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  1. smitty1964, I have the same prob. Then again, the Emoji's are out here too...
  2. I have no light on the transmitter
  3. Same here - firmware update says no updates are available. No light on transmitter and white on receiver. Plugged in direct to Mac.
  4. amp2

    Firehawk tuner

    Me too, but I doubt it'll ever happen
  5. amp2

    Firehawk tuner

    Done all that... it's been about a year now. It's disturbing to me that Line 6 could not figure out way to do this, and that I can't use the tuner I paid dearly for.
  6. amp2

    Firehawk tuner

    Already tried all that last year...I guess expanding the frequency range for a simple tuner is to difficult for Line 6 techs. I really don't see this as an option, but a fix to an irrational defect.
  7. amp2

    Firehawk tuner

    Hi, can you please find an update for the Firehawk 1500 / Firehawk Remote tuner so it can tune to A=432Hz ?
  8. amp2

    Firehawk tuner

    Any news on the updating the tuner?
  9. To me the feel of the MK2 SB is spongy compared to the soft click of FBV3. Plus the colors are not just there for pretty. Better display too. FBV3 Rocks!
  10. Got mine too - love it - let the color LED's lead the way :P
  11. I just did tried it with a Yamaha 5'r and it sounded anyway I wanted. Clear highs, nice lows. Takes on effects nicely too.
  12. amp2

    Firehawk tuner

    I use 8 down for guitar and -31.7666536334 in Logic
  13. Hello, Are there any plans to update the Firehawk 1500 / Firehawk Remote tuner so it can tune to A=432Hz ? Love my new Firehawk 1500 but missing out on my tuning of choice. Thanks! :)
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