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  1. Hi there people :) On Thursday night my UX2 decided to stop working properly. I can still use POD Farm and Winamp and YouTube etc but whenever I open EZ Drummer, Amplitube 4 and any of the Arturia synths I have plus Reason they all fail to load the ASIO drivers. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the Line 6 Monkey, rebooting the PC, going through power settings, tried it in different USB ports etc but nothing helps. I updated my ADM Radeon graphics card on Thursday night and I think that's PERHAPS the problem but I've tried going back to older drivers, disabling the card and also completely uninstalling it but still no good. I'm on Windows 10 and never had any problems so I'm completely stumped :S Any help is appreciated :) ***UPDATE*** I've just tried using the latest ASIO4ALL drivers (something I haven't had for years) and I can now use this as normal. Have the UX2 drivers just died or something? I'm utterly confused! :S
  2. Hi people, I'm a happy user of POD Farm along with Reason but, since the latest announcement of Reason 8, it seems the Line 6 partnership is on its way out and Softube are on the way in. I've never used Softube stuff and really don't want to have to make the move over. I was wondering if Line 6 were considering making some sort of Rack Extension for us POD Farm users so we can continue using the sounds we've made over the years in the program? I apologise if this has been mentioned before. I did a quick search and nothing came up. Kenny :) PS - I'm also hoping Toontrack make one for EZ Drummer 2 but why I'm mentioning this here I don't know ;)
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