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  1. I did look at the Pilots Guide - but couldn't find Split Crossover when I searched. Thank you - that helped me a lot.
  2. I have not - but if the Block Changes in Helix - Logic or whatever will not update?
  3. Migration Assistant is broken these days - it's likely it didn't transfer - so a uninstall and reinstall on the new computer is in order.
  4. A little late to the game - it runs on Monterey just fine - so does Logic - if you have any Waves plugins they'll have to be upgraded to v14 to work.
  5. I am on a Mac - I don't see the need for a stand along app - it might be fun to play with - but all my recording and playing is don't with my DAW - Logic Pro - and I don't have any latency issues at all. Aside from the Fun To Use point of view - is there any advantage to having it be a stand alone app?
  6. I don't think the drivers had much to do with it - probably something was corrupted and the update cleaned it up. Are you on a Mac or PC?
  7. I understand how the Split works - what I don't know is how does Split Crossover and Split Dynamic work? Split Crossover does what exactly? Does it High Pass everything above the frequency set? And If you reverse it does it low pass everything below the frequency set? Then with the Split Dynamic - is it just a compressor in place? I know how the Split Y and Split A/B work - but how does the Split Dynamic and Split Crossover work? Do they take everything after the split point and negate it? Thanks for any answers.
  8. Thanks @silverhead - I don't know why didn't see that.
  9. Necropost - I get everything in your post except the side chain part. I don't see a SideChain - do you use Aux sends? Buss Sends? What are you using for the SideChain in a Software Instrument? Also does this mean you have two instances of Helix - one that is midi and one that is in the SideChain?
  10. Can I change the Gain settings on a Amp with Snapshots? If you can I don't see how it's done.
  11. I'd been interested if you would post it. I literally hate my FCB - it's very wonky - and I can never get the expression pedals to Zero Out and still go to full.
  12. Not completely sure - but I believe you have okay The Pod and Monkey in Security & Privacy. Apple has implemented an additional security layer for kernel extension drivers (like Line 6 audio drivers). Connect your Device , then open the Security Control Pane and accept the Line 6 driver.
  13. That seems awfully convoluted - I'm not a pro at Helix Native - but wouldn't splitting Input 1 off to Input two work much better? Then Input one goes out left and Input 2 goes out right. Then in the DAW just pan input one hard left and input 2 hard right. Perhaps I'm not understanding the process here.
  14. Yes although your HD500X is working with Catalina - the Drivers are not compatible. Hence the sketchy audio - drop outs etc...
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