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  1. Hi, When you record the individual inputs on a SD card, does the M20D record pre or post fader ? Kr, Emiel
  2. On the M20D you have the option to record the mainmix. The mainmix is incl. eq,fx,... Than you can convert the 48kHz./ 24 bit mainmix to a mp3
  3. IDD, micing a cab is the best way, I have spend alot of time to get a good guitar sound when the amp pluged into the M20D. One of the big points is to cut everything above 5 kHz !!! The Celestion speakers in a cab only goos to 5 kHz. Kr, Emiel
  4. Hi, I play in a band as keyboard player and have the controls of the M20D. the sound of the repetition is very loud becouse the second guitarplayer like to play with alot of power. I bought a in ear system to protect my ears. Is it possible to sent the main outputs to the monitor out of the M20D and not the individual channels ? Sorry for my bad English :) Kr, Emiel
  5. Hi, Is there a possibility to activate the "all mute " function on the M20D, from the ipad ? Kr, Emiel
  6. THX, that did the job. Ouput FF800 was set to +4db. I reduced it to -10db Emiel
  7. Hi Dudes, I have Connect my soundcard ( RME FF800 ) with 1/4" jack cables to the M20D. Output 1 and 2 from the FF to 13 and 14 in the mixer. Output 3 and 4 from the FF to 15 and 16 in the mixer. Use as preset on the mixer stereo line in !!!! During setup using auto trim the input still flashes "too hot" ???? Kind regards Emiel
  8. I just received a brand new one :) :) and I :wub: it Kr, Emiel
  9. After alot of trouble with the sceen that freezes,yesterday, suddenly 4 guitar- inputs came up on the screen :( I have sent the unit back to the store for repair. He told me that they will give me a new unit. .... Kind regards Emiel
  10. I Have the same problem :( Sometimes I need to reboot 4 to 5 times before the screen works again !!!!!
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