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  1. ...and failing miserably. I bought this expression pedal on CL and it is in like new condition and came with a y-cable. I am able to get it to work but only Expression pedal 2. When I switch it to EP 1 I get nothing, and the switch does not engage. I think I have watched every youtube out there and nothing remedies the problem. Wrong cable? The two ends of the Y are labeled tip and ring, and if I reverse them it makes no difference. Thanks for your help.
  2. I've had an HX Stomp XL for about a month and have absolutely loved playing through headphones. Finally got together with some friends to jam and was very excited to hear it live in place of an amp. I used a Headrush frfr 108 for a monitor, with one output going to it, and the other going to the PA board and FOH. The sound from the guitar seemed loud AF but when when the band started kicking in they complained I was not cutting through. Though they agreed the individual sounds were impressive hey all said, "I miss your amp." Also a lot of the presets (notably Alex Price's) were very bottom-heavy and lacked high end "bite". Any recommendations on how I can improve this live experience or maybe my expectations were just too high?
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