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  1. Thanks mate. Yes, I did turn up to the first few M20d gigs just using presets, winging it like a superhero - lol! I wouldn't normally tweak pre-arrival, due to the vaguaries of different rooms, but that failed due to me having to mix foh from stage - too hard with a new digi format that I'm not used to. So I've been tweaking in the back shed ever since - it is sounding very good now, though limitless due to the digi nature of it vs analogue, where you have a knob, and you just turn it! So I'm constantly trying new things and expanding on the mix I've got already - removing bleeds with gates etc. Anyway, to clarify, I absolutely adore the M20d. I kind of hoped I could bin my analogue A&H desk (awesome, but large footprint) for the tiny and much more comprehensive digi M20d. I'm sure I'll be at that point in a few weeks time, but for now, it's back to the shed to tweak even deeper.. :blink:
  2. ..and the award for 'most helpful/comprehensive answer on a Line 6 forum ever' goes to.. Thanks SiWatts - that's an astonishingly helpful response.. very clear. It's great to hear you're running a fairly full/live gig with it too (horns guys etc on top of the band). Btw, I need a sax player for a corp gig next week. I'm in Brisbane, Australia, if you're free to dep in? Haha. Mate, can I ask if you've tweaked the verbs etc much? Or the eq's etc for the vox preset options they give you? I've never been quite so successful with the M20d's standard presets. They kinda sound a little bland to me, and I find I have to tweak everything a lot (which has so far meant MANY hours of prep tweaking and annoying the neighbours) to get remotely close to the expression/clarity I want. Those quick tweak x/y pads only tweak about 3db either way, but deep tweak goes much further, which is great, but still takes me hours of tweaking deep parameters everywhere before I have a clear, useable mix to take to gigs. Clearly I'm not a premium soundguy (but I have been doing sound at our weekly gigs for years on analogue boards - which are so easy), but just wondered if you find the need to tweak settings much beyond the presets - the eq and fx/gates and compressors etc? It's a very time-consuming thing for me, and clearly the learning curve goes on for me yet - but it seems there's certainly loads more tweaking required than just hitting say the "Bright Vocal" preset to sound dynamic enough to go & gig. It's withering actually. Haven't even started with dragging monitors along yet - :o. I only ask as I shouldn't be a million miles away from what you guys are doing, and getting great, fairly quick results it seems. I got the desk to make my on-stage mixing easier. But so far, it's so much the opposite.
  3. Thanks SiW, no probs, will just make a quick separate setup for it. Very easy. :-)
  4. Hi Guys, I use my M20d mixer at gigs that go from just me and an acoustic guitar (so just 2 input channels), right up to a 6-piece band that utilizes all 18 input channels. I always just use the same scene that is all our 18 channels for the main band eq'd etc the way I like it, and I just plug my 2 solo channels in to my usual gt & vox channels. But when I record even just a solo gig using 2 channels only, all 18 channels are recorded by default, as that's what that scene uses. Is there a way I can switch off the other 16 channels from being recorded? My 32gb card fills up fast when 16 silent channels get recorded too for every song! I even tried muting the 16 channels individually, which of course made no difference. I'd rather not set up multiple scenes etc just for a few different gig sizes, as often I do solo songs during the full band gigs, but I presume that's the only way? Any suggs appreciated. Thanks very much.
  5. Hi Guys, Just wondering.. Does anyone have any advanced settings advice on what deep tweaks have worked for them with the deep effects parameters on the M20d regarding the reverbs and delays, and have made their effects sparkle a lot more in a live situation? The standard fx sound ok, not great though to my ears. Just wondered. We're a 3-piece live cover/pub band with 3 vocalists. Thanks very much.
  6. Thanks mate. So in other words, it's just a graphical response, not accessible in any way other than realtime tweaking a few eq hz?
  7. Thanks for the clarification Silverhead. I thought I was going a little nutz there, pressing buttons galore for no apparent progress ;-). I'll try experimenting with the settings to try and establish what has to happen in order for a stereo monitor send to mirror the main outs exactly. Bit beyond my expertise I'd say but I'll give it a go..!
  8. Okay, I concede momentary defeat, Silverhead.. I can't work out how to assign the monitor sends to the mains.. What's the trick?
  9. Thanks Silverhead, that's a great suggestion. I'm heading down to the shed o' rehearsal now to experiment with it.. I actually have four spare monitor sends atm (I'm too lazy to drag monitors along to these little noise-restricted gigs we're currently doing).. I'll experiment now, but if I can't figure out how to set it I'll pop back in and ask you.. :-)
  10. Oh yeah.. didn't think of that! Got a pair lying around already - perfect! ;-)
  11. Hi Guys, Our band plays at a lot of venues with interesting sound control requirements. We run an M20d as our mixer into my Nexo sound system - we run that as per normal, but the venue is trying to cover a large area with many rooms, so they order us to plug a stereo feed into their in-house ceiling system, so that our main mix I pull from stage gets piped throughout various rooms in the venue.. So I run straight out of the M20d stereo main outs into my PA and mix that for audience directly where we're playing, but how do I patch that same mix into to the house system. They usually have two XLR inputs (left and right stereo ins) on the wall side of stage we need to plug into.. On my old desk I had a summed stereo out with separate gain knob I could use. How should I do it on the M20d - it doesn't have such a thing.. Thanks, Stu
  12. Thanks Rewolf. When doing so, do you just record the inputs only and soundcheck that back, or do you record inputs AND main mix too for soundchecking?
  13. Hi Guys, I've got a few of our band's songs recorded on my M20d ('inputs and main mix' on my SD card), and when I'm sitting at home using them to soundcheck our Nexo gig PA, I notice that, whenever a channel has audio recorded, if there's signal present, there's a realtime spectrum analyser wave jumping around on the screen in behind the settings, when I'm in the deep tweak section of the 6 band EQ setting. This is on my vocal mic channel, as I'm trying to tweak the sound of it. Is this just for display purposes of what realtime frequencies are firing, or is there some tangible/operational way it can be utilised to improve sound?
  14. Does anyone know what the specific technical differences are between recording 'Inputs and Main Mix' to the SD card, and the Quick Capture feature, other than the 20 second limitation of course, and also that Quick Capture isn't saveable..? Is it literally the same recording flexibility, just longer.. no difference in anything? Wondering if one is better than the other for repeatedly trying to perfect our live mix recordings my band's made - ie tweaking soundcheck etc. I've just been soundchecking with our SD card recordings, but should we be making a fresh Quick Capture recording at every gig and soundchecking that instead? Would prefer to use the saved SD card recordings, as some of us can't get to the gig early to do a Quick Capture.
  15. It's cool that peeps have had various sticks work that aren't documented as such - it keeps things interesting! It's also interesting to me that, in the "official Line 6 wireless dongle setup video" on You Tube, Sean Halley (surely the most assured product demo guy ever?) actually uses a Cisco Linksys AE1000 stick, which I don't remember as being a recommended one, or even documented or discussed anywhere for that matter. And then, the one that IS officially documented is the later E2500 model. So with my Jethro 6th grade edumercation, I thought I'd extrapolate the two and presume the AE2500 a sure bet. Lucky for me I've got Jed's oil inheritance coming.. Edit: I just realised the E2500 is actually a full router, whereas the AE2500 is just the usb stick that pairs to it. So perhaps the "A" is just code for 'adapter'? Duh...
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