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  1. I see the challenge. Maybe it's possible to have timestamps to check sync before up- and downloading, and then transfer only the changed presets. That is, if it's possible to create a fast timestamp check.
  2. Procedure: - Edit one or more presets in HD500x Edit. - Press "SET LIST" or "ALL" under the "SEND" header. Result: => Sending (uploading) to the HD500x takes the same amount of time regardless of the number of presets changed. Workaround: - Mark only the changed presets. - Press "SELECTED" instead of "SET LIST" under the "SEND" header. Suggested feature: - Sending (uploading) "SET LIST" or "ALL" should only upload the changed presets. - HD500x Edit already knows which presets are changed. Those are marked with yellow, italic and an asterisk. - Preferably, this should also go for downloading from the Pod.
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