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  1. Please, Line 6, give us a Windows app for Firehawk FX control? Yeah, I'm sure this has been request before, and probably numerous times. Still, I've got to ask. I've got my old iPad 4th Gen working just fine with the Firehawk, but I opted to purchase a Microsoft Surface instead of getting an iPad Pro. I am more than happy with my decision as the Surface is far less expensive, far more powerful, and it's not an iPad. :) I only wish there was an app for the Firehawk that works natively in Windows. I've tried the Android emulators, but with little success, certainly nothing that was reliable.
  2. chadguy

    Expired Token

    I am constantly getting an "Expired Token" error that is quite annoying. I can log in, build a tone or download one, but as soon as I go to save it to my tones or search for another tone, I get the expired token error and have to log back in before navigating back to where I was. Each time I log back in, the app wants me to rate it. Bleh. Suggestions?
  3. It's playing nicely! I'm glad I did the update and factory reset first before putting much time into the unit. Had I spent a lot of time building tones and setlists just to lose them all, I would have been somewhat annoyed. Now I've spent several hours this morning building tones, downloading and modifying tones, switching between tones, etc. The Firehawk is keeping up nicely and hasn't shown any glitches or crashes. My current setup is the Firehawk FX, iPad Retina (older iPad on iOS 10.1), Fender Prodigy, into a small Peavey Studio Chorus 70. I'm getting prepped for a Christmas concert this Friday, so there's a lot of switching between smooth jazz, rockabilly, country, modern worship with ambient pads, and even some southern Gospel. The Firehawk is making it pretty easy to find and modify the tones to do it all. The Particle Reverb combined with a E-Bow is quite fun. :) I'll be putting it through a few more hours of work, plus two shows this weekend. I'll report back on Monday as to how well the Firehawk performed or didn't.
  4. I just bought a brand new Firehawk FX from Guitar Center. I unboxed it, plugged it into power, and connected it to my Mac via USB. Ran the updater to go from 1.01.00 to 1.20.00 before even plugging in a guitar or connecting to BT. Once the update was complete, I power cycled the unit, connected to my iPad, plugged in my guitar and played through about 4 presets. Switching to the fifth preset, the unit froze and gave me the red rings. I haven't even modified any of the tones. I hate to think that my very first experience with the Firehawk has already broken my trust in the unit. I'll likely be returning it just hours after purchasing it. I just did the "Factory Reset" so I'll give it a few tries first.
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