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  1. Atrain_dlp

    Temptation is strong, must resist.

    Yeah, your patch came our great and even sounded good on my setup. 90% of the time I just use an OD, delay, and reverb. I love my HD500x and it's not going anywhere but this Egnater with silvania green labels does something magical when you turn the master up past 1 o clock...and my dummy side loves the simplistic situation.
  2. Atrain_dlp

    Temptation is strong, must resist.

    I have to confess I just traded an older guitar guitar for an Egnater Tweaker 40 combo, then added a Boss OD-3 and Dispatch Master. I'm really enjoying this simple set up right now.
  3. Atrain_dlp

    Is Line 6 going to create new amp and effects model's

    Every time I wished I had some new/different overdrive effects to play with on my 500x, I remember how much more practice I need. Cruisinon is right BTW. It's been said a bazillion times, the 500 is old and we shouldn't expect Line 6 to still be investing in it. If you outgrew it, sell it and buy something newer with more to offer. Personally, I'm glad Line 6 continues to push forward and not focus on things they did 7 years ago.
  4. Atrain_dlp

    Is the Pod HD Pro X right for me?

    You didn't mention the type/quality of head, cab, and petal set up you were looking to purchase but a HD500x or even a Helix could be a much less expensive solution.
  5. Atrain_dlp

    4 Cable method use "Line or Amp" for the output?

    I've just started using the 4cm with my Egnater Tweaker 40 Combo and it sounds great. Here is how I have mine set up... Output is set to combo power amp Input 1 guitar/input 2 Variax Input Z 1m Mixer panned to center with volume A and B both +3dB Effects loop after the mixer. 1/4 output to LINE as the AMP setting was too quiet. FX return switch to stomp, that made a great difference.
  6. Atrain_dlp

    Newbie here, to guitar and pod 500. Quick question!

    Welcome! People create tones using a variety of guitars, pickups, amps, and speakers. What might sound good through their setup might sound terrible through yours. Sometimes you can get lucky and find one that is in the ball park but it's really best to learn the pod and create your tones from scratch. There is a ton of great info in this forum. I've found countless answers and solid advice using the search feature so I would start there. Some good tutorials on YouTube as well.
  7. Atrain_dlp

    Temptation is strong, must resist.

    Thanks to you for posting your tone, it's got a permanent home on my POD now...my semi hollow loves it. It's punchy and big down low and clear and bright up high. It reacts nicely to the volume knob too. You mentioned in another thread that you use the ENGL for cleans too...What are you doing there?
  8. Atrain_dlp


    Paul Hindmarsh has some you can try as well. http://www.paulhindmarshmusic.co.uk/line-6
  9. Atrain_dlp

    Temptation is strong, must resist.

    Just got around to trying out this tone. I run my 500x through the power amp of a Spider Valve 112 combo. I tried a few different guitars but it sounded amazing with my Ibanez AS103 semi-hollow with duncan pickups (PG bridge, 59 neck)...it had a great Bonamassa vibe. Thanks for posting it!
  10. Atrain_dlp

    Need some advise on FRFR for HD500x

    My advice would be to try them first before you buy. I had a tough time getting my Alto 212 to sound good...mainly because it needed a lot of EQing. I ended up using a Spider Valve 112 and sending my 500x into the power amp. It was a way better solution for me...great sounding with a lot less time messing around with EQs. Good luck!
  11. Atrain_dlp

    NOS Spider Valve 112 MKii hiss pop issue

    Cool, Let us know how it works out.
  12. Atrain_dlp

    Looking for a particular sound

    You'll have to work on duplicating those tones with your own gear. With all the amps and pedals the POD had to offer, there are probably many ways to get close. If it was me, I'd probably start with the jcm800 or the Park.
  13. Atrain_dlp

    Temptation is strong, must resist.

    Thanks for posting your patch Joel. I don't play much high-gain stuff but I look forward to giving it a try through my rig. What do you use for guitar?
  14. Atrain_dlp

    NOS Spider Valve 112 MKii hiss pop issue

    I will add that the SV I picked up was hardly used at all so not sure if the age of the tubes plays a factor. The first thing I did was pull the tubes and sprayed the contacts with deoxit just to make sure it wasn't oxidation from sitting causing the issue. It didn't resolve the issue for me but worth a try before you spend $100 on new tubes.
  15. Atrain_dlp

    NOS Spider Valve 112 MKii hiss pop issue

    I bought a used SV mk1 and it was doing a POP BUZZZZZZ thing. Scared the crap out of me it was so loud. Ended up being the tubes.