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  1. Just found this topic : http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/85322 (I've never seen the new vintage pre model for vocal :p) the small gap when changing preset is very annoying... Is there a solution since this post has been posted ?
  2. Cool ! I absolutely have to do that :D Do you mean I cannot use any effect before and after the amp model, even on the guitar path ? Do you have a screenshot or a video to clearly explain how I have to configure my patch please ? What vintage pre amp for vocal do you talk about ? I've never seen it :p Thx for your advices !
  3. Cool, I have to test that ! More complicated : can I plug a mic with an XLR in pod hd 500 and assign it to the left signal with "voice" effects and route it to 1/4 output, and, in the same time, plug my guitar panned to the right, add amp simulation, effects, etc and send into the dt50 with l6 link ?
  4. Cool ! How do you change analogic config on your dt50 (voicing, pentode/trio, class) without L6link ? does anybody know if i can use L6link to send left signal into the dt50 head and the right line output of the pod to send right signal into another amp ? what kind of settings to do that ? If I choose the stack power amp output mode, can I use the unbalanced outputs too ? thx
  5. What about sending left signal from pod hd 500 into the dt50 head with L6link and the right signal directly in another cab from line output ?
  6. I'm not using dt25 but dt50. On the back of the head there are two left and right outputs. can I use 2 amps models this way ?
  7. Hi everybody, Can I send a stereo signal form my podhd500 to my dt50 head and then send dt50 head's left output in my dt50 cab and dt50 head's right output in my Marshall 1960A cab ? Another question : my 1960A cab have a stereo mode. Can I send left and right outputs in left and right intputs and then have 2 amps models with just one cab ? Thx for your advices.
  8. Hi, I own a POD HD 500 and a DT50. I'd like to use my pod hd 500 with a guitar and a mic in the same time. Is it possible ? in other words, can I use the 2 routing signals like this : guitar -> pod -> dt50 (with L6link) mic -> pod -> sono (with XLR output) Thx
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