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  1. This year, the retail price for the M20d has dropped $500. For those of us who paid last year's price, its disappointing. I understand that the price needs to reflect the market. But dropping the price was not the only option. The M20d is a powerful platform. Upgrading the operating system to add more value could create more interest and breathe new life into the product line. What do you guys think?
  2. I own 2 L3s and use them every day. Got the first one in 2013 and the 2nd in 2015. Never had that kind of problem. What were the pad settings for Ch1 & Ch2? Did you have feedback suppression on? I always hope for the simple reason :)
  3. The Stage Source enclosure is made of wood. And wood sounds great. The trade off is they are more vulnerable to damage. The bags become necessary. More so for the L3s when transporting.
  4. I've not had a chance to use my m20D extensively. But both Support and Sales have responded to my questions and concerns.
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