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  1. The short answer is yes. Also the default presets are not very useable. Everyone has ended up building their own presets from scratch or heavily changing the default presets. It's not hard to do. Just think of how you would do it with normal effects, amps, and cabinets. The questions is: why are you buying an HD500X ? Why aren't you looking at some version of the Helix like the Stomp or Go ? Why do you want to buy something very old and obsolete ?
  2. They're completely different.
  3. Do you have it set to Studio Direct output ?
  4. How many decades are they supposed to support a product that very few people are still buying ? The PODHD has plenty of amps.
  5. You're replying to a 4 year old post. Hopefully he's found a better gig by now.
  6. A long power extension can reduce the amount of amps and voltage very quickly if the wire gauge is too small, which it typically is in a band situation. More than likely that was the cause. People look at me kind'a funny when they see the extra heavy power cables I bring for long runs. But that's what it takes.
  7. Don't use Internet Explorer 11. It isn't the same thing as Edge, which is version 87.0 something and is basically just Google Chrome anyway.
  8. You may want to spray some contact cleaner up around the volume knob if it's possible.
  9. We're assuming your HD500 is connected via USB correct ? And it's your audio interface ?
  10. Anyone can be a parent. That doesn't mean they're good parents.
  11. Line6 makes a box that does what you want - the M13 for example. You're using a box that's made to be an amp modeler not a dedicated effects unit.
  12. As always, try different settings and see what works for you. I use a very low Input Impedance but it all depends on the tone you're looking for and the equipment you use.
  13. It better be real cheap if the USB port is broken.
  14. Thought this would be interesting for people who would like to have better IRs for their POD.
  15. It all depends on what amp and speaker combination you're trying to play through. You could have also set a parameter wrong like not having the POD set to Studio Direct Out or something.
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