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  1. Probably gonna have to do that. I'm just haunted by visions of losing that one in the process.
  2. Does anyone know the specs of the machine screws that hold the back panel of the Helix Rack on? One of them fell out of mine during transport and I can't find it anywhere.
  3. mbarbara

    Fender Clean?

    Yep, hate them.
  4. mbarbara

    Fender Clean?

    At present I monitor through a pair of JBL studio monitors at home and borrow a power amp/go direct in live.
  5. mbarbara

    Fender Clean?

    I've always really liked the sound of my 8-string through a clean fender amp (usually a Fender Deluxe) with the pickups set to single coil, but I can't quite seem to recreate that sound in the Helix. It's got a certain tightness and "slap" that just doesn't come through when I try messing with the fender amps in the Helix. I even tried using my own Fender Twin cab IRs. I need something crisp and spanky but still clean, can anyone tell me what to do?
  6. I'm trying to get something like what Olly is using in this video: I know he's using a Helix to do it so it can't be that complicated.
  7. I often practice direct in to my computer, and it would be very helpful to have a standalone (I. E. not a plugin) version of Helix native, much like Positive Grid did with BIAS and BIAS FX. Any chance this could be a thing?
  8. Turns out I prefer the Elektrik for rhythm tones but the Friedman for leads. Thank god for A/B splits and snapshots.
  9. Sounds a bit better, but it's not quite there. Are there any compression/eq tricks that'll help?
  10. So, I've been working on putting together some bass tones for a big recording project. I've got a distorted tone I really like (a kind of TesseracT/Periphery distorted upper mids sort of thing), but I can't seem to nail the kind of clean tone I'm going for. I want something very crisp/glassy sounding, basically something like this with reverb optional. Everything I've tried has sounded really thin and lifeless or kind of "honky." Anyone got any pointers?
  11. Turns out coil-splitting the bridge pickup is the way to go for the milton cleans.
  12. So, I've managed to wrangle together a high gain tone that I really like and I've gotten really close to the milton cleans but I can't get them quite right. I don't know what it is, they either sound too thin or almost there but lacking in the "brilliance" that I usually hear from that sort of thing. Any ideas?
  13. Has anyone managed to replicate Amos's (TesseracT) bass tone in the Helix? If so, how is it done?
  14. Thanks guys, very informative. It's sounding better already. Afer some experimentation, I am inclined to agree. I disagree. There is a distinct difference between the older school high gain sounds and the super tight, boosted sound more modern bands tend to use.
  15. So, as cliched as this question undoubtedly is, I need some help getting my helix to do a djent/prog modern metal sort of thing. Think Meshuggah/TesseracT/Periphery. For the high gain tones, I've been running my Precision Drive in the FX loop and going through the "angl meteor" head and the Redwirez ENGL cabinet impulses. It doesn't sound terrible, but it's always either too thin or too muddy. I also have some problems with buzzing (which probably means I just need to adjust the gate). For the clean tone, I want to try to duplicate the TesseracT cleans. I've got it fairly close by using the "twin reverb" head with no cab and a lot of reverb/delay. It distorts in a really weird way sometimes though. I obviously don't know how to work this thing as well as I should. Can anyone help me out?
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