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  1. Theres some errors in the splitter, youll see, set the splitter to snapshot control and then set the a vs b properly, otherwise this is super awesome
  2. One of the learning with line 6 videos had a really fun rockman sustainor walkthrough, but no rockman chorus...what model gets the closest to you?
  3. None of these resets changed the behavior and I saw at TGP that others had the same issues. I sent in a ticket and a video and some repros, hopefully they can fix this
  4. Again though please, is the one they mean the one where you hold down 9 and 10?
  5. Ok just did this, now it makes even the ones that were working before break
  6. anyone seen this? When copying presets, the values of certain parameters are changing on their own and then further breaking previously working snapshots with new values. Video included https://youtu.be/iPZxSZi_sw0
  7. I can create a backup, restore it, let it rebuild presets, shut the floor unit off, holf fs10 and 11 to force preset rebuild, then save a complete backup again Next time I start up the helix, it will rebuild presets again. How can I stop this?
  8. I'm not sure if there is a way to search but my bug report is ticket ID : 426507 if anyone can add to it for Pete, who seems to be going above and beyond to get this figured out.
  9. I've made an update to this showing how to repro in real time. Pete at Line6 support is having trouble repro-ing this so if you guys could help fill in details for him that would be awesome!
  10. I think I am going to make a batch/text preset editor for this, but I wonder how to import and export the presets in the same order as they were originally if I do. Best would be if I could do it from the setlist file, but that has its own compression and might be encrypted
  11. Is there a way to copy all the command center switches and values from one preset to all other presets quickly or must it be done one by one?
  12. Ahh thank you!!! No fun when you are the only one seeing a bug
  13. Changing to heel down, saving, then changing presets, sets the behavior back to toggle, as seen in this video
  14. Line6 support had me try that, I cleared them all, hut afterwards, the computers that previously worked worked, and the ones that gave a black screen gave a black screen
  15. Comparing names in a yes/no fashion is NOT AI
  16. To clear it up, if I use the XLR and 1/4" Main outs as separate output paths (xlr path having the cabinet and 1/4" path not having a cabinet), both paths will play in helix native, playing the no cab signal alongside the cabinet signal
  17. If you only plug send one out, will it sum to mono? If not, what can I do to be sure send 1 has both channels' information
  18. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! 3.15 knocked this out of the park!!!!
  19. Or keep a single send from collapsing the following path to mono? I see send 1, 2, 3, 4 and fx loop 1,2,3,4 but no 1/2 or 3/4 for either. In my case this is for a cab going to the xlr but no cab going to the 1/4". I don't like using the separate outs at the very end of the path since that means both paths will show up if I use the preset in Helix native
  20. What a bummer. At work I have completely replaced my other guitar amp sim software with Helix Native, but if I need to fix something on my mobile I can't log in. I have to wait till I'm home where it also works. Being that the demo doesn't have this problem, it is surely fixable. We had to create a special offline patch for our software for cases where we can't figure out why web based authorization won't work, so its definitely doable.
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