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    Death Metal, Black Metal, Jackson guitars, Sci-Fi horror inspired music and FX, professional audio equipment.

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  1. wilkinsi

    c# tuning?

    I can only find C, not C#. What are L6 calling it?
  2. In the tuner, it says Bb. So how do you get it to display A#? I've never seen a # note in the Helix tuner display.
  3. It says "...Regarding OS X 12, we continue to test against it". I just needed a better convincing statement. I already have a full licence of Helix Native.
  4. Straight answer please. Does Helix Native 3.15 work on OS X 12 or not?
  5. Dammit, I just bought two bass guitars over the last two weeks....
  6. Since Line 6 improved their pitch shifting by adding polyphonic shifters, I have been playing bass on my guitar. But is there something I'm missing in the tone of a real bass? Do I actually need a real bass?
  7. I am looking for specific factory presets. One of them is called Doom Vacuum. I can't see it in FACTORY 1 or 2 in Helix Native. Is there somewhere online I can find such presets? i don't want to overwrite my user presets, just import the factory presets I need. Thanks.
  8. Having recently updated Helix Native to 3.0, the first thing I noticed was the massive increase of the Apple beachball when adding an instance of the plugin or opening the DAW project that already contains at least one instance. I didn't have this problem with previous versions of Helix Native, and this is the only plugin I've updated. Same computer, same OS X version, same interface. What gives? For the first time, I tried to use snapshots with different parameters in the same block - in this case, the amp+cab. But having made changes to the amp in two snapshots (just a bit of of the same preset, it maintained exactly the same parameters, making it look as though I just made two identical snapshots. Nothing in white to indicate alternate settings between the two snapshots. Did I forget to do something? It works on a factory preset (can't remember its name). So why not my user presets?
  9. Thanks! I imported a preset into Native, no problems at all.
  10. I would like to import these into Native, as I understand some presets are only found on Stomp and not the Rack/Floor. Can anyone direct me to right place, please?
  11. I use Helix Native a lot, and my audio interface (MOTU 828ES) has a footswitch jack. I was wondering if its possible to use an expression pedal with Helix Native, as you would if you were using an EXP pedal with Native? I see there's a MIDI In indicicator. So, I want to use an EXP pedal to alter the Interval in Simple Pitch. How might this be accomplished?
  12. Spring is over. Can we have 2.8 now? Happy now? My meds don't work and the quacks don't care anyway.
  13. Hey, I was just askin'. I tend not to notice this with other software developers. I don't gig either. Besides, I'm far more concerned about the functionality of the hardware/software in these updates ;-)
  14. What is/was the purpose of 6 months' notice to this update? Why not just update the appropriate thread when its actually released?
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