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  1. It installed for me, and seems to work fine. I got the 'not supported' message during installation, but clicked through anyway. Bit of a slow response from Line6, though, isn't it?
  2. Well, I submitted a support ticket, and finally worked it out. You do use Workbench HD. You have to plug in both the USB connector and a jack plug, into the guitar and turn on the modelling switch, for Workbench HD to 'see' it. Line6 Monkey works fine on my El Capitan. Not completely intuitive.
  3. I realise this is a complicated and subjective question, but what amplifiers would you recommend for the Variax Standard: a) the best all round b) best for electric models c) best for acoustic d) most affordable?
  4. Thanks for the quick and comprehensive feedback, guys. Shouldn't this be in the manual?
  5. I'm new to Variax. Do the strings have to be tuned to standard tuning when using the modelling option? And what gauge strings should I get when I'm replacing them? Cheers
  6. Hi, my Variax Standard finally arrived, and lovely it is. The manual, though, is astonishingly unhelpful. I worked out how to connect the device by USB (couldn't find a single instruction on the subject in the manual), what software I needed to download (Line6 Monkey. Wouldn't have been too hard to mention that, would it?) But Workbench won't install, because it appears it's not compatible with Mac OSX systems beyond Mountain Lion, and I'm running El Capitan. I did download Workbench HD. Is that the software I should be using? It refuses to recognise the guitar when it's plugged in via the USB interface, though Line6 Monkey seemed to find it all right. Can anyone help?
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