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  1. I think Harold is misunderstanding you. I too have the same problem using the expression pedal for Pitch Glide. I want it to hit all the notes on the way down but it seems to go from minimum to maximum without the values between. Is there a calibration setting anywhere? I can't find one
  2. Yes! That looks like a possible solution! Cheers again Hurghanico, you are a legend!
  3. So one last question aimed at Hurghanico (although I think I already know the answer). I now have that working as a test run with one flaw. The pitch dive is instantaneous but I need it to be a little slower. I know that this would really be a Reaper question but is it at all possible to control the speed of the dive? Again, Thanks for all your help. Reaper.docx
  4. Cheers Hurghanico, That makes sense. I'll give it a crack!
  5. Thanks Hurghanico, Yes, that was my line of thinking. So in your opinion it is possible to set a timed dive of the expression pedal as a patch or FS switch within the HD500X? My track player reads from a USB drive so I set up all the midi triggers in Reaper. My other possible line of thinking was the possibility of an FS switch on the POD being set to momentary for this function. Then I wouldn’t have to write in another midi trigger to set the pitch dive back to zero. Is it possible to assign FS switches to momentary? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! That’s disappointing. Guess it’s the old fashioned way then!
  7. Hi Storm Thanks for the reply. No disrespect here but I think you’ve misread my post. I’m all across the midi side of things and I have it working exactly as you say. My question is about trying to create a patch that utilises a pitch dive without using the expression pedal. Cheers anyway!
  8. Hi all! Sorry for the poor title. I didn’t know how to word what I’m after in just a few words or even search in the forum, hence a new thread. Here goes; I have a patch on my POD HD500X that I use for one song (Lonely Boy by The Black Keys) that has a pitch dive that takes low E down to Lower A. I’m currently using the onboard expression pedal but I find that I get inconsistent dive speeds by doing it this way in the cut thrust of a live gig. Also I occasionally forget to move the expression back to the zero position before the start of the song. Embarrassing! We use backing tracks for keyboards, brass etc and my backing track player has MIDI out so I’ve inserted triggers into all our tracks to change the patches and FS switches on my POD automatically which is really cool and works really well. No more tap dancing on stage! My question therefore is, is it possible to make a patch or FS function with Pitch Glide and set the pitch drop and time to function just once without having to use the expression pedal? I can then set up my MIDI triggers in the track to flick back and forth between patches or FS function as many times as needed during the song. I hope I’ve explained that well enough and it’s not too confusing! Cheers, John.
  9. PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the info. It works amazingly. Now it's time to put MIDI triggers in 71 songs! Cheers, and thanks again!
  10. I’ll add that the most common switch I use is FS4 which is always set up for volume boost or extra gain on almost every patch. Cheers
  11. So I have the patch switching working beautifully but I'm struggling to get blocks within patches to trigger. I understand the above table but I don't know where to insert these values. Should I still using Bank/Program Select?
  12. Thank you so much, you’re an awesome help! I got it all triggering last night once I sorted a sample multi-track song for the LP-16, I just didn’t know what I was going to be switching. That list will be a massive help. Cheers
  13. So my next questions are.... Is there anyone out there who has done this with Reaper? If so, how do I get the "Send Now" function to work in the MIDI event editor? Has anyone managed to get this to work with user patches? How can I also have this turn blocks on and off within patches? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi all I use a Cymatic Audio LP-16 Live Player for backing tracks in my band and I want to set up MIDI triggering within the tracks to change patches automatically on my Pod HD500X. I have a fair understanding of what I need to do but my question is do I need MIDI cables for both in and out or will one cable (LP-16 out, Pod in) do the job? Does the Pod need to send a signal back to the track player? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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