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  1. Thanks! I imported a preset into Native, no problems at all.
  2. I would like to import these into Native, as I understand some presets are only found on Stomp and not the Rack/Floor. Can anyone direct me to right place, please?
  3. I use Helix Native a lot, and my audio interface (MOTU 828ES) has a footswitch jack. I was wondering if its possible to use an expression pedal with Helix Native, as you would if you were using an EXP pedal with Native? I see there's a MIDI In indicicator. So, I want to use an EXP pedal to alter the Interval in Simple Pitch. How might this be accomplished?
  4. Spring is over. Can we have 2.8 now? Happy now? My meds don't work and the quacks don't care anyway.
  5. Hey, I was just askin'. I tend not to notice this with other software developers. I don't gig either. Besides, I'm far more concerned about the functionality of the hardware/software in these updates ;-)
  6. What is/was the purpose of 6 months' notice to this update? Why not just update the appropriate thread when its actually released?
  7. In the UK, it is "R'eh, r'eh, r'eh", as though to suggest "this person is complaining". The most common behaviour I notice is the incorrect use of the word "Like". For example, it should be "He/She said", not "And he/she was like..". We call it Chavspeak (also known as Urban). Abbreviation in text messages is also very common. Ultimately, its just another way to demonstrate we cannot speak our own language.
  8. I don't use the guitar input pad, but I may start doing so. I can easily clip the input of my audio interface. My guitars have high output pickups and I play quite hard with .50mm picks.
  9. Preferences > Footswitches > Touch Select. At least, that is how I woul;d do it on a Helix Floor or Rack. I am not familiat with Helix Stomp.
  10. Mojave = 10.14 High Sierra = 10.13 Sierra = 10.12 And so on.... Just download and install the downloader. If it won't work, update your operating system.
  11. I'm about to upgrade from a Macbook Pro to a Mac Mini. Tis all very well wiping the Macbook's memory. But do I need to wipe the HX Native license too? Can I do that from within my Line6 account? L6 seem to be the only developer I know who don't use iLok.
  12. Have you raised a ticket with Line6 Support? Does it only crash when using a specific preset (factory or user?). Try a complete reset without loading that user preset, and see if the unit crashes again.
  13. Having bought a Rack and Control in October, I upgraded from 1.06 to 2.70. When I ran the updater again, the option to downgrade to an older version disappeared.
  14. Not yet, but they're working on it.
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