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  1. rd2rk Sorry to pester you again, but would you be so kind as to chime in my other post regarding integrating the HX Stomp in my existing pedalboard ? It doesn't seem to be a popular post at the time!
  2. Anyone care to shed any light or lend a helping hand on this ?
  3. Hello all, After recently purchasing HX Stomp I have been blown away by its myriads of options and solutions to using in practice, rehearsal and concert settings. Having said that, I would love to integrate this lovely piece of gear in my existing pedalboard which I would like to describe in detail. The pedalboard consists of an EC Pedals Superswitcher, an audio switcher much similar to RJM's products or Gigrig, which allows me to connect all my favourite pedals and maintain my amp's pure tone (debatable and subjective, I know, but at least to my ears it sounds like it!) The switcher, as you can tell from the diagram attached, is separated in two different sets of loops 1-4 in front of the amp, 5-8 whatever is in the amp's FX Loop. Currently, I'm using a couple of loops (e.g Loop 1 & 2) for a Fuzz and Whammy pedal respectively and three loops for time based FX which are in the amp's FX Loop, namely an analogue delay (Jam Pedals Delay Llama, Strymon Big Sky reverb and Eventide Time Factor). There is also an RJM Amp Gizmo in the mix to allow me to connect most pedals and the switcher via MIDI in order to recall presets on the switcher and control the amp's features or channels. It goes without saying that I'm not too keen on keeping the Time Factor but I'm pondering removing it to be replaced by the HX Stomp. Ideally, I would like to connect the HX Stomp to have both FX in front of the amp and in the FX Loop. My guess is, and this is where I would love everyone's input and knowledge, that I would have to use the same idea as the 4CM with connecting cables in both sets of loops (e.g Loop 3 for the FX in front of the amp, Loop 8 for time based FX in the amp's FX Loop). I would then save each preset on the switcher with both Loops 3 and 8 engaged in order to hear the HX Stomp; As a third step, I would save my presets and assign them MIDI commands in order for them to be recalled via the switcher. As you can tell it can get a bit confusing and this pedalboard has worked perfectly for me so far, however, I would love to add my HX Stomp to the equation and make it work even more flawlessly. Grateful for any advice! Sincerely, Euripides SS2_USER_MANUAL(2).pdf
  4. rd2rk You're really doing your description on the forum (Guru) justice! I can't thank you enough for the insight and highly informative post, as it pretty much covered all the various points I was curious or insecure about. The crux of the issue is this, as you mentioned " you have effectively plugged your guitar straight into a 50 watt power amp at FULL VOLUME ". Having worked with more modern sounding amps that usually have an FX Loop blend control this is what I originally found most confusing so thank you for clearing it up even further. You have also mentioned this which I found very helpful " By design, the HXS Volume knob is SUBTRACTIVE. That is, when turned fully clockwise, you're at UNITY GAIN " - so following this idea, maybe I should start building my presets with the HX Stomp at full volume and work from there instead of what I originally thought was unity gain (3 o'clock). Finally, you were spot on with my end goal in using the HX Stomp in my pedalboard. I would love it if you could comment and help out in my attempt to do this, I will definitely create a new post about this in a couple of days. Once again, thank you!
  5. Please allow me to clarify / recap what the situation is: When connecting the HX Stomp to my amp (which as I have recently been informed has no instruction manual available) using the 4CM just as described and documented widely in the forum, everything works perfectly fine in conjuction with the amp. However, in the absence of a master volume on the amp, when the FX Loop block is off or when bypassing the pedal, there is a huge discrepancy in sound-when the FX Loop block is off or when the stomp is bypassed there is a loud, clean, dry sound coming out, even if the drive/dirty channel on the amp is used. What I would like to be able to do is to find an alternative way of managing this volume discrepancy or avoid using the HX Stomp's volume as a master volume, as this would entail having to try it out depending on the setting the whole rig is played (rehearsal, concert etc). So far I have found that the part when the volume when using the HX Stomp and the volume of the amp when used without the stomp is with the stomp's volume set at around 3-4 o'clock. Having said that, if there's no alternative it's really not that big of a deal as I'm planning to use the HX Stomp along with other pedals in a pedalboard managed by an audio switcher (I'll definitely create a new post asking about this!). Thank you very much for all the help and valuable feedback so far!
  6. Sorry for the confusion! With the delay or reverb block I meant AFTER the FX Loop. As far as bypassing the FX loop or HX Stomp, the problem is that when this occurs, regardless of what is in the signal chain at the time, there's a very loud dry sound coming out regardless of whatever channel, dirty or clean, is used which as you mentioned is a result of the pwer amp being full on (as you have mentioned).
  7. rd2rk, I would hate to impose again, but how would you go about doing this in a preset with only a modulation block before the FX loop and a delay or reverb block in the FX Loop ? Could you please take me through it step by step ? I have found the sweet spot so far, using the volume knob of the HX Stomp as a Master Volume and it works perfectly fine. On a sidenote, I have A/Bd the HX stomp's modulation, reverb and delay with some of the other so called boutique pedals and you can barely tell the difference-makes me feel grateful I've bought it. Thank you so much again and sorry for being a pest!
  8. rd2rk, Thank you ever so much for your insight and useful feedback. I will definitely try the preset you have sent me by adding the modulation and delay blocks I had used in my previous example. After hours of testing things out I have narrowed things down to the crux of the 'problem' whihc is more to do with the amp than the stomp which is basically what you have mentioned: I have A/Bd the whole setup with just a cable going into the amp from my guitar and then with all four cables connected as well as the stomp to find out what is going on with the overall volume situation and have come to the conclusion that when this is all set up in this way the FX Loop block has to be engaged the whole time and unity gain for this kind of amp is around 4 o'clock (the volume knob on the HX Stomp turned nearly all the way up) and then build from there.
  9. Thank you both for your feedback and detailed help! Perhaps I should offer some more detail in order to shed more light to this: When bypassing the HX Stomp, although the volume on the amp is turned way down , there is still sound, and plenty of it, coming out of the amp - how can that be ? An additional question would be, is a TRS to Dual 1/4" Mono TIP really needed in the setup ? It seems to be the only thing missing out of the tests I ran when trying this out and I can't see how that would fit given that there's only one SEND (STEREO) on the HXS which is connected to the amp's input. " If you want to use HXS Amps OR your amp's PREAMP (switchable), add the HXS amp adjacent to the FX Loop Block." - I love this idea and would definitely want to try this out. Should I try using a Send and Return block instead of the FX Loop L block ? Once again, thanks for your help, I will try everything out in a few hours when I get the chance.
  10. Hi all, I tried using a quite self explanatory title as this seems to be a hot topic. I'm completely new to the HX Stomp and have been struggling in getting it to work properly with my relatively new tube amp, namely a Laboga DS 50-basically a Marshall/Friedman type of amp with an FX loop. There are two channels on the amp and a series FX loop with no Send or Return controls on it. I've hooked it up with the HX Stomp and the connections are as follows: 1) HX Send - Amp Input 2) HX Output L - Amp's FX Loop Return 3) HX Return (L Mono) - Amp's FX Loop Send 4) HX Input L (Mono) - Guitar. The first preset I made consists of a Modulation block, an FX Loop L block and a Delay block. All the Global settings (Ins & Outs) are set to instrument. When testing this preset out I noticed the amp's volume controls were basically not working, as if they had nothing to do with controlling the volume and when turning off each block, or even when bypassing the HX Stomp, there was still sound coming out; this begs the question whether the sound coming out is related at all to the amp and I guess a secondary question would be where should the volume knob on the HX Stomp be set to ? I should mention there was a noticeable volume drop when the FX Loop was engaged and when turned off, even with the amp's volume turned to the lowest possible, there was sound coming out (which was quite loud). I tested the same preset out with the same setup on a different amp and the same issue persisted. Any idea as to where I should start troubleshooting to get to the bottom of this ? On a sidenote, the HX Stomp was bought in order to be integrated with a larger pedalboard connected to an audio switcher, but I figured I should find out how it works first before I go deeper. Having watched a lot of online tutorials I didn't find any answers to why this is happening and what changes I should make to make sure I get the amp's pure tone along with the FX of preference and I would be grateful if anyone could point to the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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