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  1. Here's a quickie video I did comparing a Laney GH50L tube amp to the PODHD into a JCM900. The PODHD is only being used as a pre-amp into the FX return of the JCM900. It compares both amps in mono and dry, but at the end shows the PODHD/JCM900 in stereo with a little effects added. As you can hear, the stereo effect really beefs it up. I did my comparison against the Laney because I perform in a Sabbath Tribute band and Tony Iommi uses Laney amps. I wish I could use only the PODHD by itself but have never been completely happy with the hi gain tone I was looking for unless I hooked it into a tube amp and cab. I've heard recordings that sounded really good but I just couldn't get that sound any other way. Maybe the Helix will finally get me what I'm looking for and I can put all the heavy lifting behind me.
  2. I use actual dual amps. I use the PODHD as the pre-amp into the FX return of my amps. Which means I use the pre versions of the PODHD's amp only and no cab emulation. I also put a delay between the two amps of 20ms. If you'd like to see what I did here's the preset. www.ChildrenOfTheGraveBand.com/HiGainStereoPreAmp.hbe
  3. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    Pianoguyy - my thoughts exactly. You hit it perfect. Too many times, when I was much younger, I wished someone had told me the same thing.
  4. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    In his first post was he said he was most concerned with tone.
  5. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    He's upgrading from a PODxt, not HD500.
  6. joel_brown

    PODxt Upgrade

    I would suggest keeping what you have and keep saving up money. The PODHD is a better unit than what you have but you could save up a little more money and get something current like the Line6 HX Stomp or POD Go that's a lot better.
  7. joel_brown

    HD500 HELP

    Try to use USB 2.0 ports.
  8. joel_brown


    I thought this was the forum dedicated to the PODHD series ?
  9. POD HD500/500x/HD/HD Pro: You must re-install the flash memory on the device to reset the unit back to factory settings. Check out this link for instructions http://line6.com/support/page/articles/_/effects/pod/pod-hd/video-tutorial-how-to-reset-the-pod-hd-series-r209
  10. Does it do this for all of your presets ? Or just the ones you created ?
  11. Sounds like one of the effects blocks could be overdriving too much or do you have your guitar inputs set to same or is Input 1 and Input 2 set differently ?
  12. Are all your USB ports USB 3 or are some USB 2 ports ?
  13. It doesn't matter if the strings are nylon or steel. All that matters is it has a pickup and can send a signal.
  14. Which DAWs are you using ? Some of them install a driver called ASIO4ALL.sys which doesn't work well with the PODs. The typical solution has been to remove the ASIO4ALL.sys driver and only use the driver from Line6.
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