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  1. joel_brown

    Power amp section ONLY

    You shouldn't need to turn on the FX loop block in the HD the way I set it up. I'm using the HD 1/4" outputs right into the power amp. Sounds like something on the power amp needs to be turned on or up. Can you send a picture of the the back of your power amp where the FX loop is ?
  2. joel_brown

    Power amp section ONLY

    I do this with a Marshall JCM900 and Marshall 1936 2x12 cab. I use the pre-version of the amp model, turn off the mic and cabs. I place a reverb and delay after the pre-amp model then run the 1/4" output to the FX return of the Marshall. Make sure you have the PODHD Master volume turned up as you can't save this in the preset. You can't use your tone controls on the amp so you must EQ it on the PODHD. It's a fairly easy setup to work with. At least with the Marshall amp, once you plug into the FX return without anything in the FX send it disables the Marshall's pre-amp section completely. It becomes a power amp with only the Marshall's Master Volume left working.
  3. joel_brown

    HD 500X and DT-50 Still Awesome!

    Who's talking about a $50 guitar amp ? I want my nice tone I have on-stage to sound nice through the $100k P.A. If the sound guy can't do that then he's certainly capable of screwing up your modeler through the P.A. too. Yes it's nice to walk in with a modeler under your arm and if that works for you that's great. I like my tube power amps and guitar speakers with my PODHD, that works for me. When I do large events I walk out front during the sound check with my guitar and see how it sounds. If it's not right I ask the sound guy to adjust it. It's rare I've ever had an issue. I know mixes are different for T.V. and most of my performances were live. T.V. theme songs were boring but paid really good money. You can have your great tone on stage and out front too. Sorry you haven't been able to have that. It's really nice.
  4. joel_brown

    HD 500X and DT-50 Still Awesome!

    I make sure the sound man gives me the tone I'm hearing on stage. I've done this for 40 years and played some big events, even had my music on T.V. for over a billion people when I did theme songs. So here's my harsh statement. If your sound man can't make your great on stage tone sound good out front then fire him and get someone with a clue. Now there's some truth in that too.
  5. joel_brown

    HD 500X and DT-50 Still Awesome!

    I want it all. I want it to sound good to me and the people listening. I don't think that's asking for too much. I don't make a living at music so part of playing music is for my pleasure.
  6. joel_brown

    HD 500X and DT-50 Still Awesome!

    I've tried all the combinations. Yes they all can sound good. I use high gain and play classic metal. The tube power amp and the guitar cab sounds the best. For lower gain tones or clean tones it doesn't make as much of a difference to my ears. The great thing about the PODHD is it can be used in a lot of different ways and eventually you find the way that sounds good for your situation.
  7. joel_brown

    HD 500X and DT-50 Still Awesome!

    I do the same thing. PODHD into FX return of a Marshall JCM900 into a 1936 2x12 cab using pre versions of the models and cabs turned off. Sounds just as good or better than any straight up tube amp.
  8. joel_brown

    Pod HD 500 Fault with Knobs

    I think he needs his knob polished.
  9. joel_brown

    POD HD Pro X Drivers Crash Windows 10

    These are very old posts.
  10. It can also mean the power supply is dying. If you have a volt meter, check the power supply for the correct voltage - which it states on the power supply what it's supposed to be. I had this happen to me.
  11. joel_brown

    POD HD 500X Live Setup Tips?

    Don't do #4 and #5. Bottom line is build your tones with whatever you're going to use on stage or where ever you play. If you're gonn'a play through an amp and speakers build your tones for that. If you're gonn'a plug into a sound system and use a monitor, build you tones for that. You can't build a universal tone that will work with everything. I guess you could if you don't mind your tone not sounding that good. If you play an MP3 through a sound system it sounds great. Play the same MP3 through a guitar amp and cab and it sounds like crap. Can't expect your PODHD to sound the same through both without some changes.
  12. joel_brown

    How long does (did) the HD500(X) last?

    Been gigging with mine for about 7 years. Still works great and still use it.
  13. joel_brown

    Hd500x Does Not Start / Boot Anymore

    That's why there's a warranty. If you think ALL other products of any kind that have ever been sold have NEVER had any problems then you're an idiot. I've used Line6 products for over a decade and have never had an issue. That doesn't mean every one of them will be perfect but most of them will.
  14. joel_brown

    Problem updating software POD HD500

    Windows or MAC ?
  15. Just because something is old doesn't make it bad. For example the Tube Screamer is still one of the most popular overdrive pedals and it's been out for decades. The PODHD is still and will always be a very good product. It just won't be updated anymore. With that said, I would personally be looking at the Helix LT. I know it's twice the price but it sounds better and is much easier to use. If that's just plain out of your budget then the PODHD is still a very good product.