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  1. As I mentioned my instructor already owns one and recommended it, so he's offered to walk me through it and help with the learning curve. In terms of other gear I was considering I'm only in the browsing stage and was looking at an orange dark terror, and pedal wise I was looking at a Boss DD7 delay and RV6 reverb pedal among a few others such as distortion, tremelo etc. My budget is around £1000 so if the Pod is able to get me similar effects it might be the way to go. I was just looking for some feedback from the community on if it's suitable for this kind of music, as I said I'm new to it. Plus I already have some decent quality speakers I could run it through, the only extra cost looks like it would be the foot control as I'll be wanting to switch effects between songs.
  2. New posting in here so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm looking into a new setup and my guitar instructor recommended the Pod HD Pro X to me. I've never used any effects units like this, and was initially looking to purchase a cab/head/pedal setup, but for everything I'm looking for it could be potentially done through the Pod. I'm looking for something quite effects heavy, think Alcest, Bossk etc. style music, and was looking into delay and reverb pedals, particularly for my clean tones, is the Pod a good alternative or would I be better off with pedals? Price wise I'd probably be paying less with the Pod, and has the added bonus of recording through my PC as well. As I said I've got no experience with this kind of unit and literally just had it recommended to me so am looking for some more information specific to my needs, any advice would be helpful!
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