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  1. Thanks - I didn't think a $3k board would just have a sticker for the SN.
  2. I expected it in the 'info' onscreen section, but no. Where do I find my serial number?
  3. Sorry - a search found nothing, but digging around here did. I have my answer.
  4. Hmmm... Thanks for the workaround. Sure would be simpler to have user selectable line/mic input and a pad.
  5. Just did a gig with a new guitarist who was using a hughes and kettner tubemeister (18 I believe). The level from the XLR output was too much for the M20d and using autotrim resulted in a 'signal over' error or something of that language. His clean sound was just fine (amp speaker) and I ended up not using autotrim but just turning the input gain down as far as possible. Being new(ish) to this board, I didn't see a Pad feature. Does this exist and where do I find it? TIA
  6. Yes - A dedicated balance is rare, but splayed faders (L+R) are not. Would be super handy.
  7. Negative I'm just asking to be able to adjust the levels of the R and L speakers (on the fly). If I had stereo outs (such as an analogue desk), it's dead simple.
  8. Yes - These are my own preset names, as you can't alter/save factory presets. I mentioned that in the initial post/question, but we've since dug in a bit deeper. Well, that's just silly. Thanks for clearing it up though. My wife tells me she has the same problem on a PC at work - She has to rename things, not just save them. Which leads to: Richmond Richmond.1 Richmond.2 etc... If Line 6 is listening, please update this - 'Save' should do just that: Save! "Save As" is where you give things a new name. Once again - Thanks for your time!
  9. Once again - Thanks for taking the time to type all that out. I have read the manual, but I'll go over those sections again and watch the vids when I get time later. Sorry if I wasn't clear, here is the 'preset' I'm talking about (not an input channel): Load Setup Tweak (Left hardware button) Select 'Output Channels' (upper left) Select the mains Tap the 'Load/Save Presets' folder Select 'Load Preset' Select 'Richmond' *Note* Name of Preset doesn't change - But the EQ, etc IS loaded Make changes to said preset Tap the 'Load/Save Presets' folder Select 'Save Preset' Get warning: "A preset named "Richmond" already exists in your preset library. Please rename it before saving it to the library." Why can't I change my settings and why doesn't the Name for the Mains change?
  10. Certainly wasn't meant to be offensive - I downvoted a comment that didn't answer my question or contribute to the conversation, simple as that. Talk about FOH adjustments and such don't help me. We can hypothesize about what the M20d might be hooked up for days, but it's not what this forum is for. Any ideas for using the device are welcome. If it just isn't possible to store monitor and mains levels, I guess this is done. Just because I'm asking how to do something different than anyone else might do it isn't making me 'desperate', just a noob with questions. You can explain why it doesn't work for you, for me it would be helpful if it did. My acts are all using in ears - To recall the monitor outs would be super handy.
  11. Perhaps I am coming at it from the wrong end. Just getting my head around the M20d line of thinking. I understood a 'Setup' to be just that - How the band sets up. So I why would I want a different Setup for every room? (again, maybe I'm getting this wrong - Please bear with me). I have 3 set ups (solo, duo, band) and then want to use them in different rooms. I'll appreciate your reply for pointing me in a helpful direction, but the question stands: Can I tweak and save presets - One I created myself? I just want to save my changes, which I could then use for other gigs. Seems weird I get that error.
  12. It's very easy, I look at the back of the powered speakers and see that they are set to 0 gain.
  13. (Specifically on my outputs) I take my M20d from room to room that supplies FOH - I'm saving output presets for the different rooms. Naming them 'Room #1', "Richmond", etc If I go back into a room and change my tweaks and go to save them, I'm told: A preset named "Richmond" already exists in your preset library. Please rename it before saving it to the library. So - How do I go about this? I'm tweaking my tweaks as I learn the desk better and of course things change. I have my rooms names as presets, and would like to recall/adjust/save with the same name. Is this possible? Part 2 - Recalling presets on Outs doesn't change the name of the preset! Why not?
  14. Thanks Eh! The Main out not saving explanation makes a bit of sense - But it IS recalled with a Setup IF you save the Setup before powering down, then power up with the same Setup. So that explanation is moot. It would make more sense if it was saved with a scene as 1 band (setup) might go to different rooms (scenes) that need different levels. I go to different rooms with different FOH and plug in the M20d. It would be great to recall levels to mains and mons. With more testing - Neither muting nor levels are saving: Perform > Show Faders > Outs >Scenes > Save As I made one with Faders at zero and 2 muted I made a second with faders pulled and none muted These don't get recalled with the Scenes My monitor sends are not being saved/recalled within Scenes. :-(
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