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Found 12 results

  1. I know that is not what it was initially designed for but… With the HX stomp getting command center and 8 blocks in the most recent updates Is there any reason why the HX FX couldn’t get the amp models?
  2. So I have my Helix Floor setup in the Snap/Stomp configuration, that is, 4 snapshots on top and 4 pedals on the bottom. Is it possible to change which pedals are displayed depending on what snapshot you're on? For example, on "CLEAN" I would like to see a compressor, a chorus, a reverb, and a delay. But when I switch to the "DISTORTED" snapshot, I'd like to see a drive pedal, a chorus, a phaser, and an octave pedal. Any help is appreciated!!
  3. The PodGO tuner always displays a "D" when it is between two notes that it can display... Since "D" is a note that the guitar is usually actually tuned to it seems the unit is in a state of confusion... It would be better to represent this state of between notes with an "X" or a "-" or even a "?"... Also, it would be a great feature if the proper octave could be displayed (E2. A2, D3, G3, etc) like they are on a Peterson tuner... That would be nice, but I would be happy with just the unknown note "D" being changed to represent a "between note" symbol...
  4. Hi there! I have a feature request I'd love to see added that I don't think would be too difficult. One of the most powerful tools the Helix/HX Stomp has for studio situations is to allow inputs 5&6 to be DI signal straight to a DAW, allowing for easy reamping with Helix Native (which I own). One thing that would be a fairly easy feature to add but would unlock HUGE potential for my rig in the studio is to allow the inputs to be split, just like they are out of the FX loop. By doing that, it would allow enough IO for the Stomp to be able to incorporate a full signal path of analog pedals for reamping as well, but also would allow you to have the Stomp as the primary connection for the guitar so you could put effects literally anywhere. This would be useful for putting an HX fuzz at the start of your signal chain but then being able to patch in your analog drives after it, then bring it back into the stomp, then out through stereo wet effects, then back into the stomp stereo. You'd have both outputs free as well so you could still run a stereo amp rig live if you wanted as well. Ultimate flexibility and with 8 blocks it really becomes more useful to be able to route signal all over the place like this. Here's what I'm imagining: Guitar --> Input L --> FX Loop L out (TRS to TS/TS cable out, one side routing to dry effects) --> Dry analog effects ---> Input R (with all dry effects) ---> FX Loop R out --> Wet effects going from mono to stereo --> FX LR Return to allow stereo wet effects to return back in to Stomp --> L/R Out to amp or DAW. This would effectively allow me to run literally anything through my analog pedals and allow me to put them wherever I like. Right now, I can run them through my wet effects, since they use the FX loop, but not my dry effects. I could run a glockenspiel, an ocarina, a midi keyboard, etc. It just really unlocks a lot of potential in the studio for those of us who don't entirely rely upon Helix software for all of our tones, and I think it's a fairly easy thing to make happen - just allow us to choose inputs as a block if we'd like to, and set up the primary input as having selectable inputs. I think you'd maybe even catch a few hold outs who haven't pulled the trigger on an hx product yet, just because the reamping possibilities are so limitless. Ultimate flexibility! If the devs could make something like this happen, that would be hugely helpful! I'll make a video demonstrating the feature and the power it wields (not that I have a following, cause I don't) if you could make it happen!
  5. Would it be possible to browse custom tones by sorting them by tags, like genre or type, without having to search? I feel like having to guess key words really limits the ability to share original patches with the Spider V Community. For instance, I would like to try to find off the wall and weird experimental / ambient like patches. If i type in ambient, only the people who uploaded their contribution using that tag, would i only then get a match. If someone chose the word trippy, and I typed in groovy instead, we don't have a match. I just think the ability to browse the tones vs having to search for them, hoping luck is on your side. Great amp otherwise, my only gripe is the wireless g10 dongle squealing when it gets plugged into any of my active guitars. (I read the active setups trick the dongle into thinking it is charging? Who knows, that is for another thread.) Thanks in advance!!
  6. I saw a Line 6 page on Is that the right place to make a feature request for the Helix? Or somewhere else? Rich
  7. I often practice direct in to my computer, and it would be very helpful to have a standalone (I. E. not a plugin) version of Helix native, much like Positive Grid did with BIAS and BIAS FX. Any chance this could be a thing?
  8. Would like to submit a suggestion for an envelope follower. Somehow tie in an input sensitive controller that follows your dynamics to control the parameters on any effect or block. So, like an envelope filter, you can control the attack, decay, threshold, input sensitivity, range, and whether the effect opens up or down. I would love to apply a comprehensive follower to things like delay tails, tremolo depth and speed, pitch shifting and so on. Would be great to be able to attach the envelope follower control to the expression output to control outboard gear too. EDIT: Just found the IdeaScale. I'll repost this there in a moment. Wouldn't mind discussing the possibilities of the topic here. I understand if you feel it's redundant and this post needs to be deleted. Thanks for listening.  -J
  9. Please, Line 6, give us a Windows app for Firehawk FX control? Yeah, I'm sure this has been request before, and probably numerous times. Still, I've got to ask. I've got my old iPad 4th Gen working just fine with the Firehawk, but I opted to purchase a Microsoft Surface instead of getting an iPad Pro. I am more than happy with my decision as the Surface is far less expensive, far more powerful, and it's not an iPad. :) I only wish there was an app for the Firehawk that works natively in Windows. I've tried the Android emulators, but with little success, certainly nothing that was reliable.
  10. Is there a chance that additional control over wah pedals could be added to the Firehawk Remote app? I have a CryBaby 535Q which has three different adjustment knobs plus a booster switch. I'd love to be able to simulate something like that more exactly on my FH so I can dial in my FH and CB as close as possible. Thanks! -Mo
  11. I recently picked up an HD300 from a guy online. I absolutely love the versatility. One thing I can't seem to find are the delay tap settings for dotted eighths. I know this was an item of contention a few years ago. Has this been addressed in a recent firmware update or am I just dumb and missing it in the settings? I'm up to (i think) v2.3 Fear not, I can always loop in my Line6 EchoPark but I was hoping I wouldn't have to. *wink wink nudge nudge*
  12. Procedure: - Edit one or more presets in HD500x Edit. - Press "SET LIST" or "ALL" under the "SEND" header. Result: => Sending (uploading) to the HD500x takes the same amount of time regardless of the number of presets changed. Workaround: - Mark only the changed presets. - Press "SELECTED" instead of "SET LIST" under the "SEND" header. Suggested feature: - Sending (uploading) "SET LIST" or "ALL" should only upload the changed presets. - HD500x Edit already knows which presets are changed. Those are marked with yellow, italic and an asterisk. - Preferably, this should also go for downloading from the Pod.
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