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  1. It does appear that shutting down and restarting fixed some of the issues. I already retuned to standard and dropped my preset tuning changes, so I will have to try that again later. I can now get between patches and the correct model is activated, even if the model knob is lit and on a different model. Yeah!
  2. for the preset I have Input(multi)->Variax->Global Variax Model and set that to Acoustic 1. When I go to another preset and come back, but model is often set to Jazz 5. The only way to get it acoustic is to move the model dial on the Shuriken. For more clarification, I have the acoustic preset with Global Variax Model set to Acoustic 1, and Global Variax tuning set to +2 on the low string (converts drop D to standard). If I don't have the model knob on the guitar lit, I get Jazz Box 4 no matter what the preset settings are. The only way to get acoustic is to engage the model knob and switch it to acoustic. I was under the impression I could do it all by foot switches. Is that not the case? Just tested it again. Guitar is tuned to drop D. Acoustic preset: Acoustic 1, +2 on low string for standard tuning; Global Variax: per preset Electric preset: Spank 1, no change to tuning (drop D); Global Variax per preset Start on electric and I get drop D electric. Switch to acoustic and I end up with Jazz-1 in drop D tuning (both wrong). If I leave the model off, and go back and forth then I get both in Drop D, electric in electric and some kind of jazz box in acoustic, which doesn't show up on my computer HX Edit, or the display on the Helix (both show Acoustic 1). When I engage the model knob (light on), then I finally get acoustic and standard tuning. If I immediately disengage the model knob, I go back to some jazz guitar. So, each time I want to switch, if I want it right, I have to hit the preset and then turn or adjust the model knob also. Can't imagine this is correct.
  3. I'm new to the whole Variax thing (Shuriken and Helix floor) and, after reading all manuals and looking up every video I could find, trying to see if I have a lemon or am doing something wrong. Goal: I want two presets, one acoustic and one Lester-based, each with four snapshots (chorus, distortion, etc.) and tuned differently. I have the Shuriken tuned to drop D, want the Lester to remain in drop D, but have the acoustic tuned to standard. I would love for all five acoustics to be accessible via the pickup selector, but that isn't critical. What I really want is everything run from the floor. When I hit the Acoustic button, I want acoustic in standard tuning to come up. When I switch to electric, I want the Lester to come up and in the native drop D. I really don't want to have to hit a foot switch and futz with the guitar dials as I need to do it quickly. FYI, each time I edit, I resave religiously. I am having the following problems: 1) When I switch back and forth between the two presets, I often seem to end up on Jazz 5, no matter what I do with the model knob. To get acoustic sounds on the acoustic preset, I have to turn the knob away, and then turn it back to acoustic. 2) I don't see any consistency in the tuning between the two. Sometimes it seems to change correctly, and other times it stays with what was on the previous preset. I could probably fix #2 by altering the acoustic model in workbench (?), as I would likely mostly want acoustics in standard and electrics in drop D or something else. But, that wouldn't seem to solve #1. I swear I have tried every combination of Variax setting (Global, Per Preset) and get no consistency. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
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