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Community Answers

  1. What about the POD HD bean? Do you know?
  2. I thought these were long gone?
  3. Well that would be awesome if the Line6ers added/updated POD Farm with HD tones and effects. The POD Farm is all the Line 6 gear I have left having jettisoned modelling outside of computer and DAW applications but I still prefer it over anything else I've heard -- and it hasn't been touched in years! Here's to hoping!
  4. I doubt you'd be able to use Line 6 amps in Reason 9 and beyond. That is what they meant by saying "wouldn't be available beyond October 2016" in my view. I am making the transition to SONAR Platinum now and honestly for a guitarist, it is a better fit IMHO. I still LIKE Reason a lot and it is a joy to use, but I get that "rowboat in the ocean" feeling from the Propellerheads these days as I try to figure out what they're about.
  5. You can always use Reason 8 and below to get the Line6 amps. They will only disappear, or rather NOT appear in versions of Reason after October 2016. The Softube amps are pretty good actually, and Kuassa makes pretty good amps as well so you will be able to get quality guitar amp emulations still in Reason. I use Softube's amps, along with Vermillion, Creme and Cerberus (Kuassa's Rack Extensions) along with Line 6 all the time myself. They all have their place IMHO. The thing for me about Line 6 amps is that I also have the POD Farm Plat which means I get ALL of those amps available in Reason (and SONAR). Hope this helps.
  6. I wish there was a way to maark more than one response as the "answer". Thanks all for the info!
  7. Thanks for the replies. A lot to think about here, no doubt. The lack of EQing options is a bit troubling, and it sounds like a crap shoot on getting the right amp as well. I LOVE the idea of Bluetooth streaming and when it works, it's great. But there are those other times, when it just plays like crap, disconnects or otherwise flakes out and makes me just go back to XM radio or whatever. I really want this to be a relaxing and trouble free experience rather than another fight to get the tech working right, because it really detracts from practicing when that happens. I had a Korg Pandora that I still kick myself for letting go, because it was really very simple to use. Which reminds me that I also have a Boss Micro BR recorder kicking around here somewhere that I can probably just keep handy for jams in the basement family room. My wife hates me leaving gear all over the house aanyway.
  8. What I have now (and is on Craigslist) is a POD HD500 and JTV59 Variax. I know I can plug headphones and my phone or MP3 player into this for jam along stuff, but it sounds like lollipop that way to me. I also have a smaller studio now (just moved in June) which puts floor space at a premium now. So instead, I use my POD Farm and Google Play Music because I have over 15k songs of my own from CD uploaded there, plus the unlimited plan so basically ANYTHING I want to play is there. Of all the gear I have right now, the Google/POD Farm setup is best when I am in my studio, and basically renders the POD/Variax combination unused and packed away for sale. The reason the Amplifi is now in the picture is for play elsewhere in the house. I figure if this thing is all that and the bag of chips it claims to be, it would go nicely in the family room along with a Strat (or the Variax?) to just plug in and play there, plus it would make a nice speaker for music playing either there or in the back yard. I have a Bose Soundlink Color that is great for personal portable use most of the time, but it too does the BT stutter trick (I HATE that personally) as does my car audio BT setup. Still an evolving tech IMO. In any event, I just want to really measure this thing for the uses I'd like out of them before I pony up the cash. Make sense?
  9. In the last year or two, I have totally rethought my entire guitar playing life and came to the realization that this is not my living, but rather an intense hobby. Where I used to think I HAD to have the latest, greatest most awesomest gear just to survive as a player, (lightning in a bottle anyone?) I have since reduced the compllexity of my gear hoarde to basically my acoustic, and an electric guitar setup of Strat/Tele -> A few quality analog pedals -> Fender blackface tube amp. I am happy with my sound and have no desire to buy every pedal ever made anymore. Which brings me to Amplifi. Even though I am happy with my sound, I also resolved to practice far more using my wasted gear surfing time for actually working on songs and techniques. Still, it would be nice to have a practice tool that does the things Amplifi claims to do, such as bluetooth speaker, MP3 song mixing along with your guitar output through a reasonable facsimile of the tone for the given song and the ability to (finally) control it all through my Android devices. Sounds like the ticket to me for $400... ...except I know how things can REALLY be. Like bluetooth sound stuttering, firmware update bricking, wonky knobs, funky control schemes and other sundry issues. So I ask the community - if you use Amplifi, does it work reasonably well doing the things Line6 claims it can do with a bare minimum of fuss, or are there "issues" lurking that will more detract from the goal of practicing than aid in it?
  10. I'm kind of leaning toward the L2T because, as you say it is a better value for the dollars spent. I am also looking into other things, but I like the idea of the matched set and I would be using this as a floor wegde montior mostly. The ability to tap into my Yamaha synth is a bonus, but it won't be the primary prupose. If I start with the L2T and want to go stereo, I could get the L2M later.
  11. I am envisioning using an L2M along with my POD HD via Line6 Link and my JTV59 via VDI cable, effectively needing only two cables for three pieces. I could play all my patches, acoustic or electric into this one FRFR system and that's that, or am I missing something there? Additionally, I'd like to be able to hook up a keyboard output to the L2M, or would I absolutely need the L2T with it's mixer for that?
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