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  1. Removed the drive from device mangler and when it popped back up, all of a suddent HX edit and helix native work!!! Thank you
  2. Just did a full reset, nothing changed. Still working on two of the computers, but not on this one. OS doesn't matter, one working computer is OSX other is windows 10, this one that isn't working is also windows 10 Just confirmed the SSD Drive is drive 0 on this machine Same thing is happening with helix native. But only on this machine, the other two are fine
  3. I am logged in, can reach line6 no problem, but I have the red dot next to my name in HX Edit. Clicking "authorize computer" does nothing. Account shows the computer is authorized. This computer also cannot register Helix native correctly, and shows "cannot reach servers" error when trying to log into helix Native
  4. I've tried everything I can think of and two different transmitters on the g50 and it goes red with the louder pickups. I figure Its overloading the A/D on the transmitter side (I assume the relay is digital?)
  5. Some pickups I have tried clip the Relay units, with the G50 receiver's "audio" LED going red and noticeable, audible distortion. EMG and Duncan recommend running their actives as close to the string as possible, so I'm not sure lowering the pickup height is the answer. Is there a trim mod, or hidden trim feature in the Relays? Can I put a resistor pad of some sort in the cable between the guitar output and the transmitter? What about a resistor circuit inside the guitar? No, trying to turn the volume pot exactly to the right place each time is not really an option for me.
  6. Given that the audio LED on my Relay G50 receiver goes red from time to time (still waiting to hear from anyone if that means an overload), I'm a bit concerned the G10s won't be able to handle these either. I know electrically they'll work, even if you have to use the right angle adapter, I'm worried about the level
  7. The normally green "Audio LED" on my G50 receiver occasionally turns red which I'm assuming is overloading from my pickups. Is this right? The manual is pretty brief Are these units not meant to work with hotter pickups?
  8. We're working on a Dio tribute band. I was able to see a video with Glen DaLune where he made a great organ/leslie sound. I totally have all the Rainbow covered. Now I need to get the more string type sound for the "newer" songs. I used to get it with just basic pitch shifters in older multi FX (like way back, Boss SE-50 for instance) but having trouble here in Helix. Anyone seen or know how to get something like this?
  9. I finally got a chance to try my Line6 Relay G50 today with a band and was rewarded with a blank screen and no signal to the reciever. Is this common? What can I do?
  10. Theres some errors in the splitter, youll see, set the splitter to snapshot control and then set the a vs b properly, otherwise this is super awesome
  11. One of the learning with line 6 videos had a really fun rockman sustainor walkthrough, but no rockman chorus...what model gets the closest to you?
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