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  1. Harold

    Nasal Sound

    Thanks. Just got unit. Output was set line changed to amp made a big difference must be Eq difference able to get good sounds
  2. Harold

    Nasal Sound

    Is it just me or do all the amps have a nasal kind of midrange sound. Can’t seem to Eq it out Running into Blackstar HT Studio 20 Head into Orange 112 cab. Don seem to hear it with headphones Thanks
  3. Harold

    Music Automatically playing in editor

    The way I got it to stop. Settings Firehawk turn off Apple Music. When you want to play files you’ll have to go back and turn it on. Good luck Thanks
  4. Harold


    Yes I download several I’ll do a reset and make my own patches. Thank
  5. Mine stopped working a couple times. Still have 40 days left to return it if issue continues.
  6. Harold


    Mine just started squeaking when using it what do you use to oil it. I was thinking WD40 or is oiling a no no. Also lost sound a couple times and had to reboot it. Thanks
  7. Harold


    Thanks I’ll try it and the rest of them. I was using the Sine Chorus Thanks
  8. Harold


    Really liking the Firehawk so far found one thing don’t sound correct and that is the chorus. Sounds more like a rotary effect nothing like a chorus. Guess I’ll have to get a chorus pedal. Is the chorus any better on POD HD500X.
  9. Harold


    It’s amazing how they work with some amps but not others and in different situations. I wasn’t expecting it to sound as good as it does thru the Acoustic Bass Amp. But like I said Line/Phones setting made the difference. Thanks
  10. Harold


    Going into front of a Acoustic Bass Amp with 15 inch speaker. It sounds nice I’ll just happily accept it. Is kind of odd though Thanks
  11. Harold


    Got ok sounds wasn’t thrilled then put instead of amp put switch to line/phones now Getting great sounds. Night and day difference. Thanks
  12. Harold


    Well some reason some of them showed up. Thanks
  13. Harold


    How do you get music into the app to play it. Thanks
  14. Variax sounds incredible thru this amp. My American Deluxe sounds excellent. Great practice amp with unbelievable sound. Try one out
  15. Thanks but on my MAC BOOK PRO it tells me I need os 10.5 or above. I have the latest version on mine Not sure what is going on