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  1. Hi everyone, I once found a blog post that had these detailed overviews for each amp and effect on the Helix. Most importantly, the blog post went over what each setting did for each effects pedal. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the post and now I can't find it anymore. I would love to know the purpose of each setting e.g. flutter, ramp, FBtone, range, peak, etc., etc. Each effect has different settings and some of them are named the same thing but have different functions, like mode. Anyone have a compiled source of instructions for all of these pedals and amps?
  2. I've seen a lot of the same issues you have. Tried to update multiple times and kept getting that same connection error. It finally worked, but now my presents change randomly. I can't rollback to a different version either because of the connection errors. I'm going to have to send the thing back to Line6 and I just got it yesterday. Should I even keep this guitar? It kind of seems like more trouble than it's worth.
  3. I just got my 59 and I upgraded to 2.0 today. It's completely broken now. All of the presets change randomly and I can't roll it back to a previous version. Every time I try to rollback it gives me a connection error. Is this type of thing what I should expect going forward? Maybe I should just return it. Any thoughts?
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