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  1. I think I'm going to go back to 1.20. Upgraded to 1.30 and the awful delay between patches is back like it was in 1.10 Why? Line 6? Why. Anyone else notice this?
  2. Thanks for putting that together and sharing it.
  3. Sounds like it's just not for you. Why not sell it and buy something else? Plenty of choices.
  4. It looks as though you simply lost connection to the cloud. I think it's just temporary. Try rebooting or logging out then in again. Best, Eddie
  5. You may also (if you haven't already) follow the guidelines for setting the travel/ reference points of the volume pedal. Maybe that will help? I believe that procedure is detailed in the manual somewhere. Best, Eddie
  6. Nice patch, Variologue. I started with that and tweaked it a bit. I named the revised tone: Old Time Organ and I think it works pretty well for triads on the three high strings. Single notes work well, too. Best, Eddie
  7. Bought a new Firehawk at GC yesterday. Brought it home, updated through my Mac to 1.20. Update went smoothly. Fire hawk sounds and works GREAT! Well done, Line6
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