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  1. I have tried upping the buffer size, connecting through a USB 2.0 hub, tracking without input monitoring and other tracks disabled and neither seems to help. It seems completely random - sometimes I can use it for extended periods of time without issues, but then it starts acting up seemingly out of the blue.
  2. Huh! The driver download page lists Catalina as supported, and here it states "All currently supported drivers and devices work as expected" but I guess thats not entirely true then. Have they officially dropped support for the device?
  3. The setup: I'm using the Line6 POD HD500X as an audio interface on my 2017 iMac recording into Logic. The problems: 1) Generally everything is working fine, however, after some time the audio randomly drops out for small periods of time, <1 second, leaving small patches of high pitched digital noises on the tracks if I'm recording. This also happens when I'm not recording, or doing any intense work. 2) Other applications playing sounds, f.ex. finder or safari, exhibits weird behaviour like pausing or skipping to the end of tracks during these randomly audio drops. 3) Most annoyingly, disconnecting the POD HD500X causes all USB and bluetooth peripherals attached to the computer to disconnect (keyboard, trackpad, external drives etc.) forcing me to hard reboot. Any idea whats going on?
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