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  1. Thanks @silverhead - I don't know why didn't see that.
  2. Necropost - I get everything in your post except the side chain part. I don't see a SideChain - do you use Aux sends? Buss Sends? What are you using for the SideChain in a Software Instrument? Also does this mean you have two instances of Helix - one that is midi and one that is in the SideChain?
  3. Can I change the Gain settings on a Amp with Snapshots? If you can I don't see how it's done.
  4. I'd been interested if you would post it. I literally hate my FCB - it's very wonky - and I can never get the expression pedals to Zero Out and still go to full.
  5. Not completely sure - but I believe you have okay The Pod and Monkey in Security & Privacy. Apple has implemented an additional security layer for kernel extension drivers (like Line 6 audio drivers). Connect your Device , then open the Security Control Pane and accept the Line 6 driver.
  6. That seems awfully convoluted - I'm not a pro at Helix Native - but wouldn't splitting Input 1 off to Input two work much better? Then Input one goes out left and Input 2 goes out right. Then in the DAW just pan input one hard left and input 2 hard right. Perhaps I'm not understanding the process here.
  7. Yes although your HD500X is working with Catalina - the Drivers are not compatible. Hence the sketchy audio - drop outs etc...
  8. Either the Lt2 is screwed up - or your signal chain is. The First question is whether the Helix output is set to Line or Mic and the Lt2 is matched to Line or Mic.
  9. So you are using the Helix as a audio interface correct? What DAW are you using? That is latency - although with out knowing your DAW I can only say you need to reduce the buffer size. It just sounds like your signal path is not setup correctly. What ever DAW you use has to be told what it's input and outputs should be. This is separate than what Windows is using for inputs and outputs - although they can be the same thing. For setup check out these Sweetwater setup and usage guides: Using Helix As A USB Recording Interface. Recording with Helix | Line 6. Let us know how this works out for you.
  10. Typical Setup has been s x JBL VRX 932LAP Cabinets Per Side over JBL VRX918S Subs- with JBL VRX928LA as center fills. OR we also use 2 x QSC K8s Coupled per side over QSC Subs with 3 x QSC K8's across as center fills. These generally are the smaller venue rigs - larger venues we are using VerTec arrays - and sometimes Martin Arrays. Those are generally used in the 1500 seat and above venues.
  11. Not Funny - @craigk just do as @phil_m suggest - go back to the downloads and choose your operating system.
  12. If the whole band is sending direct (which is what I prefer in small venues) then everything is mixed FOH - we also don't use floor monitors - in Ears across the board - and we plexishield the drums or use Electronic Kits - and we have 2 to 3 ambient microphones fed into our monitor mixes to remove the isolation feel of In Ears. If you can't tell I have always disliked stage volume in small venues!<g>
  13. Oh...so he just needs something like a Suhr Reactive Load - which will allow him to accomplish his idea.
  14. Minor niggle...but we haven't had Stage Monitors for 70 years. Stage Monitoring started showing up in 1968 - but not very good monitoring. And Stage Volumes weren't calmed down until about 1990 or so. That said - bands should be using the PA system for everything if they have modeling amps. There is no reason to fight the acoustics of small rooms.
  15. Are you using the Helix Driver as your Output control? Go to Control Panel; Sound; Output and make sure the output is your audio interface.
  16. Yes you can. Plug the Helix into the Power Amp In on your Hot Rod Deville - then unplug the Speaker Output on the Deville Head - plugin a speaker cable in it's place and plug it into the 4 x 10 cabinet of your choice. Make sure you match the Ohms of the new cabinet to the Ohms output of the Deville. IOWs if the Deville output is 8 Ohms then the new cabinet has to be 8 Ohms.
  17. Papanate

    Digitech drop

    Way to add the snark...
  18. Papanate

    Digitech drop

    If you run Drop into Helix and then your DAW - Helix will see whatever Drop is sending.
  19. I haven't used HX Edit - but looking at the work flow I would say that when Logic Pro X is open it takes ownership of HX Stomp - and so HX Edit can not access HX Stomp at the same time since Edit wants to own HX Stomp.
  20. I you are sending Helix to the Mixer Direct - putting the speaker cab behind you will muck up the mix - depending on how loud you set it. My FOH engineers will let guitarist and bass players setup anyway they are comfortable - if we are part of the Rehearsal before a tour - we work out with the musicians how to achieve the best mix. If you are in small venues - i.e. clubs, bars etc...I would never put the speaker behind you - the volume gets up too loud - especially if you are trying to 'feel' it.
  21. Papanate

    Digitech drop

    What is 'adding a drop' mean?
  22. The Mix is great - And the guitars sound authentic sounding. Excellent tweaking to get a really nice tone without IDing to a specific amp. Re: The Video I love the Bass Players disassociation from the band...on the iPhone - Standing cockeyed looking bored - very witty and poignant. I take exception to the lyrics - the concept behind them is great - it's a great story - but the words used are pedestrian and bland IMO. Although - I'm also older - is this a style that I'm too old to appreciate?LOL!
  23. Look at this page on Running Sierra on an older Mac
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