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  1. Thanks Just Startin'. I tried your recommended config and it doesn't works. I don't know what it's wrong. Could you give a clue?
  2. Hi everyone. (Sorry for my poor english, im from spain) I have a small problem connecting a Digitech Trio + pedal to my gear. I currently have the firehawk fx connected with the four wire method to use the distortion of my Hugghes & Kettner amp when i want. Now I have: Guitar> Firehawk FX Guitar IN Firehawk FX Return> H & K Amp Send Fierhawk FX Send> H & K Amp In Firehawk FX 1/4 Out> H & K Amp Return How do I connect the digitech trio + without losing the method of the four cables? The connections available in the Digitech Trio + are: - Guitar In - Amp Out - Mixer Out - Fx Send - Fx Send Thank you very much for your help
  3. Thank you very much for the quick response. Then I will forget fishman pickups and I'll focus on passive pickups as you recommended. The thing is that I don't know which pickups to choose. I have already 3 guitars, a strato with 2 singles seymour duncan pickups and a hot rail, an ESP with humbuckers seymour duncan (jazz and Jason Becker Perpetual Burn HB) and a flying V jackson with EMG HZ. I'm looking for a Les Paul sound, something warmer and I thought that JTV 59 guitar would offer me with its simulations to be able to try other types of sounds. But I want to change pickups to avoid to play all the time with simulations. One idea is to install seymour duncan Alnico II Pro Slash pickups, but maybe i should try other different pickups like DiMarzio (I already have two guitars with seymour) Which dimarzio pickups would you recommend? Or should I directly install some gibson 57 pickups?
  4. Hi to all. First of all, sorry about my poor english (I'm from spain) I'm new at the forum. I'm thinking to buy a JTV 59 but i have a great doubt, I would to change the original pickups and installing a new FISHMAN FLUENCE classics (active pickups) The wiring diagram is here: http://www.fishman.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Fluence-Classic-HB-Set-Wiring-Diagram.pdf ¿Is it possible to install this wiring in the JTV 59? ¿Can i use the four pots? Thanks.