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  1. Buy a clip on tuner for your guitars that don’t have a built in tuner
  2. Thanks Pianoguyy. Yeah, that’s what I thought. I did try it with a cheap boost pedal that I had kicking around and it worked, but I was getting audible interference, even when it wasn’t engaged. I’ll invest in a decent EQ pedal. At least that way I’ve also got more range if I want to boost any frequencies
  3. I’m hoping someone has done this before and can offer up advice, and I will try both ways myself, but just wondering if anyone can give me a why or why not....... When playing live I now use my HD500X straight to the mixing desk. I usually take at least 2 guitars to a gig, a Strat, and something with humbuckers, and I change guitars for different songs regularly. I have the problem of the Strat having less output than my other guitars. I have my Pod set up pretty much how I want it, with midi from the backing track player automatically changing patches, so I don’t want to double up on patches and reprogram the tracks just for the Strat, or add a volume pedal into patches that don’t already have it. I’m thinking an easy solution to this could be to run an EQ stomp box to boost the Strat. I don’t want to put the pedal in the FX loop of the Pod because I use that for a clean dB boost for solos on all patches (a really cool trick with a patch lead). So...... Should I run the EQ pedal before the Pod so it’s a boost straight from the guitar or run it after the Pod so it boosts the whole signal chain? Cheers in advance!
  4. Awesome DM! There are some tracking glitches there, but all in all, it’s good enough for me. I just needed it to be somewhere in the ball park and not sounding like a guitar. The Synth-O-Matic is definitely closer than the Growler so I’ll stick with that. I threw a Red Comp and an AC-15 in there, just to get some body and volume control. Thank you so much for your input. It’s greatly appreciated! I can see myself using more of that stuff in the future! Cheers!!!!
  5. DolurumMafikala, thanks for that. You’ve put an idea in my head with the pitch shifter. I’ll have a crack at it asap
  6. Sorry pianoguyy, my mistake. 50 year old song, played at almost every disco, wedding, and general function for 4 decades. I just thought people might instantly know it. Anyway, the sound I’m after starts at about the 1.30 minute mark
  7. Thanks, but I’ve seen that one and I didn’t hear anything that’s quite like I’m after, although I will listen through it again. Your advice on tweaking something from there could be the answer.
  8. I know this is an old topic, but just for anyone who happens to open it out of curiosity, as I have, I have this to share.... I’ve added a JOYO Cab Box to my setup and wowee, what a game changer. I run this after the HD500X then into the P.A. The downside to running it after the POD is that it’s mono, so I have to say goodbye to any stereo patches. I’ve read that people insert it into the FX loop of their PODs, but I find that I get a far better tone running it after. I also use the FX Loop block as a clean boost for solos on every patch and I didn’t want to lose that. I only use my POD in live gig settings, so stereo isn’t all that important. Most live sound guys wouldn’t allow me to run stereo anyway. I also downloaded a few free third party IR’s for the Cab Box. The JOYO presets are ok, but there are a lot of better ones out there. Another positive for the Cab Box is that it has a balanced XLR out, so it also acts as a D.I. I run out of the 1/4” jack on the POD to the Cab Box 1/4” in. Also, the Cab Box has midi in, so I’m guessing there is a way to send midi triggers from the POD to change IR’s on the Cab Box for different patches. I’m sure someone will correct me if this can’t be done. I haven’t actually tried it. I’ve only used this setup through 3 different P.A’s, but the sound seems to be very consistent, at least nothing that a little EQing on the desk hasn’t fixed. I always use in-ear monitors and one of our sound guys also gives me a floor monitor and my tone is fine with either. One more interesting thing is that “experts” will tell you that if you’re using an external cab sim loader, such as the Cab Box, that you MUST turn off the cab sims on the POD, but I haven’t found this to be the case. Some of my patches sound better with it all on and others sound better with some of it off. Whatever works is the best rule. I guess I could sell the POD and Cab Box and go buy an POD GO, or something like that, but I really love the features on the HD500X, so this is really working well for me. I hope that somebody finds this helpful!
  9. Hi all... I’m looking for advice on how to build a patch on my HD500X to approximate the synth sound for the solo to Nutbush City Limits. It doesn’t have to be exact, just something that’s similar to that whistle type of synth sound. I’ve seen all the vids on YouTube but I haven’t found anything on that type of sound. I’m using a standard electric guitar, not a Variax. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
  10. Just wondering........ Are the amp and fx models in the HD500x the same as the models in the Helix, with just the IR’s in the Helix making the difference, or is the Helix completely different?
  11. Bought one myself. Amazing difference
  12. Are you aware that each amp model also has just a pre-amp model of the same name? Eg; Panama Pre? I believe, if I read your post correctly, that this is your solution; Choose an empty patch On the amp block, scroll through with knob 1 until you find a pre-amp model that you think suits your purpose With knob 2, scroll anticlockwise until cab model reads “none”. (Sometimes it sounds better with the cab model on) Now you can still use the Drive, EQ, and Volume knobs as normal Your HD is now operating as just a pre-amp model with full knob control Now having said all that, we’re dealing with digital models. Sometimes modelled amps sound great into real life amps. For a while, on stage, I was running my HD500X into a 50w Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp, to a 2x12 cabinet. Some of my patches sounded better just using a pre-amp model and no cab simulation, some patches sounded better using a chain of FX with all amp and cab sims off. Some patches worked with pre-amp and cab sim on, and believe it or not, some patches, especially clean tones, sounded amazing with all amp and cab sims on. My point is, that with modelling equipment, it’s really a case of “if it sounds good, it is good”
  13. Hi everyone. After the best part of 3 years of battling to get what I'd call an acceptable tone (without the fizz) from my HD500x direct into the PA, I decided that IR's would be a better way to go. I bought myself an IR loader stomp box and WOW! I've turned my POD into a poor man's HELIX. The tone has improved drastically and sounds almost natural, like real amps for the most part. I play in a covers band, so not including specialty sounds, I primarily use 3 main tones; CLEAN, CRUNCH and DRIVE. I have a beautiful clean sound and a crunch sound that I'm 90% happy with. My problem is the DRIVE sound. I'm chasing that 90's hair band sound, where you know it's a driven tone with plenty of sustain, but smooth without the distortion overruling. Now I'm pretty close, but I can't get rid of that "boxy" sound, like it's bad EQ, and the distortion is always over apparent. Does anyone have any suggestions? Eg; should I load up a couple of compressors and a Tube Drive in front of a particular amp model? Should I be using most of the drive from the amp model or from the FX? Is there an output setting or something I can do with EQ to get rid of the boxy sound? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  14. Hi all, Just thought I'd check back in to report on my little MIDI adventure here! A massive shout out to you Hurghanico for all your amazing help! So it's been a little over 2 months since I started this quest to be "footswitch free" during live performances. Here are the results; It has changed my life on stage. I no longer have to worry about looking down to see which switch to step on or getting the timing right or remembering which patch is for which song. I now concentrate only on playing and performing. I have the backing tracks for every song controlling my patch changes, including FS1, 2, 3 & 4 for boost, delay, chorus, anything I need. I even have it controlling the expression pedal for volume swells and pitch dives. To anyone using backing tracks live with a Cymatic Audio player or any MIDI capable backing track player, I highly recommend you try this. It will change your life!!!
  15. I think Harold is misunderstanding you. I too have the same problem using the expression pedal for Pitch Glide. I want it to hit all the notes on the way down but it seems to go from minimum to maximum without the values between. Is there a calibration setting anywhere? I can't find one
  16. Yes! That looks like a possible solution! Cheers again Hurghanico, you are a legend!
  17. So one last question aimed at Hurghanico (although I think I already know the answer). I now have that working as a test run with one flaw. The pitch dive is instantaneous but I need it to be a little slower. I know that this would really be a Reaper question but is it at all possible to control the speed of the dive? Again, Thanks for all your help. Reaper.docx
  18. Cheers Hurghanico, That makes sense. I'll give it a crack!
  19. Thanks Hurghanico, Yes, that was my line of thinking. So in your opinion it is possible to set a timed dive of the expression pedal as a patch or FS switch within the HD500X? My track player reads from a USB drive so I set up all the midi triggers in Reaper. My other possible line of thinking was the possibility of an FS switch on the POD being set to momentary for this function. Then I wouldn’t have to write in another midi trigger to set the pitch dive back to zero. Is it possible to assign FS switches to momentary? Cheers
  20. Thanks for the quick reply! That’s disappointing. Guess it’s the old fashioned way then!
  21. Hi Storm Thanks for the reply. No disrespect here but I think you’ve misread my post. I’m all across the midi side of things and I have it working exactly as you say. My question is about trying to create a patch that utilises a pitch dive without using the expression pedal. Cheers anyway!
  22. Hi all! Sorry for the poor title. I didn’t know how to word what I’m after in just a few words or even search in the forum, hence a new thread. Here goes; I have a patch on my POD HD500X that I use for one song (Lonely Boy by The Black Keys) that has a pitch dive that takes low E down to Lower A. I’m currently using the onboard expression pedal but I find that I get inconsistent dive speeds by doing it this way in the cut thrust of a live gig. Also I occasionally forget to move the expression back to the zero position before the start of the song. Embarrassing! We use backing tracks for keyboards, brass etc and my backing track player has MIDI out so I’ve inserted triggers into all our tracks to change the patches and FS switches on my POD automatically which is really cool and works really well. No more tap dancing on stage! My question therefore is, is it possible to make a patch or FS function with Pitch Glide and set the pitch drop and time to function just once without having to use the expression pedal? I can then set up my MIDI triggers in the track to flick back and forth between patches or FS function as many times as needed during the song. I hope I’ve explained that well enough and it’s not too confusing! Cheers, John.
  23. PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the info. It works amazingly. Now it's time to put MIDI triggers in 71 songs! Cheers, and thanks again!
  24. I’ll add that the most common switch I use is FS4 which is always set up for volume boost or extra gain on almost every patch. Cheers
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