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  1. joel_brown

    Watts drawn from Hd500x with jtv59 being powered by it.

    The number of watts is equal to amps multiplied by volts. The HD500x requires a 3 amp by 9 volt power supply. 3x9=18 watts.
  2. joel_brown

    POD XT Advice

    Even though this is the PODHD forum the answer to your question is still no. Amps are programmed in by Line6 as updates or addons. The POD XT is not receiving anymore updates or addons.
  3. joel_brown

    Pod hd desktop with fbv2

    Except the PODHD Desktop doesn't have a midi connection. btw - the other pedals also get their power from the PODHD. More than likely the power connections are the same. But the signals to changes patches are different and don't work. Bottom line is: Line6 says it doesn't work and I'm not going to try it.
  4. joel_brown

    Pod hd desktop with fbv2

    Everything I've read about this says it won't work with the PODHD Desktop or any of the PODHD devices. It'd be nice if it did. With it's limited capabilities it still does what I need and is a lot smaller.
  5. joel_brown

    Pod hd desktop with fbv2

    Hmmmm, I would like to know this as well. I only switch between four presets and this might do it for me too. I also have a PODHD Desktop.
  6. joel_brown

    Can I load custom impulses responses to pod HD500x?

    It's still the same problem.
  7. joel_brown

    Problem with connection windows 10

    Whoa, I think you need to explain in more detail what happened. Sounds like everything got zapped.
  8. joel_brown

    Can I load custom impulses responses to pod HD500x?

    Pianoguyy is very helpful but can also be a lollipop. He's like that to everyone so don't feel singled out. Anyway, there are some aftermarket gadgets that will let you to CustomIRs with the PODHD but you have to be very careful not to overdrive them. The PODHD will take quite a bit of time to get the tones you want. Once you get over that learning curve of do's and don't's it'll pump out some very nice tones. That was a big complaint about the PODHD was the presets were not very good. Some "Do's" and "Don'ts" to be aware of: 1) Make Input 1 guitar and Input 2 something besides guitar, otherwise it doubles the input volume and overdrives everything. 2) Play with Input impedance. Usually the default is fine but sometimes a lower Input Z helps with fizz. 3) Try different cabs and mics. 4) Start with a simple patch and EQ till it sounds good. EQ is key.
  9. joel_brown

    Problem with connection windows 10

    Did you try a different USB port on the computer ?
  10. joel_brown

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    I have the PODHD Desktop. They're harder to find since they don't make them anymore. But if you do find one they're less expensive. The only feature the PODHD Desktop doesn't have is the ability to have FX sends and returns in it's chain. I've never needed it because it does everything I need with it's own effects.
  11. joel_brown

    POD HD 500X blue screen of death issue!

    And it only took and year and a half from the last post to fix it.
  12. joel_brown

    Power amp section ONLY

    I think the dummy plug is just for this particular amp.
  13. joel_brown

    POD HD Pro X Drivers Crash Windows 10

    Do you have any ASIO sound drivers installed ? If you do then remove them and reinstall the Line6 drivers. Typically the problem is conflicting sound drivers.
  14. joel_brown

    Sound driver needs update!

    First of all, drivers are very difficult and very expensive to develop. Secondly, it may be other drivers are conflicting with Line6 drivers. You don't know this and the log file is only a clue in the process. it's like reading an engine code in your car. It will tell you the general area of where the problem is occurring but not how to fix it or what to change.
  15. joel_brown

    POD HD500X keeps on crashing my new Win10 PC

    The PODHD drivers is all you need.