have some headroom to punch it up during a lead solo. It's a little harder to do with the really high gain stuff. But I'm working it out.
  10. I don't typically play at high volumes but I definitively understand ear fatigue. My test were done over a couple of days and both days I started with a fresh set of ears. I have since got everything tweaked where I like it except for the volume. I hate having to use the volume pedal during a set. I like it all on or all off.
  11. The only real change I've noticed is now my volume pedal remembers its position. It never did that before. When I would turn on the unit the volume would be full on everytime regardless of the fact heeled the pedal cutting the volume before I shut it down. The other thing I noticed, and I dont know if it had anything to do with the update is my Android phone will now play gapless music even while the wifi and data connections are on. I still get gaps when trying to play music from my Kindle. Now for the bad, I now have the audible lag when switching presets. I never had that before the update. I always considered myself lucky until now. It is very noticeable when switching from rhythm to lead. Almost like the sound it cut off while the button is pushed though its the same lag even when you hit the button fast. Another thing I noticed was the tones were not the same in my opinion. Though it kept all my presets, I still had to go back and tweak them for tone and especially volume. I had an immediate cut in volume even though all of the volume controls on the unit and in the presets were the same. And is it just me, because I haven't actually timed it but the looper though still way too short does feel a couple of seconds longer. Probably just me for Im too tire of fiddling with it today to test my theory. All in all I would have rather they left it alone until they could do a real update with some real improvements. I love this unit and had never even considered the Helix. But I am feeling a little disenchanted at the moment and a lot underwhelmed. And just to add a rant....... This is suppose to be a HD unit but has way more SD than HD and some of the SD actually sound better Just my opinion I know.
  12. Yes you can. Pretty easy to build yourself. Im sure there are schematics on the internet. You just need 3 or 4 9v batteries in parallel. Dont quote me on that. For the life of me I cannot remember the amperage of a single 9v battery. Anyway like they said you want a minimum 300ma, I would shoot for 500ma to 850ma to keep the batteries from running down too quick. and for the sake of your pedal put in an inline filter, (a capacitor and diode) to keep the current constant and going in the right direction, add the plug making sure the polarity is correct, throw it all in a little bag with a velcro closure and your set. If you use rechargeable batteries you wont need to buy new batteries for every gig. Hope this helps. If anyone sees a mistake I made then PLEASE feel free to correct me.
  13. I agree with AndyParedes. Guitar into the guitar input on the Amplifi TT then the mono main out to the amps effects return basically turning your amp into a power amp. Then you can run the other main out into a PA when available. It's a better setup because you don't overdrive your preamp that way which with some of the presets can be very undesirable.
  14. Sorry. I tried to post a pic but it must have been too big.
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