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  1. I found out, it takes the 4 cable method like the M13.
  2. Hello, I'm kind of short on time here..I did look for a while but didn't find the answers I needed, so sorry if this is has been answered before. Can I split the effects path with the Firehawk, as in, can I send some effects to the outputs and others to the effects loop? I was hoping to be able to send time based effects to the loop of my amp and distortion and compression to the input. I can do this with my M13 (with a little cable routing), but I was hoping to be able to do it with the Firehawk via the app. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry again if this is a repost...
  3. I own a TT and want to know, can I use it in the effects loop of an amp? Would I run a main out on the TT to the receive on the amp, and run the amp's send to the guitar input on the TT? I just want to use the TT on an Engl Ironball amp for the chorus, delays, etc. I know there are other devices out there I could use, but I own the TT already and I would like to use it with this amp if I can. I don' t plan on using any of the TT's distortion or amp/cab models, which is why I would like to run it through the loop. If this has been answered before I apologize, I don't come here often and I try to figure things out for myself, but I don't want to damage anything here so...I'm hoping those with more knowledge than I can chime in and lend me a hand. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. x220

    Searching For Tones

    So, blindly searching song titles is the most efficient way for me to search for tones rather than seeing them in a list from A to Z within the app? You have this app that "could" search tones in several ways, but they left it so I have to actually dig via a search for something that might be "close" to what I'm looking for. If the app "already knows it" then what's the harm in having the app SHOW the list? Then pick the tone, send it do favorites and pop it into the amp when you feel like it. I want to use the product efficiently. That's why I'm wondering why finding tones has been made more difficult than it has been for previous products. Why not have it both ways...match tones OR search a list? Oh wait, I'm wishing and apparently that's a no-no. Wait a year, then buy? Why? Also, I can't play music through the amp from within the AMPLIFi app. I can only play music if I'm in iTunes itself, and even then it cuts out constantly (and that's with my iPad about 5 feet from the amp). It's ironic that my music library is the first thing that pops up when I open the app, yet I can't use it. I'll keep trying to figure it out, since there's no manual. I will say that it sounds pretty good when it's working. Could use some eq, and maybe that's possible somehow but since I can't play music from within the app....who knows...
  5. Under "About AMPLIFi," it shows version 1.00.1 installed. Under "Amp Flash Version" and "Show Previous Releases" it says 1.00.5 is installed. I guess I can say that I at least have 1.00.1 but possibly have 1.00.5. Who knows.
  6. So, where's the link inside the app that allows you to see a list of uploaded tones that you can pick and choose from? What I'm seeing is, you have to know what you are looking for (and then enter it properly) in a search and "maybe" you'll get something. I feel like L6 has made it intentionally more difficult to download tones to this amp. I find the app frustratingly lacking in features, with the "tone search" being the worst part. Why is my music library the most important thing in the app? If I wanted to stream music to the amp then yeah, I'll look through the library but having to search for tones based on whats in my itunes library is WEAK. I'd like to see an L6 employee who is knowledgeable in this area please tell me that the app will be updated SOON, and that the counter-intuitive search will be changed to something as simple as searching for tones for my pod used to be. If it's not going to change I'll be returning the amp, cause there's no way I'm staying with the current dumbed down app. Whenever I open that app and my music library pops up first thing it makes me want to punch something. This app could be SO much better...please change it asap. Something that's as simple to use as Customtone would be great.
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