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  1. pipelineaudio1

    DXR12 issues??? Or operator error?

    No no, its terrible, please let me help you out and take it off your hands, I'll send you an amplifi 150 for it :) Might be a slight bit lava singed if this damn mountain doesn't turn off soon, but hey
  2. pipelineaudio1

    Helix Native Live Setup

    Here's a test run
  3. Now you just jinxed yourself and invoked Murphy's Law :)
  4. pipelineaudio1

    Helix Native Live Setup

    There's really only one thing to turn on in this setup, the power strip. Its mostly based on some systems we have been working on for the past year, and loosely based on the REAPER Live setup used in hundreds of shows about 5 years ago, when computers were a lot less powerful. If you look, there's actually far, far, far fewer wires than the typical guitar player's setup: Guitar to interface, interface to computer, interface to speakers Most of what I expect to go wrong has to deal with the bleeding edge things we've been working on, scripts that are rather sketchy, and plugins to handle seamless switching. I have a LOT LOT LOT less software issues with this setup than with the Firehawk hardware, I can sure tell you that! Plus it switches instantly and has auto engage for the wah. Helix's snapshots really make this more easily doable. Revalver standalone's Gig Mode is even better, more secure and faster switching, but it has some lacking utilities that at the moment make Helix Native more viable. We have some insanely good scripting in a REAPER project to really make the most of this stuff, even for people not wanting to use Helix Native. With the old 1 wire iOS setup I could be up and running, and even out to the PA in less than a minute. This one is going to take longer because you will also have to run an XLR to the personal monitor speaker, and in this case, stick the computer in the tablet, that's why I'm thinking case mounted, with everything already in place and plugged in would be better
  5. pipelineaudio1

    DXR12 issues??? Or operator error?

    How do you have the two switches set?
  6. pipelineaudio1

    Helix Native Live Setup

    Until the case gets here to test with, I thought I would try some other configurations. I found a Gator pedal tote on craigslist and just grabbed it....Looks to have another 7" past the pedalboard, so I should be able to mount a 2 in 1 in tent configuration or a tablet holder in it...Gonna see if I can mount some power and XLR's to make it more convenient
  7. pipelineaudio1

    Helix Native Live Setup

    I was going to get our school bands a bunch of Helix LT's but given the amount of units going back for broken expression pedals and joysticks, and Line 6's track record of abandonware, I think I'll be making a hardware setup of the REAPER Live Pedalboard Project to run Helix Native instead. I would heartily welcome any ideas and suggestions to make this more simple and reliable. I have a few emails out to manufacturers for some specifics, but I'd definitely welcome anyone and everyone's 2 cents Ideally, I'd like as few wires as possible, and as unlikely to be murdered as possible, so no laptops sitting open on the floor for instance For demo purposes, I'm suggesting the Behringer FCB1010 as the pedalboard, as it is very cheap, readily available, and can easily be made wireless and battery powered Stick the pedalboard on the bottom (this would require that the case is designed in such a way that the pedals can be used with the case open and the pedal still inside it. Rondo's CNB410E or G may work, I'm totally open to other suggestions though! Needs to be around 27" x 12" or bigger, not 100% clear on the depth Put a powerstrip, wireless receiver a windows 2 in 1 tablet, like the dell inspiron 13 7000, and an audio interface. If the interface has MIDI, then standard midi cables could be used. Everything should be able to stay wired up with the case closed or open. Optionally, the pedalboard could be made wireless and battery powered, which would remove the need for MIDI on the interface, but there may not be enough USB ports on most windows tablets and 2 in 1's for this I welcome any ideas anyone has on this
  8. pipelineaudio1

    Helix Native sounds fizzy

    That'll do it :) An unfiltered amp model thru full range speakers is pure pain! It would be awesome if native to floor would copy the impulses over, but that may be asking too much
  9. pipelineaudio1

    (High) gain staging

    Without a doubt VSTs can potentially be WORLDS better than the insides of these units....potentially. As you surmised, they can be fanatically anal about a single aspect. Onqel in particular has proved his worth I'd say About the bitrcrusher thing. I hate to be committing Helix blasphemy, but to me there IS a bitcrusher type of sound in the amps themselves. I know, I know, burn me at the stake, but some of the models, used in some ways can really show this. If you want to make a pathological signal chain, you can really hear it. I'm not surprised if certain other processes used in tandem will show it off more than others, but I do believe that the sound you are hearing is actually present in there, though probably in levels not normally enough to worry about, but give it the right chain of events and it becomes apparent, in a way that several VST amp models don't create (but in a way that some indeed do)
  10. pipelineaudio1

    Music Automatically playing in editor

    Hoping the firehawk isnt totally abandonware. That would be sad, it has so much potential
  11. pipelineaudio1

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    Even the chromatic one goes goofy? Or the harmonizer one does too? I think I've only tried going up, like a third and a fifth, after the amp but before the cab, those seemed fine, but I think I've had a lifetime of paranoia with the 3000 making me scared to every play anything fast if it has a harmonizer on it...,Worse since I play scalloped guitars
  12. pipelineaudio1

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    I just tried the effect called "simple pitch" and though it didnt have any exposed formant controls, it didn't really do darth vader or munchinkinization, seems like it would be ok for the things digitech drop does...I need to play with this more, seems handy! especially for singers who you need to retune for
  13. pipelineaudio1

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    Ahh, wouldn't you use a different chromatic pitch shifter for that though? Its not something you'd want or need a harmonizer for I would think. Is there a pitch model on the Helix with formant shifting?
  14. pipelineaudio1

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    As opposed to what? Harmonizing chords? Good luck doing that on the h3000....Only tech that I know of that even would think about something like that, in theory and not in the real world would be Melodyne's DNA
  15. pipelineaudio1

    (High) gain staging

    Can you try this free Rat VST from TSE and see how it does compared to the Helix version in front of that amp? https://www.tseaudio.com/software/tseR47 Since these plugins will be external to each other, you might well really run into actual gain staging issues, but hopefully it will shed some light and you will be able to communicate with Line 6 some apples to apples experiments and results. I don't know how responsive they are, but at least you can certainly say you've done due diligence and the ball will be in their court to make things right (if indeed things are wrong)