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  1. That helps, because I haven't looked into experimenting with dual paths. You know of any good artists or youtube channels or whatever that helps educate people on stuff like this?
  2. In the past few months I've been trying to really get back in the swing of playing guitar again and trying to learn more about effects, chains, all kinds of fun stuff. I bought the HD500x, and I've been getting a lot more comfortable with understanding the interface and experimenting with the different effects looking for the best tone to play with my team. What I wanted to learn about here is why someone might use the dual amp feature instead of just a single amp. Obviously it's about finding creating the right tone, but I was curious of any existing resources on the benefits of using mixed dual amps or perhaps two of the same amps. Thanks in advance!
  3. thank you so much for the tone, it is exactly what I needed. the only thing left is that I am struggling a little to try to separate the paths going to the mixer. I've tried panning them hard left and right but im still getting both the mic and guitar coming through left and right. is there maybe a tutorial video that can show me how to do that? I really appreciate all the help you guys are offering me
  4. for the last several months I have been partnered with a guy who plays live music at local venues. for the most part I've been relying on his gear but recently I went ahead and got my own pa system to start doing my own shows. I have everything I need but there was one problem: my mixer didn't come with any kind of reverb effect on it. I've had my hd500 for a while and I know it is able to support a mic. I've figured out how to adjust the settings to have both the mic and guitar come through but the mic is coming through really hot. it's picking up a lot of surrounding noises so I tried to apply a noise gate to fix the issue. problem is, when I activate the noise gate, no sound comes through the mic at all. is the noise gate on the hd500 not compatible for use with a microphone or is there a way to do it that I haven't discovered yet? also, are there currently any programmable options for the outputs to have the mic and guitar travel to separate channels on the mixer? it would be nice to have that control but I have been hearing that's not an option. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. yeah I've made sure to save any changes but just a little while ago I didnt even leave the page and it all reset to zero without any input. that was kinda the last straw which brought me here.
  6. I am trying to work on a channel that has an A and B amp but I can't get any of the settings to stay. I dont even notice them affecting the tone at all. in the mean time I've been using other effects pedals to try to balance out the difference but having the amps function properly would be a lot easier. I notice with amps on preset channels that I can change the settings and it makes a difference but anything with my own custom channel it doesn't do anything. Trying different amps and placing the mic in different positions makes a difference but adjusting bass, mid, treb, presence and such aren't doing anything for me. The most frustrating part is that when im done editing, as soon as I navigate away, they all reset back to zero.
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