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  1. This is for the folks (like me!) using Helix with tube amps. Hey ya’all! Wasssup. I spent my weekend messing with four tube amps –all at once – made possible using a Radial Shotgun to send the signals, and it was glorious! I got my two amps back at the home studio for now, and my buddy had left his two amps at my place – and I had the house to myself for the whole weekend and was off work Monday so.. yeah; you get the idea. The Radial thing is key; it can take one signal and send it to four amps, or it can take a stereo signal and send to two pairs. Started as simple as could possibly be, given the concept: Guitar > Radial Shotgun > Four Tube Amps. Oh Yeah!!! The whole polarity / phase reverse thing was a serious eye (ear!) opener. Plus, ground lifts per send. Obviously, these are simple controls. Ground lift, hummmmmm, switch on, silence. Polarity switch: position one, ok…. Position 2, yes! Much better! Or the reverse… It sounded fairly obviously better in one or the other position. Then I got more complex, connected my pedalboard in 4CM with my amp, stereo delays and reverbs, then used the Radial to send the stereo fx loop signal to the returns of all four amps; two pair. Sweeeeetness. Worked a stereo looper after the stereo FX before the Radial; also much fun. Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking again about using Helix with my amps; as FX processor and routing center, and looper, etc., and going out to the Radial to clean up the connections and power issues, and be able to feed four amps! I tried it before without the Radial with two amps; might have been getting phase/polarity issues, I dunno, but I want to revisit the idea though! In particular, run Helix as pedalboard, into both amps’ front inputs, then use both amps fx loop sends back to Helix, process both preamps (in stereo, and/or in parallel?) then back to the two amp’s fx loop returns. So, is there a way I should be thinking about balancing two amps preamps like this? Helix has a ton of ways to make this happen; obviously. The main two ways I have come to think of it, would be either merge/blend the preamps after the fx returns to Helix, and then hit the stereo mod/delay/verb, -OR-, run the preamps fx sends into parallel paths so they each get their own set of delays, verbs, etc. You could use the two returns 1 and 2 and assign input of path 2A to return 1 and path 2B to return 2. Though I imagine I will also run short on DSP rather quickly doing this! I suppose some of that could be parallel then merge them back together and use a cool trick of snapshots, expression pedals, etc. to blend the two paths. A/B/Y? Depending on how many FX you want in front of the amp, vs. in the amp fx loop seems like would determine where the two amp fx loop sends will come back to Helix, in terms of, in path 1 as an fx loop block, or return blocks – perhaps split the end of path 1 so each send/return gets it’s own path, then route the output from path 1A to path 2A, and from 1B to 2B. You can probably work some outboard FX in to path 1 in front of the amps if you want to save some DSP and offload drive pedals to outboard gear. I am thinking of doing this; I have a small pt jr. board with some comps, drives and boosts, and a couple of modulation effects. Would be nice to be able to cut that whole board out of the signal chain when not in use, and would save a ton of DSP! Anyway, I don’t know when I will get to test this; going to build some scratch presets to see what is possible for routing, then when I get time (and house to myself..) will rig all this up and report back. Cheers!
  2. ColonelForbin

    StageSource L2m vs Mission Engineering Gemini 1 for Helix LT

    I use my Helix with a pair of L2t (with L6link), and a pair of L3m, and sometimes a pair of Yamaha HS5; but that is all at home; recording, jamming whatever. Primarily, I use my Helix with a tube amp in 4CM! Helix is really flexible; lets you do some crazy awesome stuff. Regardless of the speaker or speakers; your best friend in the short term is definitely get to know the Helix Global EQ!! And it doesn't work on the L6Link anwyay, so even if you were using L2 or L3 speakers, there is still incentive to connect them using XLR or 1/4". Basically, cut the low and cut the high. Chop 'em! You really don't want to hear those frequencies; for the most part. Especially not if you are used to hearing an amp. Like I said - at first; because as you work it, you will want to work the high and low cuts on the IR or cabs and per presets and save using the global EQ for balancing a room or other stage specific changes in tone that need an across the board tweak You probably don't want to dial in presets with the global EQ on though.. But yeah; two speakers better than one for stereo! I tried that Firehawk 1500; totally cool box, but I ended up preferring the L2 for the size, ease of use, portability and such. Plus I have the M20d mixer, so they pull duty as floor monitors; and they rock as couch tour speakers connected to my TV for Phish and Dead&co webcasts!!
  3. ColonelForbin

    2.31 Release Date

    Yeah; bad joke I am afraid to say! I guess Captn Picard didn't quite make that clear.. :)
  4. ColonelForbin

    4CM noise elimination and signal chain tips?

    I'm still messing with using Helix with tube amps, in (more than 4) cable method I have a passive two channel Ebtech that is working reasonably well; though I just picked up a Radial Shotgun, which is probably overkill; though I have some ideas about using the second set of outputs for looper related sends.. Not 100% this is the right solution, but figured it's worth trying out!
  5. ColonelForbin

    2.31 Release Date

    I want these Controversial Reverbs of the HX variety!!! Yes Please! Can the controversial portions be set to spillover between snapshots? ;)
  6. ColonelForbin

    4CM noise problem

    This is what ya need to do! I use one of these; many options exist: (I run the two cables from amp fx loop send and return through this box to and from Helix send and returns) https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Hum
  7. I used my rig for a gig last night! My buddies band asked me to do sound; M20d mixer, pair of L3m for the mains and a pair of L2t for floor monitors. Five piece band; two guitars, drums, bass, keys, with three vocal lines. I take the mixing philosophy with this system to put *everything* through the mains and crank it all up so the mix coming out of the mains is not depending on stage volumes to sound good. It works great! And sounds stellar. I love messing with the delay effects for guitar solos and random cool bits on the vocals. Recorded everything to a couple of 32G cards. It's hard to beat for the ability to scale up; but this rig was plenty loud for the room; no subs needed. The L3 design is clever, running the low crossover into the bottom speaker gives you a more articulate mix of everything. Love it!
  8. ColonelForbin

    StageSource L2m vs Mission Engineering Gemini 1 for Helix LT

    Sounds like a good option at that price! It's also more reasonable in weight.. And whatever that EmPower EQ is sounds useful to get it more 'cab' sounding
  9. ColonelForbin

    StageSource L2m vs Mission Engineering Gemini 1 for Helix LT

    Weight also plays a big role; these things are heavy! You end up stuck hauling around a 60lb monitor; which takes it right back to the weight of hauling tube amps! Line6 L2m: Weight: 39.1 lbs. Mission Gemini I: Weight: 45 lbs. Friedman ASC12 : Weight: 59 lbs.
  10. ColonelForbin

    StageSource L2m vs Mission Engineering Gemini 1 for Helix LT

    I'll do the time honored thing of suggesting a third option not already mentioned! ;) Check out the Friedman ASC-12? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ASC-12 But in all seriousness, I have a pair of L2t and pair of L3m; use them with M20d as PA mostly, though have run Helix through both a bunch. Haven't tried the Mission rig yet. Lately been using my Helix with my Friedman tube amp but also to FRFR speakers; so going sort of hybrid wet/dry thing; but just at home for messing around and recording. L6Link is useful, but doesn't support global EQ. Frees up the other outputs for wherever they need to go, and global eq can be set for the 1/4" and XLR out, so tecnically you could still use either XLR or 1/4" to the L2 if you needed the global eq. When I run the Helix-Friedman recording rig I use the L6link out the L3m pair, the XLR out to a pair of Yamaha HS5, and I tweak the global eq a little for just those speakers; and the send/returns from the amp are all using the Helix send and returns instead of the main 1/4" outs.. (so the Master volume doesn't impact the amp volume, just the pairs of L3m and HS5)
  11. ColonelForbin

    Should I make the move from “real� gear to a Helix?

    The real magic that I've stumbled into recently, is using Helix as pedalboard with my tube amps (not using amp or cab modeling in Helix). Then running XLR out (with analog cab sim) from amp back to Helix, into path 2B, through stereo delays and reverbs, and then out to FRFR I have been able to get some really cool stuff this way! Plus, while Helix 'direct' (FRFR) is simple and easy, there is something really impressive about using snapshots for pedalboard scenes, and getting the tubes of the amp back into the Helix. You could also achieve this by running a mic on your amp and sending that back to Helix; for me, I'm recording at home with all of this so it makes for an easy closed loop (no bleed) when I want to jam along to drum software or do overdubs without having to use headphones, but also working an amp into the sound. I guess I just like tube amps and Helix plays nice with them so why not! :) quick edit: took some trial and error to make noise go away with 4CM; I am still not able to use the amp switching output from Helix without inducing mad noise, however, I am reasonably happy with an Ebtech hum eliminator gadget between Helix and the amp fx send and return. This thing (HE-2) : http://www.ebtechaudio.com/hedes.html
  12. ColonelForbin

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    Sounds like you have the XLR out set to mic level from the Helix; the mixer is looking for that; the powered speaker wants line level. You could plug Helix back into the powered speaker, and test the setting on Helix for line vs mic level on the XLR output? Also, check your global EQ setting.
  13. ColonelForbin

    How to use snapshots.

    No amp model required, snapshots are epic for a 'pedalboard only' Helix configuration; mostly, because you can put in way more effects that you can assign to individual foot switches, and being able to spill over delays and verbs between snapshots is killer for dialing in your snapshots to go from clean to lead and back with ease. Just did that last night actually; I've been mostly using my Helix with tube amps lately, and not running it FRFR. It's like having an infinite number of pedalboards - presets, and within those pedalboards having presets - snapshots. All comes down to how you want to use it.
  14. ColonelForbin

    Helix with an Amplifier

    I recently worked up a cool hybrid patch that does 4CM with my Friedman amp, but also does Helix amp-cab modeling on a different path. It ends up being something like 7CM; but that's an XLR from the amp back to Helix, and two extra cables to run the send/returns through an Ebtech. I don't have it set up to run any Helix preamps through the Friedman power amp; guess I should try that next! I run the in and out from the amp using the Helix send and returns instead of the main 1/4" outputs, so the master volume doesn't impact the amp level. I also use the XLR out (analog cab sim) from the Friedman, back to the Helix, and record USB 8 to get that signal in there. Haven't tried routing the mic in back to the main outs.. I use path 2A for the Helix amp model post FX (mod / delay / verb), and path 2B for the amp mod / delay / verb. Can get some cool wet/dry combinations going. I suppose I could figure out a way to get the mic signal into path 2A; but that might cause some really weird things to happen... cascading mod-delay-verb back into more mod-delay-verb! Lots of routing options on Helix for using amps along side FRFR. In this case it's mostly at home; the FRFR are a pair of L3m and pair of Yamaha HS5. I find setting the global EQ to the XLR outputs help dial in the Yamahas; I use the L6link to the L3m's, and don't turn them up much. It makes for an elegant self contained recording system; I record USB 1/2, USB7 and USB8. USB is the XLR in; just have to be sure to set the input trim properly so it doesn't get too hot and clip. Also; I split path 1A before the Helix amp-cab; path 1B then outputs to send 1/2. Path 2B then inputs from return 2, and outputs to send 3/4. It helps to cut the send and returns if needed for balancing amp and playback when overdubbing. Haven't tried setting those values to snapshots yet; I suppose that would make for an easy clean boost! I have to run the send and return on the amp through an Ebtech hum eliminator; and I use a little of the noise gate on the return 2 input block for path 2B. Helps filter any noise being connected to the USB lets slip through. Without the Ebtech is was a torrential mess of noise; now it's mostly clean and a little noise gate before the mod/delay/verbs helps tidy up the rest. Also; this lets me run the amp only 'wet' FX (excluding the reverb) in mono, while the HX amp model mod/delay/verb run in stereo. Not as many overall options available; due to the doubling up to make isolated channels, but it does pretty well. The shared front end FX work nicely on both the real amp and amp model; can get some cool layering of tones with the new EP comp and boost, the Klon TImmy and OCD.
  15. ColonelForbin

    Helix 7CM

    I am having good results doing a modified 4CM. Added an Ebtech two channel hum eliminator; so that's 6 cables. And running an XLR from my amp's direct out (friedman runt) back to Helix which is cable 7! When I record, doing 1/2 on a stereo track, and mono for USB7 (gtr dry) and USB8 (amp) I was getting crazy noise from the USB being plugged in. Last night I switched up the cables and which were being run through the Ebtech, and how they are placed near power supplies and back of amp and such; and in the process got the noise to nearly go away! Way less aggressive noise gate on the inputs. Still sorting out which footswitches to assign; liking being able to run the Friedman and the Helix amp model with individual mod/delay/reverbs. Path 2A is for the Helix amp model; Path 2B is for the Friedman amp fx loop (mod / delay / verb) I am definitely hitting limits on DSP faster this way, that when I excluded the amp modeling entirely, but the blend of the two is actually pretty cool, especially when I get the amp (mono) more 'dry' and the Helix stereo signal more 'wet'. Thus far they are recording along with the dry guitar quite nicely! I also imagine there could be another way (or two) to do this; but for what it's worth, using the sends 1/2 and 3 on Helix to route to and from the amp; not using the Helix 1/4" main out: -The end of Path 1A splits to output send 1/2 on Path 1B, while 1A then goes to Helix amp-cab model then into path 2A. - Path 2A is stereo: (mod / delay / reverb)for the Helix amp model signal, outputs to multi. L6 link to a pair of L3m + XLR to a pair of Yamaha HS5 - Path 2B input is set to return 2 and is mono mod and delay + reverb, through a mono gain block, and output is set to send 3/4 (to amp FX return). Since I want to use BOTH the Helix amp+cab model -and- the Friedman preamp (and analog cab sim), I am not using the regular Helix 1/2 FX loop send / return. Need to experiment a bit more, to see if there are better ways to do this and make more use of the available DSP. The amp signal definitely changes for example when setting the 2B input to return 1 as opposed to return 1/2