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  1. Hello everybody I'm a brandnew owner Of an Helix. I leave in France so sorry for my english. I really love my Helix, i can't live without. But for the next Update i'd love to have : 1- On The main screen, a switchable in/out and GR level meter. 2- Still on The main screen, the bpm with a faster way to change it manually. 3- if possible a better chorus. 4- An acoustic simulator 5- An autowha 6- An eq block like the global EQ with the same display What about you ?
  2. Thank you I don't have the message anymore but i have now crazy slow bluetooth connection between my Ipad and my Firehawk Fx. The App craches all the time and i have the message Error -21 Sorry for my english, i'm french
  3. Hello, i have a big problem with my Firehawk FX. I'm enable to sync it with my Ipad as always. I have this two new messages Please Help !!!
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