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  1. Hey guys! I'm running my acoustic guitar and vocal mic into the HD500X and two separate signal chains so that I can loop vocals and harmonize over them. I'm using a TurboSound IP1000 tower system, which i've always thought sounded great and was plenty for the job. Last night at a gig, when I was signing louder, it sounded like it was distorting or breaking up, though I wasn't sure if it because of the HD500X or the input on the pa system. The volume was turned down decently low (relative to how loud it gets) so I have a hard time believing it was the PA system. Does anyone else run two signal chains and could give me some feedback on the best way to set up the signal chain so that I don't distort or has some decent compression without killing my mic volume?
  2. Thank you! I'm actually not using any amp's as this is all acoustic + Mic stuff currently. I wonder if there's a way around that...
  3. Is it possible to add more boxes in to add more effects? For example I want to do a volume pedal (exp1 for signal chain 1 aka guitar and exp2 for signal chain 2 aka vocals) but can't seem to add any boxes. Does anyone know how I can do this?
  4. Hey Guys! I'm running both a guitar and mic into my pod hd500x and often will look chorus's with guitar and vocals so that I can harmonize over them. I'm curious if I can use the volume pedal somehow to control the volume of the loop once it's already recorded, is that a thing? I'd also love to be able to cut ONE channel POST loop, for example: record a chorus with guitar and vox, then on the next one lower the pedal and it drops the vocals out, or drops the guitar out (would be great to assign one to each). Is this possible? Thanks in advance!!
  5. hey everyone! I'm loving my pod hd500x, but was hoping I could find a solution to this problem. I'm wanting to loop a riff, then while the riff is playing through the PA, tune the guitar via the pedal board. My goal is this is to make sure i'm in tune for the next song (or change tunings) without having any dead audio. Anytime I hold the tuner button it stops the loop. Is there a way to change this? I see there is a bypass mode in the tuner pedal but doesn't give me the desired results. Some of my guitars have on board tuners where I could use them while the loop is still going, but not all my acoustics have this feature. Does anyone have any ideas? -dk
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