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Found 4 results

  1. I often practice direct in to my computer, and it would be very helpful to have a standalone (I. E. not a plugin) version of Helix native, much like Positive Grid did with BIAS and BIAS FX. Any chance this could be a thing?
  2. abaxe


    Just looking for recommendations on what is a good speaker to plug directly into with the helix for example signal chain guitar into Helix direct into powered speaker. Whether it be for a small gig or just practicing at home. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I have been a line 6 user for over 10 years. Been a proud owner of the Pod Pro Hd for 5 years and ive been using the HD300 for gigs the last 2 years. So here is the situation, I bought like a couple of cool single pedals at a garage sale for a steal price. I cant buy an amp as I live in an apartment with very fussy neighbours. So the Pod Pro HD has been a blessing as I can use headphones and play through the night! Now I would like to play with these pedals but I dont know what amp to use to have a "clean" and "transparent" tone. You know when you have a bunch of single pedals and you hook it up to an amp it has a certain vibe and sound to it. I am not getting it with the PRO HD. Dont get me wrong I love the POD HD Pro, I just dont know how to work it right with what I would like to do with it as of now. This is how every guitarist normally does it right? Guitar ---> Compressor ---> OD ---> Distortion ---> Delay---> Amp (Clean Channel) So with that understanding, Guitar ---> Compressor ---> OD ---> Distortion ---> Delay---> POD HD why doesnt this sound as good? I probably am not doing something right.. Which amp sim could I use that would help my situation? Any advice would be great! :) Once again, Thank you for reading my post!
  4. In the last year or two, I have totally rethought my entire guitar playing life and came to the realization that this is not my living, but rather an intense hobby. Where I used to think I HAD to have the latest, greatest most awesomest gear just to survive as a player, (lightning in a bottle anyone?) I have since reduced the compllexity of my gear hoarde to basically my acoustic, and an electric guitar setup of Strat/Tele -> A few quality analog pedals -> Fender blackface tube amp. I am happy with my sound and have no desire to buy every pedal ever made anymore. Which brings me to Amplifi. Even though I am happy with my sound, I also resolved to practice far more using my wasted gear surfing time for actually working on songs and techniques. Still, it would be nice to have a practice tool that does the things Amplifi claims to do, such as bluetooth speaker, MP3 song mixing along with your guitar output through a reasonable facsimile of the tone for the given song and the ability to (finally) control it all through my Android devices. Sounds like the ticket to me for $400... ...except I know how things can REALLY be. Like bluetooth sound stuttering, firmware update bricking, wonky knobs, funky control schemes and other sundry issues. So I ask the community - if you use Amplifi, does it work reasonably well doing the things Line6 claims it can do with a bare minimum of fuss, or are there "issues" lurking that will more detract from the goal of practicing than aid in it?
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