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  1. Hi, got my first variax standard yesterday and blown away with the models. Not so with the Alt tuning which does not play isolated Alt tuning notes but a blend of original and Alt note/s. I’ve tried thru a helix lt and direct to amp (quilter tone block frfr) and on daw monitoring and it’s the same. However the recorded sound in the last instance was just the Alt notes. What’s going on? I ran monkey and can see, and have updated workbench and the supplied vdi-usb interface but monkey does not see the guitar as a device so no info on firmware or opportunity to flash etc. However, Workbench does download and update the presets to the variax and I have set custom presets with my 1/2step down setups but the same effect. The model/mags balance is set to 100% model for sure in all these examples. the only oddity I recall when unpacking was the model select knob fell off and had to be pushed back on but seems to do its job. Any advice please as I don’t want to give up on it just yet as I had high hopes.
  2. The Shuriken is unique in many ways from other Variax guitars, one of the ways is the 4 Artist's programmed user presets on the model knob. If you want to replicate the artist's setup you will have to tune the low E string down to D, which will make the custom tunings sound correctly in the USER and SHURIKEN banks. None of the other banks contain tuning offsets and assume that the guitar is tuned to standard E. If you want to load the presets with their respective custom tunings, make sure to set the Alternate Tuning Knob to the MODEL 7 position. If all that is a bit too much ninja for you, feel free to keep the guitar in standard E and set the Alternate Tuning Knob to STANDARD or any of the other tuning presets. Note: If you perform a factory reset of the Shuriken, it will default to the standard JTV model pack. To re install the unique Shuriken pack, download it from here: All custom tunings saved with these presets require the low E string tuned down a whole step to D, and that the Alternate Tuning Knob is set to MODEL. USER I Position 1: Post Mortem Spank Spank guitar body with Spank pickups and drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E) - Note that the two lowest strings are muted. Position 2: 8 Collateral Neutral body with JTV89 pickups and very special custom tuning (sounds D A A A A A) - Note that low E and A strings are tuned down one octave. Position 3: 7 Collateral Neutral body with Lester pickups and another very special custom tuning (sounds A E E E E E) - Note that the physical "A" string (tuned to E) is muted. Position 4: Collateral Aco Acoustic J body with DADGAD tuning (sounds D A D G A D). Position 5: Collateral Spank Spank body with Spank pickups and DADGAD tuning (sounds D A D G A D). USER II Position 1: Octave Standard Neutral body with JTV89 pickups and standard tuning down one octave (sounds E A D G B E). Position 2: B Standard Neutral body with Lester pickups and everything tuned down a fourth (sounds B E A D F# B ). Position 3: Standard Neutral body with Lester pickups and standard tuning (sounds E A D G B E). Position 4: Acoustic Standard Acoustic D body with standard tuning (sounds E A D G B E). Position 5: Spank Standard Spank body with Spank pickups and standard tuning (sounds E A D G B E). USER III Position 1: Tumbi Lester’s Banjo with a custom tuning (sounds D A D G B A). Note that all strings except the high A are muted. Position 2: 7 Sick Riff Neutral body with Lester pickups and a custom tuning (sounds A E A E F# B ) Position 3: Invincible Aco Acoustic D body with a drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E). Note that the two lowest strings are muted. Position 4: Invincible Chorus Special Bird body with Lester pickups and a custom tuning (sounds E B E B B E) - Note that the "D", "G", and "B" strings are set to 20% of normal volume, high E string set to 90% of normal volume. Position 5: Invincible G Neutral body with JTV89 pickups and a custom tuning (sounds G D F# A A A). USER IV Position 1: Acoustic DADGAD Acoustic D body with a DADGAD tuning (sounds D A D G A D). Position 2: Acoustic Drop D Acoustic D body with a drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E). Position 3: Drop D Octave Neutral body with JTV 89 pickups and a drop D tuning one octave lower (sounds D A D G B E) - Note that all strings except the lowest "D" string are tuned down one octave. Position 4: Drop A Neutral body with Lester pickups and a drop A tuning (sounds A E A D F# B ) Position 5: Drop D Neutral body with Lester pickups and a drop D tuning (sounds D A D G B E)
  3. hey everyone! I'm loving my pod hd500x, but was hoping I could find a solution to this problem. I'm wanting to loop a riff, then while the riff is playing through the PA, tune the guitar via the pedal board. My goal is this is to make sure i'm in tune for the next song (or change tunings) without having any dead audio. Anytime I hold the tuner button it stops the loop. Is there a way to change this? I see there is a bypass mode in the tuner pedal but doesn't give me the desired results. Some of my guitars have on board tuners where I could use them while the loop is still going, but not all my acoustics have this feature. Does anyone have any ideas? -dk
  4. Hello everyone. I have a Variax JTV 69 and in connection with my Helix I have the problem that after a while with different presets my alternative tunings no longer behave correctly. For example: I have an acoustic guitar with an E major tuning, which suddenly takes effect on all of my presets after a while. I also programmed some sounds a semitone higher, these also no longer work after a while. If I unplug the Variax cable and plug it in again, it works fine for a while.. I have a Helix Floor and a Helix Rack, the same problem with both. My colleague has a Shuriken, which does not have the problem with the same presets. Does anyone have an idea? Many Thanks Markus
  5. Hi all, I downloaded a RATM preset from CustomTone that includes a Variax drop-D tuning. When I load the preset, it does not drop the tuning, and I can't change any tuning via the Helix or HX Edit. I have plenty of other presets with alternate tuning; this is the only one that will not change the tuning. The Variax setting is "Preset" not "Global", just like all my presets. I'm probably missing something obvious but can't see it. Any ideas out there?
  6. Q: I am getting strange noises when I use my Variax. What can I do? - Piezo pickups can be susceptible to Radio Frequencies and Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. Keep cell phones, radios, and computer gear as far away as possible. - Use the highest quality cables you can afford. Be sure to use a high-quality shielded TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) cable if you are using the Line 6 XPS. - Make sure the jack on the instrument is tight and the ribbon cable is seated at the coffin assembly and the jack correctly. - Experiment with lowering the gain on the presets you are using, or using the noise gate when available. - Turn your volume knob off when you are not playing (even during stops in a song when possible). - Experiment with distance and position between your guitar and sound source (amplifier and/or computer speakers). - Avoid florescent lighting when possible. - Make sure that your rig is plugged into the same power source as the rest of your gear/band/PA system (to avoid ground loops). Q: Can I use altered tuning with the 12-string models? A: The processor on the Variax cannot provide 12-string emulation in addition to altered tunings. Although a 12-string modeled guitar can be "altered", once the model is altered the 12 string modeling will revert to 6 string modeling. Line 6 does not reccomend using 12-string models for altered tunings. Attached is a Word document containing advice and tips on alternate tunings with your Variax for downloading purposes. They are also included in the body of this FAQ. You can also visit our website and read some helpful How-to Articles about alternate tuning tips. *Four Variax Alternate Tuning Tips* With the development of Variax Workbench software, you can now tune your Variax electric to any alternate tuning you like. The Variax Acoustic 700 has this feature built into the guitar itself. With the physical Variax tuned to standard pitch, however, the Variax DSP must create the alternate tunings in real time, note by note as you play. This is no easy task, and as with any developing technology, there are limitations. To get the best musical experience from your alt-tuned Variax, please check out the following four Alternate Tuning Tips. They address the most frequently asked questions of Variax owners. 1. Guitar Volume Balance: If you hear the standard tuning of your physical Variax along with the alt-tuning, your ears may be fooled into thinking the alt-tuning is out of tune. This is especially true for Acoustic 700 owners, but the solution is easy. In a studio situation, turn up your headphones; in a live situation, turn up the volume of your alt-tuned guitar amp or stage monitor so that it drowns out the physical guitar sound. When you adjust your guitar volume balance so that all you hear is the alt-tuned guitar, your alt-tuning will sound the way you expect it to. 2. Odd-Sounding Notes: If you use pull-offs, especially on an open G string that's tuned down a full step or more, or if you use Capo mode and tune several frets up or down and play harmonics or hammer-ons, you may sometimes hear odd-sounding notes. The general cure for this is to adjust your playing technique so that you play very cleanly when doing pull-offs, play with a lighter touch on extremely alt-tuned notes and harmonics, fret your notes accurately, and avoid any problem zones that may produce odd sounds. It's not difficult to get clean-sounding alt-tuning tracks. It just takes a little time to adapt to the particular alt-tuning you're using, then avoid any obvious problem spots you may encounter by adjusting your playing technique and choice of notes. 3. Ringing Overtones: When you play certain notes and you don't mute your other strings, occasionally a note you're playing may cause a harmonic to resonate from a non-muted string. This can be a good thing, but sometimes it may result in an odd sound as in #2 above. The solution is to mute the strings you aren't using, especially when playing single notes. This way the DSP won't be 'confused' by unwanted notes resonating against the intended note. 4. Amp Sounds: For Variax Acoustic Models, use an Amp Bypass setting or go direct whenever possible. Acoustics, Resos, Sitar, etc. don't like preamp gain, so cleaner is better in order to bring out the full range of these Models. If you use a Vetta II or PODxt Live, it's a good idea to set up an Amp Preset for each of your favorite alt-tuned Variax Models, and save the Variax Model with your Amp Preset. If you are experiencing an output latency when in an Alternate Tuning this is a known issue. This is a result of the time it takes for the DSP in the Variax to detect the pitch, change it to a different pitch, and then output the note. This may require you to change your playing style slightly in order to compensate for the latency.
  7. Hi, I am completely new to the variax and maybe I am missing something simple. I am running the Variax through a G10 Relay into an Amplfi. All line 6 no outside imposter gear! The problem i have is that when I select an alternative tuning I hear both the magnetic pickups and the alternative tuning through the amp. I thought by turning on the variax it automatically disabled the magnetic pickups? Any help appreciated. Also if I've missed something completely obvious light mockery is also welcomed! Thanks
  8. I have a 9 string, and I’ve been wanting to replace it with a variax for my projects I have. I tune to standard, but in 432, not 440. Standard is C# F# B E A D G B E, but I’d like to go lower if possible I was looking to buy a new variax, but wanted to make sure I can recreate everything the same as I have with my 9 string. I bought a used shurkien a few months ago, but it had issues, so I returned it. I do like the new JTV-89F because of the ebony and Floyd, but the shuriken has the longer scale. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hi all! I am new to the Line 6 family, have recently purchased a Line 6 Helix and am loving it and its flexibility! Now I want to move onto the Variax line of guitars, especially for the alternate tunings as I play in a cover band and we split between standard, 1/2 step, and full step down. Whilst at home I really enjoy the heavier side of music, in particular Drop B tuning... So the question is: Will the Variax Standard ($1400 AUD odd) be able to do this sort of tuning (Drop B) or do I need to go the Shruiken model...? Price isn't really a major issue, as you get what you pay for in everything, its more that I didnt want the 'full metal guitar look'... Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Trent
  10. I just added a Variax Standard to my guitar arsenal, I've been using a Helix as a switcher/pedalboard for my amp rig for nearly two years. One of the things I really looked forward to with the Variax was being able to play one of my tunes live that switches from a Nashville tuned acoustic to a Drop-C heavy electric (the acoustic sound routes to the PA and the electric to my Mesa). I keep a beater acoustic strung up for Nashville tuning in my studio and I just love the tones I get. I am very pleased that I was able to easily set all this up in workbench HD and my Helix, but my big complaint is the electronic sound of the acoustic patch once the strings transpose a full octave. What I was wondering was since the Variax/Workbench already have samples of higher pitched, unwound strings, what would it take to be able to reassign what strings types are at each of the six locations? If I could assign a wound G-style string to the low E position, it would not have to transpose far and would sound much more natural, likewise placing unwound strings for the A, D and G positions to make them more natural. Hopefully this wouldn't be a complete game changer that cannot be accomplished with Variax, maybe it couldn't be done for parallel 12 strings where it would require more than one string sample per position, but it would seem possible as long as only one string sample per real string was used.
  11. Hello, Are there any plans to update the Firehawk 1500 / Firehawk Remote tuner so it can tune to A=432Hz ? Love my new Firehawk 1500 but missing out on my tuning of choice. Thanks! :)
  12. I'm new to the whole Variax thing (Shuriken and Helix floor) and, after reading all manuals and looking up every video I could find, trying to see if I have a lemon or am doing something wrong. Goal: I want two presets, one acoustic and one Lester-based, each with four snapshots (chorus, distortion, etc.) and tuned differently. I have the Shuriken tuned to drop D, want the Lester to remain in drop D, but have the acoustic tuned to standard. I would love for all five acoustics to be accessible via the pickup selector, but that isn't critical. What I really want is everything run from the floor. When I hit the Acoustic button, I want acoustic in standard tuning to come up. When I switch to electric, I want the Lester to come up and in the native drop D. I really don't want to have to hit a foot switch and futz with the guitar dials as I need to do it quickly. FYI, each time I edit, I resave religiously. I am having the following problems: 1) When I switch back and forth between the two presets, I often seem to end up on Jazz 5, no matter what I do with the model knob. To get acoustic sounds on the acoustic preset, I have to turn the knob away, and then turn it back to acoustic. 2) I don't see any consistency in the tuning between the two. Sometimes it seems to change correctly, and other times it stays with what was on the previous preset. I could probably fix #2 by altering the acoustic model in workbench (?), as I would likely mostly want acoustics in standard and electrics in drop D or something else. But, that wouldn't seem to solve #1. I swear I have tried every combination of Variax setting (Global, Per Preset) and get no consistency. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
  13. I have just bought a factory refurb JT variax with floyd rose. I like it alot and have started trying the different tunings. I have it run through a helix floor model and like lots of overdrive and distortion. The standard and drop d tunings are right on the money and sound great with all the different guitar models. But as soon as i switch to 1/2 step down, it sounds awful. I play with plenty of volume so i am not hearing the strings in the true e tuning ringing out as per instruction manual. Anyone else have issues? I like the guitar and don't want to send back but this is a deal breaker if it cant be fixed. I have done a firmware reset using the line 6 monkey.
  14. I have had major issues with my JTV 69 staying in tune. It will not stay in tune for more then a few minutes (usually goes sharp). I have a replacement neck from Warmoth (that I love -- all maple Vortex with stainless frets). I had a guitar tech look at it and he recommended a Super-Vee Mag-Lok. I think this has addressed the tuning issue, but I hate the way it makes the trem feel. It's difficult to use it subtly (it would work okay for dive-bombs, but I am more of a Bigsby type player). Is this a common issue with this variax? I have also replaced the pups with Lace Sensor Rainbow pack and also love the mag sound now. I really want to stay with the variax, should I sell it and buy a new one? Do I need a USA version? note: Using Nanoweb 10's
  15. Hello All, I've tried researching this topic myself but to no avail so I humbly come to the forum asking for help. I recently purchased a Line 6 Variax Standard (white) about 10 days ago. Three days ago, I finally got some time to explore the guitar. That's when I noticed that most of the alternate tunings when played through multiple amplifiers / heads give this horrible, screechy, octave, feedback when played. Standard works fine. Open G ("Blues G") works alright, except for the A string. Anything else, even 1/2 step down is unplayable. I really don't want to return the guitar as, when it comes to the model and playablity, I love it. What I've Done So Far 1. Downloaded Line 6 Monkey and reinstalled all firmware updates 2. Downloaded the workbench Are there any other patches / installations that can fix this, or is it a hardware issue that I will not be able to fix by myself? Overall, I think the guitar is awesome, but I can't look past the alternate tuning not work...even though I will, 99.9% of the time, play in standard. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mike
  16. Been playing with my new Firehawk, and connected my Varia JTV59 with a VDI cable. Powers the guitar no problem, and a patch change will select the correct guitar model on the JTV. However, if I move any of the string pitch sliders in the editor it doesn't change the actual sound. If I change the alternate tuning control on the guitar it does change the tuning. The settings in the editor screen of the Firehawk app say that these things should be controlled by the Firehawk, but the tuning part doesn't do it. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong? Faulty cable perhaps (it is brand new though) Hefin
  17. I've got a new Helix and bought a Variax 700 to try out some of the features. When I set a patch to a "per patch" input setting for the Variax to always select that guitar sound, the guitar seems to change to the desired sound initially but then keep that setting on any other patch selected after. Also, when I try to select an alternate tuning, it has no effect at all. Has anyone else had this and does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it as I can't find a global or patch related setting that might be causing it?
  18. I'm new to Variax. Do the strings have to be tuned to standard tuning when using the modelling option? And what gauge strings should I get when I'm replacing them? Cheers
  19. I thought I was going made the tail end of my last gig, couldn't remember a thing, or at least it did not sound right. It's happened before but then I remembered I was in the wrong tuning mode. Select the right one and everything is fine. This did not happen on Saturday and having a play with my JTV-69 for the first time since the gig have noticed that STANDARD is not standard anymore, seems like it's moved to Dropped D and MODEL is now Standard, DROP D is now something like D# (1/2 down) but not consistent, get to DROP Db and it's like the kids have been tuning it then things start to behave normally again. Sounds like something needs looking at but it's a strange type of fault so re-flashed the firmware and reset all the patches problem still exists. You would have thought that if the switch was at fault it would have effected all locations, not just to shift things up from drop Db and then leave 1/2 down normal, very weird Anyone come across something similar, did it need a return to base to get it fixed? Jason PS I'm double upset as I'm just waiting for my DT50 to arrive to complete the dream rig with my HD500, seems like I'll have to wait a little longer to get full use of it :(
  20. I mistakenly read between the lines when researching the JTV Variax guitar and assumed that its ability to simultaneously use alternate tunings and emulate a 12-string guitar would allow me to use intervals other than octaves for the latter. The Workbench graphics for Tuning and Parallel Pitch look so similar that I figured you can enter a "Parallel Pitch" value other than 0 or +12. Not so. Here's a tuning I'd like to use: E2/E1 A2/A1 D3/A2 G3/D4 B3/F#4 E4/B4 Since my ancient Roland VG8 could do this using its Polyphonic Pitch Shifting feature, I'm astounded this limitation exists. Any idea if Line6 will add more granular control over Parallel Pitch tuning in a firmware upgrade? I realize I can mix in the mag pickups and achieve the same tuning without involving the "Parallel Pitch" feature but that's a compromise.
  21. Hi, I´m about to get me a JTV-59 as I´m sick and tired to carry & tune 5 different guitars on gigs or rehearsal... (6 & 12 string Acu, Standard, Eb & openG Electrics) I found nearly everything I needed to know in the forum, there´s just one topic left where I´m a bit unsure: There are a few songs where I need an Eb tuning >BUT< put a Capo on to get into more comfortable fret-regions, (like for example "Still haven´t found what I´m looking for"....) Is it possible to combine the Eb tuning with vCapo on Fret 2 for example ? Today I have to carry a tuned guitar for that few songs which I could drop as well then.... (I´m aware on the drop of dynamics due to modelling, tried it out already in the shop, but I happily will trade that in for way less volume/effort in transport & handling) tnx
  22. Simple question really, is the built in tuner on the Spider IV 120 able to tune 8 string guitars? I'm going to be buying an 8 soon and I can't seem to find any tuners that will work for an 8 string. If the built in tuner doesn't work, does anyone know of any tuners that will work with one?
  23. Hi, Not sure if this is the same issue described on the 6th string in a different post. I have a jtv-59 (2012) and until recently no issue. Playing the guitar in variax mode through the hd500x and all of the sudden the high e string starts sounding like a "whammy" pedal is switched on. Moving the selector knob to an alt tuning and back fixes the problem. It doesn't I happen frequently, but when it does it is annoying. I am pretty sure this started after the firmware update, and I have reflashed it once which has seemingly helped, but it has happened since. The only other change is that I swapped strings to the new m-steel strings and haven't switched them back to rule that out. Had the guitar in case for about 6 months when my hd500 died, and only recently broke it back out to use with the 500x as I am trying to get back into using different models in my playing.
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