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  1. didnt someone try that and it ended up only being the fx out?
  2. make a system restore first as there are some things it doesn't remove on uninstall, also it changes some of your critical paths for future installers. Their techs are aware of this and looks like they will fix it, but for now, I would do system restore first. Yes, the sonitus fx are included! Some good stuff in here, and hopefully this guy's vision works!
  3. What happens if you right click the speaker icon in your system tray, does it show "playback devices?" or does it take you to that app page thing? It looks like windows is having an identity crisis at the moment with many functions following an app model and also having a mirror in a program model...On mine I can get to both the app looking thing like your screenshot and the old program/control panel looking way, and like apple app stuff, the app based model has WAY less options
  4. I hate to sound like a stuck record, but that's pretty much guaranteed a sample rate thing...Depending on the game it could be hard to actually check. I think someone found a way to force discord to stick, you might be able to do it in the line 6 driver control panel
  5. Here's the REAPER Project file https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwm2ubqju0e24od/helix pc automation.rpp?dl=0 Hopefully that can explain it better than I do, I'm pretty bad at the reaper midi concepts
  6. This latest windows 10 release has a lot of us on support calls 24/7....This REALLY sucks....as soon as we figure out a way to deal with it I'll try to post, but so many working systems have gotten ugly in the past little while since they changed this sound scheme
  7. This caused a Firehawk 1500 to be sent back. The guy liked the amp, but hated the constant need to login, espcially as at the time it was still when we had constant disconnects, but at least that part is better now
  8. Turn off direct monitoring on the focusrite solo. Turn on track monitoring on that track
  9. People keep saying this is polyphonic pitch shifting. Is this really shifting each note independently like DNA? It sounds the same to me as just running a chromatic pitch shifter across the whole signal
  10. To be fair, some formant controls would do wonders for everyone complaining about the harmonizer (though I find the harmonizer to be fine as is)
  11. For reaper, assuming windows: (and depends on how you want to monitor, Firehawk drivers are absolute pieces of total crap compared to POD drivers, which aren't great, but are much more functional) Install Firehawk Software Plug your Firehawk outs to your studio monitors Open REAPER, click the sample right indicator at the top right corner (might show "audio device closed" or similar instead of a sample rate, depending) Chose Audio System ASIO Chose ASIO Driver Firehawk ASIO Drivers Close preferences Right click in the left track control panel area (TCP) and chose Insert new Track (or click menu insert new track) Click the round red button (assuming stock theme) in the new track to arm the track. Don't bother turning on the monitoring icon, Firehawk drivers are total crap and won't allow you to disable direct monitoring in the hardware. Get used to the idea that you have no confidence monitoring or the ability to record the unprocessed input while monitoring the DAW's processing Hit record on the transport, upload your hit song to Distrokid and be the envy of your peers
  12. That is some awesome sweat equity! I love apples to apples testing seriously
  13. In REAPER either go to options/preferences/audio/device or click the sample rate indicator on the top right hand corner of the reaper screen For Audio System, chose ASIO For ASIO Driver, chose the firehawk one Click ASIO COnfiguration and you will see some other options. Don't set the sample rate here (usually). Set the sample rate in Project Settings, but DO set it
  14. Power really hasn't been the issue since the i-series intels. Helix native optimization on the other hand :( You're looking at around 60 samples just by running one instance in series from that particular plug
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